My experience with Get Auto Commission was both refreshing and sickening at the same time. On the one hand, they’ve put a lot of effort into producing a sales video that is not-quite-the-same as other “get rich online” sales videos, and I enjoyed watching it for a few minutes. On the other hand, they’re just promoting another hyped-up “Look at me in my mansion and sports car” product that will ultimately fail to deliver. There’s some really bad acting as well.

I had a look inside Get Auto Commissions and tried out their software to see if it really lives up to its claims. Like so many things online, it really doesn’t.

The Pitch

So how about that sales video and pitch page? I always like to get a feel for a product by going over their pitch page and seeing what techniques they’re using before I actually go in and review the product. In the case of Get Auto Commissions, there are some classic “limited availability” techniques, and other things going on as well.

Limited Availability? – The Product Has Been Online For Months

Seeing things like “act fast” and “limited availability” usually tells me that the product is going to be a hyped-up guru product designed to get you to open your wallet quickly. There are a lot of emotions involved and the video is full of imagery to make you *want* to believe the story.

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Let’s take a closer look at the video!

It’s nice to see people putting a bit of effort into their video these days. The amount of times I see the same old PowerPoint presentation or hear the same rags to riches story drives me insane. There are just so many of these┬árehashed sales pages going around.

Get Auto Commissions actually does things differently, but don’t let that fool you, this is still ultimately a video designed to dupe you.

Whether it’s the “brother and sister” driving Lamborghinis around their city meeting the “real people they’ve helped”, or the huge mansion they are filming a lot of it in (everything is set up so nicely that I’m sure it’s a rented space), there’s a lot going on to fool you.

Is it me, or is bad acting too easy to spot these days?

What made me laugh was the fact that none of these “real people” had checked their accounts to see their earnings. They all logged in on video and were amazed to see that they had thousands of dollars.

Does this seem real? Would you buy some software that promises to make you money, then not bother to check your account?

I’d be checking it every 5 minutes!


So anyway, there’s the first sign that something is wrong. Let’s move on.

The “Price”

This is a product that is supposedly going to make you a millionaire on autopilot, and they’re giving it away for $49. No wait. If you try and leave the page, they’ll give it to you for $19. No wait, if you leave again they’ll give it to you for $9.


A million-dollar product just costs nine dollars??!

The purpose of this discount is to get you into the mindset of “Well it’s only nine dollars…” so that they can then hit you again later with bigger up-sells. This product in particular had about eight of them in total!

What Actually IS The Get Auto Commission Product?

Here it is, the big secret behind Get Auto Commissions. Their super software that will make you a millionaire.


You take song MP3s, turn them into YouTube videos, and put an affiliate link to random product offers in the description.

That’s the training.


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Once you get inside, there are only 4 steps.

1.) Sign up to a ClickSure account (to get spammy products to promote),

2.) Sign up to a ClickBank account (to get some more products to promote),

3.) Open a YouTube account.

4.) Download the software.

Next all you have to do is start spamming YouTube with your auto-created music videos and hope that one or two suckers click your links and buy something. You’ll be a millionaire in no time!

But Really…Why Is This Bad?

There’s a lot wrong with this:

  1. Uploading MP3s you don’t own the rights to on YouTube is illegal and will get your account banned in no time.
  2. Putting random unrelated affiliate links in the descriptions of your videos is spamming and will get your account banned in no time.
  3. Even if the videos stayed live for a little while, and people viewed them, you’d most likely only make a few dollars here and there. Do you think people will really read the description and go buy something? They just wanted to listen to the song!
  4. Of all the “secrets” out there that the millionaire gurus aren’t telling you, do you think this is one of them? Really?

Oh and by the way, it’s funny how the people doing the training inside the product are not the same people in the sales video. Are Dave and Diana Daniels even real people? Their names sure sound made up. (Sorry to any real Dave or Diana Daniels out there!)

The Bottom Line

The only good thing about this product is that it’s not just going to take your money and run to the bank. You WILL actually receive some training and be given something of tangible value. You just won’t get rich off it. Not even close.

You would be better off saving your $9 and saving YouTube from spam as well.

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  • lorraine

    Hi. I watched the sales video last night and I admit, I was impressed as it was ‘different’ to the other videos i.e. asking people how they did etc. I was interested but the price put me off so I left it. It certainly did impress me – or rather ‘hypnotised’ me! I am pleased I have found your review on this. I admit I am very disappointed – yet again! Saved my money though which is a good thing! Thanks for your review/comments. Lorraine

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