Today I am going to have a look inside another internet marketing community. The system is the same as most others out there, a low introductory entry fee, $1 in this case and a higher monthly fee thereafter.

Here’s the blurb:

“The Internet Income Academy was founded by Internet Marketing Expert Curtis Andrew in 2009. Tired of people getting duped by programs that promise everything and deliver nothing, he started IIA”

OK so Curtis says he can deliver, let’s find out if he can or not.

An Internet Income Academy Review

The home page is a standard sales letter page, stating all the benefits one can gain from joining, along with the obligatory testimonials, price comparisons and earning reports and the “limited” time offer which is on for eternity.

Want more money?
This video will show you the simplest and fastest way to make money online today. Watch it for free right now.

While this is typical marketing fare, it never bodes well, emphasizing large potential incomes etc.

However, there is one interesting quote buried in the text is “Remember, we are not teaching you some “get-rich-quick” scheme here.”

That’s promising, but does it really offer good value for money?

After signing up for Internet Income Academy I was faced by a an up-sell page, no wait, this isn’t an up-sell page, it’s a learning page showing me what they could have done (pushed more things on me to buy) and why they haven’t (they want me to learn) and how this would be a great place for this sort of up-sell.

That’s interesting. That increases my hope for this. They even briefly went into the psychology of the up-sell to help explain it better.

Onwards to the content! Hang on, another sales page? This one offering to be able to “Look Over The Shoulder Of A Successful Super Affiliate” which I assume is Andrew himself. Cost? Nothing, OK, that’s good still not a sign of an up-sell.

Onwards again! This time I got into the membership area. The membership page guides you to begin with their Getting Started Guide.

Having a read through the first page of this is good, it covers the very basics but does so without promising you the world.

Internet Income Academy

Having a look around the site shows a variety of areas: the Learning Center, Community, Forum, Blogs, Job Board, Website Services Hosting and Resources.

The Learning Center

Most of the learning resources I found were screen cast videos, so of course I didn’t watch them all, but from choosing random ones and listening, it seems to me that the information provided is sound and ethical.

Yes, ethical.

In one video Curtis explains that you need to add value in order to reap the benefits financially. In this day and age where quality is a must, Curtis has got it spot on.

The others cover a cross section of internet marketing, focusing mainly on affiliate marketing which is the usual suspect for beginner marketers. The material is broad reaching, great for beginners, covering aspects such as affiliate marketing overview, niche selection, website set up and how to get traffic.

The Members

I am putting the Community, Forum and Members Blogs and Jobs Board in one basket here as they intertwine.

Whilst the training doesn’t seem too bad, the one thing you want is a lively community to bounce ideas off, to get help, advice and support, and to partner up with.

That’s not so apparent here.

Making money online has never been easier...
And this free video will show you exactly everything you need to do to get started. Click here to watch it now.

The general blog posts from IIA itself haven’t been updated for a year.

The forum is lack-luster, not much going on there at all. Though there have been a few posts in the past couple of months you could count them with your fingers.

Member blogs are similar; there is some movement there but sporadic at best, only about 7 in the past year.

Interaction between members via private messaging seems fairly frequent – it shows a list of who messaged who but of course, not the content of the message.

So whilst there is movement on the site, it doesn’t seem to be a lively community. The site has been active for at least 2 years so one would expect there to be a bit more community wise.

Case in point, I selected one of the Most Active members from the sidebar. His last recent activity was recorded in 2011 and I couldn’t find any activity from him on the forums at all.

Website Services Hosting

Internet Income Academy offers free web hosting for members. Is it worth it? Well I dislike having all my eggs in one basket, so for me, no it’s not. However if you are feeling the pinch money wise it could be useful, though remember you need to be a member to have the hosting…


I found this section to be awesome for beginners and advanced user alike. The glossary was very useful, being able to look up a term that confuses you and get a succinct answer. I wish I had had this service when I was learning internet marketing!

The resources part of this is also good, outlining a lot of different services you can use, from hosting, keyword tools, article directories and more. It could do with a little updating (MySpace but no Google Plus?) though it seems that the links are pretty much affiliate link free.

Is the Internet Income Academy a scam?

No, from what I saw it does not appear to be a scam. In fact, there wasn’t anything there that would greatly upset me or make me consider this a scam. It is trying to be a resource for beginner internet marketers and to build a community behind that.

There were no obvious up-sells, nor any tactics or behavior that would make me think that Curtis is just trying to make a fast buck here.

The Bottom Line

While Internet Income Academy is not a scam, my only concern is whether you would get value for money. I think that while the community is so quiet, you may not get your bang for the buck long term, though short term you may be able to get a reasonable amount of information regarding the basics of internet marketing – affiliate marketing in particular.

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