I haven’t seen an online marketing system in a while that spouts as much BS in the sales funnel as Full Money System does.

It starts with an A-typical dodgy marketing video that has it all: fast cars, fake testimonials, proof that isn’t proof and a rather annoying presenter.

It offers a push button system for generating untold wealth while knowing nothing and doing nothing.

Am I sceptical? You bet I am!

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The Full Money System: What does it cost?

Pushing through the usual exit discounts, it goes from $49 down to $9.

Of course then you have the upsells. This particular product has a wealth of up and down sells.

The first upsell is for 100 automated businesses (websites), where with “just click a few buttons… and your passive income starts immediately”. All for a mere $198 bucks! The earnings claims are ridiculous stating, $1.5 million in one year and $46 thousand per day.

This is then down sold for $98.

After that you are miraculously randomly chosen to become a member of a special secret society that makes tens of millions in a few months all by using special secret software that requires no work, just the click of a button. I cry foul! It’s really magic!

This secret society is virtually impossible to get into, but for $197 they will let you in. Declining this offer does not put you on a hitlist, instead they offer you a discount! Now it’s just $97 bucks to join a super elite, super-secret society of millionaires.

The final step to unlock my product involves Jean Claude Van Damme. I’m perfectly serious. Jean Claude Van Damme wants to sell me access to viral traffic! They used a recent viral video as bait to sell a system that can supposedly generate over one million visitors per month. You can grab that for $97, or decline and grab it for $47.

Inside Full Money System

The first page of the member’s area contains several videos, 6 in fact:

  • A welcome video
  • A free 1 on 1 phone call with a business advisor
  • A video about the upcoming webinar
  • Free websites (a hosting company)
  • Automated Paydays
  • Free cash app

That’s right, out of six videos, three are most definitely upsells and one, the one-on-one phone call, is most likely going to end up being a sales call.

Bypassing all of those lovely options, I check out the system itself, which is comprised of 3 steps.

The first is a 15 minute video that I had hoped was going to tell me the secrets of success but instead was a tutorial / sales video about getting hosting and setting up an HTML sales page.

I was stunned.

Then I realized something, I have seen this stuff before. Checking to make sure I hadn’t reviewed this product before (yes, I have made that mistake before…) I came to the conclusion that this was most likely an older product repackaged and re-launched.

The video covered the other 2 steps: downloading your websites and signing up to overly expensive web hosting.

The websites are basic HTML sales pages with a PLR e-book as the purchase product. You get the e-book PDF and all necessary files. Though the video does cover installation, if you are new to websites creation this will be a big learning curve.

Full Money System Example Website

Is there anything worthwhile here?

Elsewhere in the site is access to numerous other websites templates all of which are in the same vein as the ones on the Full Money System page.

As well as that is the Traffic Money System, which is downloadable software. I didn’t try this as the last time I downloaded random software like this I got a virus.

In fact there is a little notice below the download link:

Making money online has never been easier...
And this free video will show you exactly everything you need to do to get started. Click here to watch it now.

 We CERTIFY that This software is VIRUS-FREE. If you get a WARNING, please click IGNORE – as we have submitted the software to the proper companies for “approval” so these warnings do not come up.

Which “proper” companies? What approval? If your alarm bells are not ringing by now, then you need a new alarm clock!

As well as that, there is a PDF e-book called the Social Money system.

The Bottom Line: Is Full Money System a Scam?

I am pretty sure that this is a re-packaged product, there are just too many things that I have seen before. I just don’t know which one.

What I do know is that you should avoid this system like the plague. It contains basic HTML websites and uhm, that’s about it!

The earnings promised are not going to be obtained with this product and these websites. There is a huge lack of training to get going, barring some scheduled webinars, which I can almost guarantee will be upsell after upsell, with a little training thrown in.

The number of upsells is crazy, they are obviously looking to suck as much cash out of you as possible before you realize that you have been duped.

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  • Steve Grant
    Steve Grant

    Hey have you ever heard of the E mobile cod all of these systems sound exactly the same I purchased it for $ 49 and the second video in the training want you to pay a Nother $197supposedly for more hands on training and faster results I did get a call from supposedly a business specialist Brandon and I have been calling him for the last two days with no luck

  • Larry Galpin
    Larry Galpin


    Luckily I only gave them $9. Then I found this site. Glad I did, before investing more $. [by the way Full Money System & Secret Money System are the same thing). Can you say scam???]

    In the late ’80s, I joined a company called Pre-Paid Legal,Inc. They are a legal services membership with over 5000 attorneys nationwide($26/month). Any time I have had this kind of problem (no refund), I simply called them and they either make a phone call or write a letter (on the local Law Firm’s letterhead). That has always gotten my desired results! Look for them online.

    I don’t need to use them often but when I do it’s nice to know that I have them in my corner. I have used them in 2 lawsuits, fighting traffic tickets, and a free, custom will is included in the member ship every year. When I call, they have an expert in the type of issue I have, contact me!

    If you google them, be sure that you include the “Inc.” to avoid the copy cats.

    I hope this helps you.

    If GOD is your Co-Pilot . . . SWAP SEATS!!!

  • Dean Robinson
    Dean RobinsonAuthor

    @Estefania, not sure how I can help.

    If you have submitted a refund request via ClickSure then that’s really the only way to get your money back.

    You could make a BBB complaint but that’s not a guarantee at getting your money back. http://www.bbb.org/ and https://www.bbb.org/consumer-complaints/file-a-complaint/nature-of-complaint/

    You may just have to put this one down to experience.

  • estefania

    I sent the message and they just sent me a reply, but it is like if they are ignoring me. They are not willing to give me a refund! What can I do? What do I have to say?

    Is not fair! If I am not satisfied with the product, why am I forced to keep it… I really need your help Dean.

  • Dean Robinson
    Dean RobinsonAuthor

    Hi Estefania, have you tried getting the refund directly through ClickSure who are the e-commerce service? Here’s a link http://www.clicksure.com/refunds but note that you need to do it within 60 days of purchase. Good luck!

  • estefania

    I am so stupid, why I didn’t find your website before purchasing this thing. For now, I am trying to get a refund but they are completely ignoring me. What can I do?

  • Dean Robinson
    Dean RobinsonAuthor

    @Kat yeah paid actors are fairly obvious in these types of videos.

    @Fran Wow $3600! That’s a lot of dough. Please let us know if you do (or don’t) have any success with it.

  • Fran R.
    Fran R.

    You are absolutely correct about full money system all I got after listening to the up sales was the software which as you say is a learning experience . It’s shouts about I guarantee it works . Well I got a call a few days later for a mentor who wanted 3600 more dollars to help me get started. Well the business is giving you the business . I only invested a couple of hundred and the tout they will return your money . Let’s see if they will.

  • Kat Green
    Kat Green

    Wow! I was going to buy it. So glad I didn’t. The presenter was claiming he was making $267,000 a month, but he didn’t look the image of that kind of money. He was overweight, stood like a penguin, had a beet red chin (like his chin was chaff) Just a real dork who was reading from a prompter. Yeh, and he was hauling in $45,000 a day and, of course, he met Al, the creator in a coffee shop. How lucky? haha Thanks for the comments. They put things into perspective that these guys are bandits and criminals.

  • Chad S.
    Chad S.

    Thanks for such an honest review. I wish every new IM product had your review :P

  • Halina Zakowicz
    Halina ZakowiczAuthor

    Full Money System: “New” and “Improved” (more like repackaged from an older system)! Thanks Dean.

  • MT Davis
    MT Davis

    Thanks for the Honest review, we need more like this for sure!
    This is the number1 reason most people fail online, is they buy into all the garbage first,get waded and distracted from what it promises to do, by cheesy upsells, bombardment of offers and basically give up and moved on to the next shiny object.

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