Quick Summary of Guaranteed Profits

Rating: 0.1 It's a scam that makes no logical sense.

The Good: The two sales videos are on YouTube, thanks to some enthusiastic affiliates.

The Bad: The system is a complete con and will cost you $800 to try.

The Bottom Line: Stay far away from this "app" and its BeeOptions broker. Stick with one of our recommendations on how to build an online business instead.

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Guaranteed Profits Review

“I never lose.”

“I never ever lose money.”

And if you pay close attention for just the next five minutes, you won’t ever lose again either.”

This is how the Guaranteed Profits spiel starts out, as announced by someone named James.

“In fact, I’ll show you a loophole you can exploit to start making huge cash 15 minutes from now.”

What is Guaranteed Profits?

In a nutshell, Guaranteed Profits is a “system” that enables you to place profitable binary options trades through the system’s “verified” broker. However, unlike other systems that occasionally suffer losses when trades expire out of the money, Guaranteed Profits never allows you to suffer any loss.

How is this possible?

Every one of your trades is guaranteed to be profitable, even should it expire out of the money.

If this doesn’t yet make sense, here’s a much better explanation from the Guaranteed Profits sales video:

“I stumbled into a loophole. A “hack” actually. A hush-hush little trick…Completely 100% legal…that let’s me profit even on my losing trades.”

How does this loophole and/or hack work?

“I can’t give you the exact details on “how” that happens…but trust me, it does.”

The video then shows a screen shot of a currency pair trade that expired out of the money, yet still made $905 in profit. We then see other amazing things, like purple unicorns and pots of gold under rainbows. But I digress…

Now that we’ve received a good enough explanation of how a binary options trading system makes money regardless of how a trade goes, here is what you see when you enter the Guaranteed Profits website:

guaranteed profits

But it gets better:

“And then, after I figured how not to lose, I had a coding buddy come up with an app that completely automated all of my trades,” says James.

We then see additional screen shots of bank accounts totaling anywhere from $700K to over $1.3M.

This hack has been working for others too, as we learn…

“I shared my little secret “hack” with a handful of friends.”

Here are the friends, with the first one showing her $700+K bank account, and the second one noting how he made over $50K in just one day of trading:

friend 1

What do you need to do to join this group of friends?

James says he’ll give you one full year of access to his system, for which others are paying $1,500/month….



“This is not going to cost you a cent.”

However, the Guaranteed Profits system is only for the first 15 individuals who respond.

Once you enter your name and email, you go to a second sales video that makes you some grand promises of soon having several homes, luxurious cars, and fancy vacations. But, before you can start making “heaps of profits,” you’ll need to do something first. What is that, exactly?

You’ll need to open a brokerage account with Guaranteed Profit’s chosen brokerage.


“They have the loophole that our app can exploit.”

Uh huh.

Why am I skeptical that Guaranteed Profits will work as advertised? Here are some reasons.

Why Guaranteed Profits is a scam

1. The customer testimonials are fake.

Earlier on, I showed you screen shots of the so-called friends who initially tried out the Guaranteed Profits system. It seems that these friends make a living from posting all kinds of testimonials. Here’s a Google image search on just one of these friends, showing her various testimonial gigs:

2. The positive reviews are copied fakes.

Whenever I have questions about a binary options trading system being a scam, I need look no further than the popular review site binary- app-810.org. As expected, this site has already posted a glowing review of Guaranteed Profits. Interestingly enough, the review is an exact copy of a past Gold Digger review, another scam trading product I reviewed earlier this week:


gold digger review

3. The “only 15 copies” Guaranteed Profits system is on Clicksure.

If there are only 15 free copies of the Guaranteed Profits system left, why would this system’s creators be advertising the product on Clicksure, an affiliate network that thousands of affiliate partners can log into and see? Furthermore, Clicksure is well-known to be filled with scam and/or shady products that have a 50% refund rate.


Because Guaranteed Profits is an affiliate product, every last one of the “positive” reviews of this product contains an affiliate link. How positive is a positive review when there is a $250 commission riding on new subscriptions to this system?

4. Your verified broker is Bee Options.

I’ve mentioned in prior reviews that BeeOptions is a shady brokerage based in the U.K. that is not regulated by the CySEC, nor any SEC, for that matter. This means that, should you go with Bee Options as your broker and run into any issues with your deposit, you’ll have a hard time pressing charges. Also, just so you know, the minimum deposit to open an account with this broker is $800.

Another potential issue with BeeOptions is that it is currently giving $2,200 bonus money on deposits. That sounds great until you read the brokerage’s fine print about that bonus money, which runs as follows:

In order to withdraw funds from an account that has been credited with a trading bonus, the trader will be required to execute a minimum trading volume of (bonus amount + Deposit) x30.

This means that you’ll be placing trades for a long time before you are finally allowed to withdraw what’s left of your dwindling funds.

My summary of Guaranteed Profits

I would not recommend Guaranteed Profits to anyone looking to make money on trading binary options. There is no such thing as an app that makes you money regardless of whether you win or lose a trade. In fact, such a system doesn’t even make sense. And that’s exactly why James can’t tell you about it and how it actually works.

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