Update: This is NOT a review of Kevin Fahey’s “My Google Profit System” It is a review of Michelle Valdez’s Internet Income Pro/Google Profit System.

Two spam emails made it through my filter yesterday, both of them with the subject line, “Google Profit System.”

I was willing to let them be after the first one. But after the second, no way. You spam me, I call you out.

What Is “Internet Income Pro?”

So when I clicked on the link, I was taken to a sales page called “Internet Income Pro: A work from home guide with Michelle Valdez.”

It’s a typical presell page: the “as seen on” box with a bunch of media logos, rich on emotional appeal, generic pictures of cash, cars, mansions, vacations on the beach. And, of course, the “proof of earnings” in the form of a bar graph.

In reality, it’s another negative option marketing gimmick.That’s when you think you’re signing up for a free kit, but you are also getting a membership to some program for a monthly fee. At least “Michelle Valdez” is up front about it:

People pay almost ninety bucks per month for access to this site, but during this seven day trial period, you can have unlimited, back stage private access, without any charge whatsoever. You can stay a member at the discounted price of seventy two dollars and twenty one cents per month for life. Of course, if your goals change, you can always call and cancel your subscription at any time.

Other programs are less forthcoming and bury the hidden charges in their fine print, knowing most people don’t read them. So kudos to the babealicious Valdez for that bit of truthiness. But that’s where the honesty ends.

How Do You Return a Downloaded Kit?

What is buried in the Terms and Conditions is this little gem (emphasis added):

At any time during the first thirty days, if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, you may call customer service at 888.657.8585 for a refund of your monthly subscription and the shipping fee. When you call, a customer representative will give you an RGA (Return Goods Authorization) number. The kit must then be returned with the RGA number. You must be able to confirm delivery to receive your refund. Please ship your kit with a delivery confirmation to our fulfillment center: 405 East 12450 South, Suite G, Draper, Utah 84020. Note: This address is for returns only. All other correspondence must be sent to the address on the website.

When you sign up, you’re supposed to receive a kit in the mail (a “free” kit plus $3.88 shipping and handling) and access to an exclusive Web site called internetincomeinitiative.com. The membership is just a free trial for 7 days. If you don’t cancel, you will be billed $72.21. Then, if you want a refund within 30 days, you first have to call customer service and then return the kit to that address in Utah.

The address is about 10 minutes away from my office, so I went there. It’s a telemarketing firm and I didn’t go in. See, my suspicion is that you only get downloadable information or Web site access, so there’s nothing to return to prove your purchase, meaning you have no way to get a refund. That’s just a suspicion, though.

If anyone has signed up for this, I’d love to hear if there really is a kit, and what it contains. I’d sign up myself, but I’m not about to give negative option marketers my credit card number.

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  • Joe

    Emillionaire,LLC, phone 8139647274. Adress 4644 west gandy boulevard suite 4-503 Tampa, FL 33611 website http://www.productcustomersupport.com or http://www.eznetincome.com or www. Emillionaire.com. Best one is the product one as they ask you to leave a message and give a I’d number. Tell them you want to cancel and then send the details to your bank. The managing member of the company is a Mr Brock Felt on 8003096980. Hope you get some justice best wishes. Morton

  • morton

    Sorry thats not true. I have had it done to me and cancelled 2 sets of cards now. The bank/credit card company need a leeter of cancellation from you to the scammer so as they can verify. unless you do this they will still send out monies.charges can even be debited vwhen the account is closed according to Lloyds TSB in the uk.
    Does anyone have an address, email or phone number for these scammers/people please

    • Joe

      Morton, are you saying they took money from your account even after you closed a card? How is that possible?

  • Lucy

    can someone tell me if cancelling my debit card is enough to stop them taking any more money. i am so angry about this. i really need every penny i have at the moment. what an idiot i was to fall for it. if anyone knows how to get a refund by email or anything please please pleaes help me. I have just had a very premature baby girl who is fighting for her life in NICU and I can’t handle this extra stress. Thank you.

    • Joe

      Sorry to hear about that, Lucy. Yes, canceling your card will do the trick.

  • tiffany

    I have twice fallen for the same prank, apparently there is a company that is changing its name and quite possibly there are several similar companies conducting the same scam. Last year right after I had my baby, I paid $100 to get information to start a business from home so I could spend more time with my first born child. When i realized it was a scam I tried to get my money back and they had a 3 month waiting period and at then end of that period the company was no where to be found, in addition there was nothing or noone for my bank to dispute charges with. This time i was sure it was not a scam since the fee was only $1.97 for shipping, however looking back if millions of people give up 2 bucks then someone is rich enough. I found this page and read the testimony of another who had money taken out several times after the shipping cost and I ran to the bank and closed my account as that is the only way to stop someone from taking your money once they have the account number. I am blessed that I only lost my bagel money this morning but I wanted to put my story out there. While I do believe in super opportunities and will not lose my optimism over the situation, I must say that online businesses are so simple that your best bet would be to develop your own business from the ground up. do not try to find a ready made business online because you cannot get of feel of what you are getting until you actually receive it. Its not like purchasing a franchise business like McDonald’s where your business is made for you you just walk in and run it with all the paper work in front for you as proof of ownership. Its different online and like I said before, it probably costs less than 200 to start an online business if you do not have to pay someone to design a web page so just do it on your own. After all the scams you will have spent the same amount anyway. The economy is down at this time so everyone is desperate, someone is desperate and taking advantage of another who is also desparate. I wanted to make more money and wanted this to be a good opportunity for my family but some things are too good to be true. Be aware of the cake and the snake.

  • Judy

    I was scamed by Google Pro (internetincomeinitiative), and believe me, I can’t afford the 72.21 they took from me.

  • Iris Ledford
    Iris Ledford

    So what about all of these Work From Home “ads by Google” now at the bottom of your e-mails? Like the most recent one http://www.succeedin24hours.com?

  • richard okwudili-chukwu
    richard okwudili-chukwu

    Thanks Steve,
    although I seem to have fallen for them already.I don’t remember how it happened but I seem to be rearching something when I was redirected to http://www.grantsforyounow.com of Ms Liza Fitgerald. They said they’d take $1.99 to allow me access to browse the sight, which I did not mind since I was curious. The amount of $1.99 was charged against me by email advise on 1st December, 2008. On 5th December, my Debit card statement reported an amount of $94.89 pending authorization due from GRANTS FOR YOU NOW. I protested to them that I did not subscribe to their program, I wrote my Debit card managers to kill the transaction But Madam Liza wriggled her way through to authorization insisting i must try out their program for 88 days before I could apply for a refund, assuring me that no further monthly charges would be taken thenceforth.
    Right now they have sent another charge awaiting approval though I told them I was not interested. I am a Nigerian resident and working in Nigeria. They cann’t claim they could get me US Govt Grants. I just looked through their site.
    I tried feeling out their refund form some days ago and their auto responder told me I still have some days to go before I could apply. I do not see the fairness of them taking my money by trickery and making me wait 88 days unnecessarily before I can apply for my money back for something I told them I never wanted from the onset. Please, help me get my money back if you can.
    Another one like the GRANT FOR YOU NOW is the google cash system.
    They redirected me to http://www.emillionnaire.com whwere they said they’d take just $1.95 as a one off payment for the services. But not so. They too have an unspecified amount chunked up with others awaiting authorization which my card company say they have to let fly. Please, who are these thieves. Why are they allowed on the net? Could they not be branded or blacklisted to warn innocent surfers?
    Thanks for the platform to let people know what these people are doing.

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