Quick Summary of Global Profits

Rating: 0.1 out of 5. It's just another scam 'system' that has nothing to show for it.

The Good: You don't have any fake customer testimonials purchased through Fiverr.

The Bad: Everything about this system is fake or imaginary. You'll need to plunk down at least $400 to fund your trading account.

The Bottom Line: Stay away from this 'gloom and doom' trading scam.

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Global Profits Review

Global Profits paints a rather dire picture of the U.S. and global economy. The sales video starts out by talking about Greece’s and China’s economic collapse, followed by the insane runaway debt of the U.K. and U.S.A.

As you’re hearing about the upcoming financial apocalypse, every now and then the announcer, who goes by the name of Mark Silver, asks you the following questions:

Could you handle $72,391.68 in just one month?

Is there any need in your life for $110,825.88 earned in six weeks?

Also, “just before the Chinese shut the trading gate, I made $84,519.06 in four days of wild trading.”

Every time one of these questions is raised, you see an account screenshot drop at an angle and down the sales video. If you don’t pause the video, there’s no way you’ll even see the account page details.

How does Global Profits make money?

How are such amazing earnings made possible with Global Profits? Apparently, Mark has “an amazing new trading software that zigs when all the other traders zag.”

Global Profits shorts the world’s trading markets as they slowly collapse from crushing debt and insolvency. It does this via a trading short system that Mark developed. The system is explained as follows:

Global Profits 2
Global 3

So, while the rest of the world crashes and burns, Mark, along with “a limited number of you” will all make “a big fat fortune” from shorting the world’s commodities and equities markets. At least, that’s the general idea.

Who is Mark Silver?

As you listen to the sales video, Mark eventually introduces himself and says he is a market analyst turned trader with experience on Wall Street. Mark is also a pioneer in the world of online trading and gives trading seminars in Las Vegas.

Because it’s nearly impossible to make successful trades manually, Mark hired “top programmers” and created his own automated trading software. That software does one thing really well: Sell short.

After you input your email address, you are taken to a second sales video where Mark continues his spiel about how the world’s financial markets are going to crash soon. Luckily, “you have taken the first step towards securing your future” and stand to “earn a lot of money as the world around you loses theirs.”

Global Profits 3

Also, by the end of today, “you could be $2,000 richer.”

Welcome to Global Profits App

These amazing profits are thanks to the Global Profits App. Mark offered 30 spots for signing up to and using this app, and he suspects that all available spots will run out in just a few minutes. In fact, “you may already be too late.”

Luckily for me, I was able to secure one of the last few spots to the Global Profits App. I did this by simply reloading the page and letting Mark’s spiel repeat.

Once I secured my spot, I got to hear how the software would automatically activate once I’d deposited $250.

Global Profits 5

Global Profits 6

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Even better, for a select few members, Mark has arranged to match their starting deposit of $250 at Mark’s ‘preferred broker.’ Incidentally, that preferred broker is Binary Book.

Why Global Profits is a complete scam.

Mark provides a rosy view of how you will survive and thrive in the post-apocalyptic world. However, there are several troubling signs that Global Profits is nothing but a scam.

The satisfied users are fake.

Global Profits features these “customers” on its sales page:

Members Area

There’s something about these customer photos that looks a little too polished- and for good reason. When you do an image search on the customers, here’s what you find:

Gyorgy Barna's Portfolio on Shutterstock

These photos are all stock photos, not actual customers.

Global Profits is on Clicksure.

Clicksure is well known to be the housing area of all kinds of scams and shady business opportunities. As expected, Global Profits is listed on Clicksure and offers an impressive $250 commission.


Due to this high commission, a bunch of scam product review sites have already given Global Profits a glowing recommendation. However, when you click on their product links, you’ll find that they contain loads of affiliate codes going back to Clicksure and other affiliate networks.

Here’s an example of just one affiliate ID associated with an ‘unbiased’ review:


Your Binary Book broker is based overseas.

While this is not exactly a giveaway sign of a scam, it does raise eyebrows. Binary Book, as noted in past reviews, is based overseas in the U.K. This means that you’ll have a harder time getting your refund and/or issues resolved should something go awry with your money. Also, Binary Book requires a $400 initial deposit, not $250.

Mark Silver doesn’t exist…

…except on the Global Profits sales page. A LinkedIn search of this guy turns up nothing about any Wall Street trader going by this name. There are no records of his supposed trading seminars in Las Vegas. Mark also has no posted content about his theories on the upcoming economic collapse. The guy is a ghost.


Global Profits generates a wonderful picture of how you’re going to stay economically safe in the upcoming financial collapse, but the ‘system’ that Mark touts appears to be nothing but an out-and-out scam. My recommendation is to steer clear of this ‘stock shorting system’ and save yourself $400.

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