Recently we wrote a post regarding Lee McIntyre, Get More Momentum, and Point and Click Coaching. A few readers have written to us regarding getting in contact with Lee and having difficulties canceling their accounts or finding some sort of overall support for the program. We’ve received a few comments along these lines:

They tell you Lee is delivering a special webinar–only he does it 15 days after you signed up for the 14 day trial.The phone number in the DVD case does NOT work. When you send questions to the support desk they give lame excuses why they can’t help you and actually ignore your how-to questions.

When I canceled–according to their directions, through a support ticket–2 days before the trial expiration–the next day I got an email saying that wasn’t good enough I had to fill in some form–which I did. With still one day to go, even after I got their confirmation for my, cancellation and still less than 14 days–they billed me! I am reporting then to the Better Business Bureau and sending their cancellation confirmation to my bank. For someone who markets himself as being all about integrity–I See zero integrity for how he runs his business–a real shame as his info has value but no support.

After we posted about Lee’s programs, he responded in our comments section offering to help anyone directly with their cancellations.

To cancel simply visit and your request will be processed immediately.

We only want members who want to be in the program and we make canceling as easy as possible!

Alternatively, simply email me direct at lee [at] with all the details and I’ll take care of it personally.

Many thanks

Lee McIntyre

Lee’s program does have negative option offers (ie. if you don’t cancel your free trial in 14 days you will be charged to join the program) but in his defense, all of this is in plain view in big bolded letters as you signup for his program. However, there doesn’t appear to be any mention of how much this will cost you and the links to the Privacy Policy and Disclaimers are all invalid unfortunately.

Either way, if you’re looking to get in contact with Lee McIntyre personall, you can find him at lee [at]

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  • Karl Henshaw
    Karl Henshaw

    Interesting Post, I just wanted to leave my Honest Opinion of Lee and his Products.

    I have purchased about 3 of his products and in everyone of them he has over delivered. Lee is one of the most respected and honest Marketers in the World.

    Many great Marketers like Alex Jeffries, George Brown and Dean Holland have attended his Workshops and he has always been a Fantastic Trainer.

    My Only Negative about Lee is that his Instant Internet Lifestyle seems to be missing the end of the Workshop recordings. But the content Lee Provided is Exceptional.

  • paul connor
    paul connor

    Hi Lee,had a virus on my computer and lost all my info.I purchased your 2 day course for $19.95 and had a message from deborah from your office to tell me about a one to one phone call on 13/04/2011 at 12.30.Also on that message was a video to watch.Please could you resend them please.
    Thankyou in advance paul connor

  • Martin Percival
    Martin Percival

    I’d just like to leave a quick comment in Lee’s favour as well. I’ve found him to be a very straight guy.

    I was on one of his seminars last year and was impressed as much by his ethical approach to IM as I was by the material. I had to grab a refund for a second seminar later in the year as I couldn’t make it and his team were very helpful (and quick) at getting the money refunded.

    Hope that helps,


  • Lee McIntyre
    Lee McIntyre

    Hi Steve

    I’m very sorry if you, or any of your reader,s have had any problems with our site. I can assure you this is NOT our intention.

    Firstly, I have to take issue with the claim in a previous post on this site that our continuity program is “hidden”. This is categorically not the case and we go to great lengths to sell the continuity trial as a benefit.

    We’re proud of the content we deliver and we certainly wouldn’t want to hide the upcoming charges as that’s not in the best interests of the customer or myself!

    The vast majority of our clients have had an extremely positive experience with our site and are loving the content. I am aware however, that sometimes things fall through the cracks, especially when dealing with such a large volume of new customers in a short space of time.

    However, this doesn’t excuse any mistakes made by individuals on the helpdesk, and it’s unacceptable if someone completes the cancellation process and is still billed.

    As the owner of the company I take a great deal of personal pride in being ethical and honest, and our thousands of happy customers would happily agree with this.

    I’ve personally managed the entire cancellation process and it’s been designed to put the customer in control, and to make things as easy as possible. If any mistakes have happened on the helpdesk then it’s down to operator error, and not company policy, though obviously this is still unacceptable and I apologise for any inconvenience caused to anyone having problems.

    My personal email is I’m here to help no matter what, and if anyone has ANY issues then please drop me a line and I’ll personally see that it’s taken care of, as well as fixing the process that went wrong in the first place.

    I can only fix individual cases if people contact me directly so please get in touch so I can make sure your case is resolved and that you are happy.

    99% of our customer are very happy and are enjoying the site, but that doesn’t make it okay if 1% are unhappy, for whatever reason. I’m personally striving to do the best job I can possibly do, and to deliver the most effective content in an honest and ethical way.

    We’re not perfect and mistakes do happen when you’re dealing with 1,000 new customers in a day. I’d prefer it if they didn’t but the only thing I can do is strive to make sure that we learn from these mistakes and that the small number of people who’ve had a problem at the helpdesk are left completely and utterly happy.

    This is exactly what I intend to do but I can only help if people get in touch, so please email me at lee [at]

    If anyone has any issue with cancelling then they will get a FULL REFUND no matter what! This is COMPANY POLICY and always has been. If you have an experience that’s contrary to this then get in touch and I’ll investigate and fix.

    Many thanks

    Lee McIntyre

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