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Rating: 0.3 Yet another binary options auto-trader that scams you out of your money

The Good: The sales videos are available on YouTube so you can skip through them quickly.

The Bad: The Home Profits Group is just another binary options trading scam designed to have you part with your money.

The Bottom Line: Steer clear of this scam and find other (and legitimate) ways to make money. Start with our #1 recommendation here.

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Home Profits Group Review

Kathi Jamison was a Corrections Officer in North Carolina. Right about now she’s sitting on a beach in south Florida…

So goes the first sales video for Home Profits Group. In this video, several everyday folks are featured, including an unemployed armed services member who flew to Maui with his fiancee, and a plumbing services guy who now stays at home with his grandchildren.

“How are Kathy, Mike, Jim and thousands of other people now able to quit their jobs without worrying about having enough money to pay their bills or the mortgage?”



Home Profits Group, or HPG, starts off by saying it is not a sales video and that “there is nothing to buy here.” In fact, the video promises to give you something completely free.

After this point, you listen to the video announce that, whatever the amount of money that you are making at your current job, it’s not enough. Also:

If you’re young, do you really want to work for another 50 or 60 years?

If you’re middle-aged are you seriously counting on living on Social Security when you retire?

If you’re already in your “golden years” do you have enough money now to live your life without depending on others?

Other downers include the video telling you that, even if you enjoy doing whatever it is that you’re doing now, chances are that your luck won’t last.


No!!! I was counting on luck!

“You need to make change.”

What’s the actual change?

Apparently, it’s quitting your job and joining the Home Profits Group- much like these satisfied customers did:



What is the Home Profits Group?

Once you submit your email address, you are taken to a second video that begins to describe what HPG is not. It’s not gambling or selling stuff online. It’s not MLM or something illegal.

HPG is easy, takes just minutes a day, makes you tons of money, and is automated. And fortunately for you, you’re one of the lucky 50 to score this amazing work-at-home opportunity.


Get ready for…

Yet another binary options auto-trader

Yep, the HPG is none other than yet another binary options auto-trader that is “guaranteed” to make you loads of money each and every day. This auto-trader was created by “top programming and trading minds” as noted below:


What do you need to do in order to get started?


Why am I skeptical about HPG?

You may have noticed that I’m not all that enthusiastic about HPG. Why? Let’s look at the following troubling signs about this work-at-home “opportunity.”

The case studies

Remember Kathi Jamison, the Corrections Officer in North Carolina?


It seems that Kathi Jamison is actually a stock photo that has been used numerous times online:


The testimonials

Remember those two testimonials I showed at the beginning of this review? Here are HPG’s “satisfied customers” hanging out on Fiverr and selling testimonials at $5 a pop:



There’s also this customer testimonial, provided by none other than this guy:

Seriously? How many more binary options scams will this guy endorse?

Seriously? How many more binary options scams will this guy endorse?

We’ve seen this guy providing glowing binary options software testimonials here, here and here.

If the customer testimonials and stories are all fabricated, how authentic can the HPG and its auto-trader be?

The “only 50 spots left” spiel

HPG claims that you are part of the lucky 50 that was able to access its sales video and the auto-trader. However, the sales video is published on YouTube. Also, the counter to the lower left side of the video states that there are only 1 or 20 or 15 places left…but as soon as you refresh your screen, you get a higher number of places left.

The endorsements

When you search online for reviews of HPG, you find a high number of glowing endorsements. However, all the endorsements contain affiliate and/or referrals codes.

This discovery leads to the question of why. It also paints a bleak picture of the many positive reviews and endorsements.

The compensation plan

Start perusing Clicksure, an affiliate network known for carrying scam products, and you’ll eventually locate HPG in its roster of products.


With a $250 payout, it’s no wonder that HPG is being positively reviewed online. HPG is even holding contests with cash prizes for affiliates who best promote this system. There’s also profit sharing involved for those affiliates who generate lots of new binary options trading accounts.

The HPG end game

What’s the real deal with HPG? In a nutshell, an affiliate or the creator of this scam gets you to sign up for a new binary options brokerage account. You then deposit $250+ of your own money in order to start trading with the advertised auto-trader.

Unfortunately,¬†the auto-trader does nothing revolutionary for your trades and you lose money quickly. If you also accept a monetary bonus from the broker, you are now stuck and can’t withdraw your original deposit. You end up making the many upon many required trades in order to cash out; however, by the time you can withdraw, your money is all lost.

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