Bonnie, an alert I’ve Tried That reader, wrote us to gently take us to task for soft pedaling the Fusion Cash risk in our original review.

She wanted to let all of you know how bad it really is, and her experience is worth publishing. So here it is:

FYI: I just read your post on Fusion Cash. It is worse than you perceived, and I wanted to give you a heads up for the benefit of others.

“I’ve tried that” and got ripped totally. You have to enter credit card information for almost all of their offers (even the supposedly FREE ones). For most of the “offers” they ask you to complete, you spend so much time that you would not be close to making minimum hourly wage. Most of the offers require you spending something or doing a “free trial”. The “free trial” often carries shipping and handling fees that are probably as high as the actual value of the item. Then, if you want to cancel the “free trial” accomplishing that is next to impossible, so they just hit your credit card for fee after fee.

You cannot get them to respond to “support tickets”, if you want something fixed. There is no email or phone number that I can find. To top all of that off, I got credit for less than half of the offers I actually completed and would get no satisfaction (or even response) when I tried to send a credit request.

And the grand finale…….I finally decided to give up and just cash out for the money I had been credited and was unable to do that, as they said they had to verify my phone number and that it did not pass. Their system says someone will try calling my phone number immediately after I enter the information. My phone number is legitimate and does work fine, but no one ever tried to call (I tried several times). Again, my requests for assistance or explanation went unanswered. So, even the little money I may have made with them has been withheld. They are a total SCAM.

We couldn’t have (and didn’t) say it better ourselves. Thanks for the information, Bonnie!

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  • Ofelia Almeida
    Ofelia Almeida

    Tyler, thank you for addressing the above topics. Can you also adress the account restrictions please.

  • Mary

    Hello Tyler I am a senior citizen with no internet connection so I decided to go next door to my daughters house to use her I made on account and I used my own computer I do not live in her household and now I am banned and you will not give me my lousy $25.25 which I worked very hard to get. I think your company is very unfair and I cannot even get into the forums to voice my objections and I am still waiting on the last support ticket where I explained all of the above. I just need my money and then you can ban me?

  • Charlotte

    Thought I would chime in on fusioncash. They are nothing but abusive to me and I have NOTHING to warrant such treatment. They threaten my account, they fail to credit me for everything, they harass me in an attempt to get me to leave their site and have even banned me from their forum. Again, I have done NOTHING to warrant such action. Do NOT use fusioncash. They are abusive jerks who only take advantage of people desperate for a little extra money. I have reported them to the BBB numerous times and am now reporting them to the SBA. Do NOT use fusioncash.

  • deepti

    I was about to cash out and got message that my account is restricted it doesnt have good standing what does that mean.
    i have verified my telephone no
    and i have not done any multiple account still restrcited i dont understand i was planning to put fusion cash on my site i guess i wont be able to do.

  • Deepti Khatuja
    Deepti Khatuja

    I was about to cash out and got message that my account is restricted it doesnt have good standing what does that mean.
    i have verified my telephone no
    and i have not done any multiple account still restrcited i dont understand i was planning to put fusion cash on my site i guess i wont be able to do that also.

  • Emma

    Hi everyone, i am new here. Pls i have registered with fusionCash and now it is remaining the telephone verification, i gave them my phone number, but got no response. Pls, was it a text msg you received from them or a phone call?

  • Miss Money Hunter
    Miss Money Hunter

    I really don’t get the anti- FusionCash stuff and after seeing it listed on your post today of sites to stay away from – yet CashCrate is recommended – I felt compelled to post.

    FusionCash and CashCrate both are just regular old GPT (“get paid to”) sites like any of the other hundreds there are out there. It seems to me that Bonnie was either new to GPT or just had expectations that no one is going to get out of any GPT site. Most people are not going to make but a few cents or maybe a dollar a day if they’re lucky on any GPT site, and the collection of credit card information doing trial offers and stuff – that’s ALL advertisers, that’s not the GPT site’s fault and it’s up to the member, if doing trial offers on GPT sites, to read the fine print and know the expectations of the offers they do.

    As for offers not being credited – again, that’s all advertisers and affiliate doing, the sites themselves have no say over whether an offer credits or not. There are dozens of reasons advertisers might not credit for an offer done – the member visit may have not registered (which can be caused by numerous Internet occurrences), which is why sites recommend you leave the window open when doing offers for at least 30 seconds if not longer, so hopefully one’s visit will register at the advertiser/affiliate that offers the offer you’re doing; the company may already have the member information or e-mail address; there’s literally hundreds of reasons why offers might not credit and it happens all the time, but it’s not the GPT site’s fault when it does.

    I think maybe there needs to be some further education here by I’ve Tried That folks on what GPT sites really can and can’t do because there really does seem to be some confusion here about the process in general.

    Simply put, CashCrate and FusionCash are both plain old regular GPT sites and neither are scams – both have paid me once each, in fact – but neither are a favorite of mine, mainly because they both have very high cashout minimums ($20 for CashCrate, $25 for FusionCash) that are hard to reach when, for the most part, you can generally only make a few cents a day on most GPT sites. Fusion is also not a favorite of mine because they require $15 of your cashout to be from offers (rather than money gained by having referrals sign up and do activity under you), and I find that a little difficult there because unlike a lot of other GPT sites, they seem slow to me to add new offers that can be done, and invariably any referral bonuses and other funds I rack up there end up expiring because I’m nowhere near the $25 cashout minimum.

    But Fusion is a legitimate GPT site just like CashCrate is, and someone getting into doing GPT, PTC (paid to click) or PTR (paid to read) really probably ought to read around and learn what GPT/PTC/PTR won’t do and will do, in order to keep their expectations realistic. Nobody’s gonna get rich quick doing GPT, at best you can usually make a few cents or a dollar or so daily, and most of the things Bonnie complained about are issues with the advertisers and affiliates, not with the GPT sites themselves – and most people who are knowledgeable about GPT know that things like the fact that not all offers will always credit are an advertiser/affiliate issue and to be expected, and that there are valid reasons why they’re not always credited. (And many of the GPT sites have valuable information on their sites about what you can do to get a better approval rate and crediting on offers you do, and the do’s and don’ts of GPT in general.

    Again, Fusion and CashCrate are perfectly legitimate GPTs and again, they’re neither one a favorite of mine. With GPT, I prefer sites with a lower cashout minimum of $5-10 that is easier to get to in a month’s time (since most pay monthly) and that add more offers regularly than Fusion does, or have their offers organized a little better than CashCrate does. But they’re perfectly legitimate GPTs and Fusion doesn’t really deserve to be labeled or even insinuated to be a scam. It’s not my favorite – I got paid over $65 by them in early 2008 after doing several free offers on the site, and then for months I didn’t see many new ones added and most of the ones they added, I had already done somewhere else. But it’s a legitimate GPT and no different from any other, other than the fact its cashout minimum is higher than most and they tend to add less offers regularly than many others do.

    And like I said, I’ve been paid by both – I don’t want to tout my site but anyone who wants to look around will easily find my link to payment proofs, and in fact I have my FusionCash proof listed but not my CashCrate payment proof, as at the time I was paid by CashCrate they were still paying by check and I wasn’t publishing my payment proofs at the time. I do expect to be paid again by CashCrate sometime in the next 6-12 months, though.

    They’re both just plain old GPTs though and for the most part, no one’s going to make more than a small amount daily at any GPT, but they’re both legit. Neither my favorite, but I don’t find it really fair that CashCrate is listed on the “yes” list and Fusion on the “no” list, ‘cos really as far as I see GPT, both of those are not only legit but about the same, since they both have high cashout minimums and, as I said, I prefer to spend my time on GPTs that have lower cashout minimums that are easier to reach monthly, and do.

    But there’s nothing “wrong” with either site, and based on the information in the posts about both here, I’m just not really sure you guys (and know Bonnie doesn’t) understand what GPT can and can’t do.

    Aside from the GPT stuff, keep up what’s been great posting – I love reading here every day (and it’s given me some good ideas about other ventures I personally might branch out into too).

  • Tyler Derheim
    Tyler Derheim

    Tyler, CEO of FusionCash, Inc. here.

    Bonnie, I am sincerely sorry that you were disappointed in your experience at FusionCash. If you’ll send an email to and mention my name, I’ll be happy to personally address any of your account issues (which I wont go into on this public forum).

    That aside, I’ll take this opportunity to defend my company a little bit.

    Currently, over 60% of the offers on FusionCash do NOT require a credit card. While some of the offers listed on the “Free/No CC” section may lead you to an advertiser that asks for your credit card information, you do not have to enter that information in order to be credited for completing the offer at FusionCash. I realize that this can be overwhelming and confusing, but it’s an unfortunate reality of earning “free” money online – those advertisers (who are paying for your earnings) want an opportunity to earn revenue, too.

    As for support tickets, I am again sorry that you had a bad experience, Bonnie. I can say that we have responded to over 20,000 tickets with an average response time of under 48 hours – including weekends and holidays. These days, most tickets receive a response in less than 24 hours. And we do have a support email address, – but we prefer that you use the ticket system because it allows us to easily look up your account information, and it’s more secure.

    We do not offer telephone support, and never have. Not very many rewards sites do, as the margins are small enough to make the prospect of manning a call center cost prohibitive.

    And finally, as for the telephone verification system, I am not sure why you had trouble, Bonnie. It has successfully verified hundreds of thousands of numbers. Were you using a VOIP number, or a voice-mail box? Because the system does not accept those numbers.

    In closing, I hope that readers will look at our spotless payment record (4 years and counting without missing a payment), and the $1.7 million dollars we’ve paid to users in rewards. FusionCash isn’t going to make you rich, but you can earn a bit of spending money if you are willing to spend the effort. It’s definitely not for everyone, but nearly 2 million people have already signed up – so there must be something to it.

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