There are many ways in which you can help boost your sites rankings in the search engines, and one of the most popular ways is via social media.

I’m sure you are aware that having links and social indicators from sites like Facebook and Twitter help improve your standing in the eyes of the search engines.

James Howard’s latest product Social Bookmarking Backlinks, aims to teach you how to use various social networks to your advantage.

The Pitch

Surprisingly, the sales letter for this product is quite toned down compared to most marketing pages out there.

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Honestly, I’ve nothing neither good nor bad to say about it.

Purchasing Social Bookmarking Backlinks

The product is one a dime sale, meaning the price keeps rising until a set point. It should cap at $17 dollars.

When I first read the affiliates page I was a bit concerned that this product would inundate you with multiple upsells, as the product itself offers a 100% commission.

Thankfully there was only one upsell and it was for the resale licence of the product, which to me seemed a bit weird but there you go. If you want it, it’s on a dime sale with an unknown cap.

Inside the members area

The actual product consists of links to 12 different videos and a corresponding MP3 file for each one. There was also a PDF transcript which is always welcome.

What wasn’t welcome was the fact that the video links were not labelled, making figuring out where you were up to a huge pain.

The videos cover a wide range of topics:

  • Introduction
  • Effective Social Bookmarking
  • What to Bookmark
  • OnlyWire
  • Mechanical Turk
  • Outsourcing
  • Social Bookmarking Tools
  • Social Marker
  • Major Bookmarking Sites
  • Adding Bookmarking Buttons
  • Creating Your Own
  • Summary

If you do buy this product, my first advice to you is to turn down your volume before watching these videos. They are loud, and the audio quality is sub-par.

As well as that the speaker has a tendency to be suddenly increase in volume as well which doesn’t help matters.

Each video is quite short and bite sized at 4 – 8 minutes on average.

Social Bookmarking Backlinks videos

Which video is which? Labeling at its best…

However, I reverted to the wall of text known as the transcript as I’m a reader!

The first couple of videos are really just an overview of what social bookmarking is about and briefly how to write a title and description to go on the sites. This didn’t cover copy writing as such, just basics like make the title interesting and write several rather than just using the same one all the time.

The information provided does seem a little out of date. For instance a company called OnlyWire was mentioned but the pricing was wrong. As well as that the way OnlyWire works has changed too.

I suppose that this is quite minor and possibly coincidental, but it still shows that this may be dated slightly.

The videos go on to discuss various ways in which you can do social bookmarking, from OnlyWire, through services like Mechanical Turk and general outsourcing.

The information is reasonable and provides some tutelage on how to go about it.

After this is a discussion on the various social networks out there: what they are like and what content suits which the best. It of course only covers a few key ones like Twitter and Digg.

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The last video was quite interesting, in that it discussed how to create a social bookmarking site of your own, either for public use or to add some additional backlinks.

Whether this is viable is open to debates. I doubt Google et al will give those links much weight unless the site becomes popular.

The Bottom Line

Social Bookmarking Backlinks isn’t a scam; you get some reasonable value for money, even if it does feel like it was slapped together from a previous resource.

This is especially clear with the average at best video quality, the poor labeling, references to none existent documents and so on.

The subject matter is nothing new and if you have read up on social bookmarking previously it’s doubtful that you will learn much.

That being said, the different services and resources mentioned might be new to you (some were to me) and could help speed up or automate your bookmarking.

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