Quick Summary of Free Profits

Rating: 0.1 It's a scam that tries to have you buy web hosting.

The Good: You don't have to sit through fake customer testimonials.

The Bad: You have to sit through fake "live" screen demonstrations.

The Bottom Line: This one isn't worth your time, and the web hosting offered here can be purchased through better merchants. If you want a real way to build a business online, look no further than our number one recommendation here.

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Free Profits Review

The Free Profits sales video starts out by describing how it’s about to give you a 100% free and automated software program for making massive profits. “The automated software that I use is truly 100% unique and I can guarantee that you have never seen anything like this before,” says Jordan Rivera, the spokesman for this system.

Free Profits

What does Free Profits do?

At first, I thought it had something to do with binary options trading, but I was wrong. Instead, Jordan shows you his Clicksure account, an account that has over $1 million in it.

Clicksure is an affiliate network, so I was instantly curious how Jordan made all his money on what is better known as Clickbank’s evil twin. For those of you not in the know, Clicksure is known for selling shady products that has on average a 50% refund rate.

So, how did all those affiliate commissions happen?

Jordan first tells you how he didn’t make his money. He didn’t make it via binary options, FOREX, content writing, PPC ads, email marketing, surveys, etc. He also tells you that running this business takes as little as 4 minutes and 18 seconds per day.

“A business that is generating massive 5 Figure Paydays.”


“All it takes is 6 clicks.”


It’s a magical traffic generator!

If you keep listening to Jordan’s spiel, you eventually learn that the Free Profits app is actually a traffic generator. This traffic comes from an “untapped free traffic source.”

This free traffic goes to Jordan’s affiliate products, which eventually results in product sales. Jordan “proves” that he is making affiliate commissions by logging into his Clicksure accounts and showing us the following via his “live” computer screens:

Free Profits 2

Jordan also “proves” that he’s getting tons of free traffic by going to his Google Analytics account and showing us his unique visitors counter:

Free Profits 4

Because, you know, these kinds of data can’t possibly be faked.

Between all his accounts, Jordan says he’s amassed over $792,000 in affiliate commissions.

If the Free Profits app generates free traffic and affiliate commissions by proxy, why is Jordan just giving it away for free?

Jordan’s reason is simple: “If you made $3.1 million last year, why would you charge people $997, $297, $97, or even just $27 to share the software you used to make that kind of money?”

All Jordan asks of you is that you pay his kindness forward once you’ve made your millions of dollars with the Free Profits app.

What happens when you get the Free Profits app?

After you input your name and email in the form at the right of sales video, you go to a blank screen where a disembodied voice says that your website is being built. And it’s all being done for free!

Here is the screen that I saw after entering my information:

Yep, that’s it.

As you keep listening, the disembodied voice notes that, in addition to having a website, you’ll also need web hosting and a domain name.

Just by chance, the voice recommends a particular web host called CoolHandle.

Also, the minimum recommended hosting term is two years. The two year term is recommended so you get ahead in the SEO department by having a longer lived website. You are encouraged several times to go to and sign up with the CoolHandle web hosting service.

This makes no sense because hosting with the same host has nothing to do with improved SEO. A long-lived website is one thing, but the server it’s hosted on makes no difference for search engine indexing purposes.

Eventually, I decided to refresh my screen. I then saw the following order form:


After I input an example domain name that I wanted to purchase hosting for, I learned that the hosting charge is $10.95/month or $262.80 every 24 months.

Incidentally, no area of CoolHandle’s order page showed me just how my domain name would be receiving massive amounts of traffic thanks to the Free Profits app. There was no mention of Free Profits anywhere, actually.

I did find Free Profits on Clicksure, however:

Free Profits 6

After going to the affiliate page, I again found no mention of the amazing traffic-generating app that Jordan introduced. The only message that the affiliate page displayed was how this affiliate offer “converts like candy.” Also, this affiliate offer has no refunds, a statement that made me instantly suspicious of CoolHandle.

Sure enough, I found the following statement on CoolHandle’s Terms of Service page:


If you are unsatisfied with your CoolHandle service for any reason, we will gladly cancel your account. We do not offer a cash refund for any services which include, but not limited to, shared web hosting, cloud web hosting, domain names, and add-on services.

All sales are final.

Thus, if you do purchase web hosting via CoolHandle, you’re going to be stuck with it.

Also, there seem to be numerous complaints about CoolHandle on several sites including ComplaintsList. In short, I’d be leery of a merchant that has numerous (and unaddressed) complaints.

Summary of Free Profits

Free Profits, despite its name, is not free and will cost you anywhere from $10.95/month or a whopping $262.80 for two years. There is no mention of getting any sort of app or website with your hosting order. Therefore, my summary of Free Profits is that it’s a system designed to get you to purchase a two year hosting package, no more and no less.

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