I have not been as excited about a review since Entertainment books. I see so much online crap—so many programs and sites that will change your life! If you will only give me $50 and follow my program! It’s tiring, to tell you the truth. Steve has bags under his eyes that he sometimes trips over.

If you’ve done any online writing at all for money or exposure, you’ve seen ads from Helium.com (they must spend a fortune on Adwords). “Write. Get paid” and “We need writers” are a couple of its taglines. Helium.com is a breath of fresh air for us at I’ve Tried That. It makes no outlandish claims, does not use obnoxious presell pages, and best of all, it’s free to join.

Helium is much more than a program to help you make money online. Its website is an impressive array of topics to write about (they’re called “channels”), helpful resources to help you earn more, and a large and very active community forum. If you like to write and like to make money, Helium is a good choice.

Here’s how it works
1. Log in
2. Write an article
3. It gets rated by the community
4. You get paid
Helium.com channelsYou log in to your account and choose from among tons of channels to write an article about. There are so many channels that even Richard Williams could find an area of expertise (click on the image to see a larger version).

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Write your article. Helium offers specific guidelines for writers, and the community members are very helpful in helping each other improve their writing.

Community members rate your article, and the ratings determine how much you’ll be paid for it. The Help section offers this useful explanation:

Helium offers a fair and trusted marketplace for its members and pays for articles based on the value of their contribution. The value of each article is determined by three market drivers:

  • How good is the article? Quality matters! Higher-ranked articles earn more money than lower-ranked articles.
  • How many readers are interested in the article’s topic? Some subjects draw more total viewers than others.
  • How much will advertisers pay to advertise on the subject? Each subject attracts a different set of advertisers who will each pay a different amount to be associated with a subject. For example, subjects in the area of personal finance will generally draw a higher ad rate than subjects like chess.

These three factors are combined to calculate the earnings to each member for each of their articles.

Articles ranked higher by members earn more than lower-ranked articles. Quality counts. Articles ranked in the top five out of 50 articles are read more often than articles ranked lower. They are deemed more valuable to Helium members.

You get paid each month if your earnings are over $25. You’re not going to get rich, but Helium could supplement your grocery budget nicely. Here’s what Helium has to say about getting paid:

Your potential to earn money based on these factors is endless, and over time, could result in a lot of cash. Click the My Helium button and then the Earnings & Payments menu to see your current earnings.

When you register as a Helium writer, you need an active PayPal account to receive payment. All Helium needs is the email address associated with your PayPal account. When you accumulate $25, you can cash in by visiting the My Helium page. Click on the Earnings & Payments menu, then click the Request payment button. Please note that you must request payment by the 20th of each month. Helium pays into the PayPal accounts the first week of the month.

I searched the community forum, and no one reports having trouble getting paid. I saw non complaints about difficulty reaching the payout—both of which are real problems in scams.

Are you a student?
If so, you’d be a fool not to join. You’re going to do a lot of writing, anyway, so you might as well get paid for it. If you’re just starting out and still have to take your basic composition classes, sign up now! You’re going to write a lot of papers on various topics, all of which can be submitted to Helium.

An ongoing review
This is an incomplete review. While I’m very impressed with the idea and the site, I have not yet written my first article for Helium so can’t answer some questions that you may have. I’ll keep you posted. Still, I highly recommend it based on what I’ve already seen. So sign up, write, and get paid. We’ll answer each other’s questions as we go.

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  • fred

    Writer beware. The reason you didn’t find any complaints on the boards is because they delete them. They also lock topics that cast them in a bad light.

  • Joe

    So Julia, you need to sign up and write another article about the dangers of honey…and get paid for your expertise!

  • Julia

    i learned about helium.com from the dailytelecommuters.com (which i learned from ivetriedthat.com). as a reader, i think helium.com is pretty cool! i read about honey and now my husband uses honey for his coffee. but i was surprised that only one honey article mentioned about the danger honey post to infant.

  • Steve

    It looks exactly like the LegitOnlineJobs program we reviewed a few months ago. In short, it’s a scam, but you can read the full review here: LegitOnlineJobs.com Review

  • Sai

    This one isn’t related to Helium. But I couldn’t find another way of asking you. Can you possibly tell us if http://www.therichkids.com is a scam or not? Thanks!

  • richard

    i can not get my gas card to down load after many attempted i was hopeing you can help me ,i paid money for this .this is the site that i am haveing trouble with . tryitforgas.com my address is bracemc05 [at] yahoo.com thank you richard

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