Yesterday we wrote about the difference between getting income from jobs and creating an online income. We suggested that blogging is one way to create an online income that keeps on giving. I want to expand on that today and give you a little teaser.

What Does Freedom Look Like to You?

I’m not going to promise thousands of dollars per day. That’s unrealistic for most people, and though all of us would like that kind of income, most of us don’t need that much in order to improve our lives.

You might need only $1,000 more per month to enjoy the kind of freedom Yaro describes in this article. And that $1,000 is a realistic goal. Here’s a taste of the article, but you need to read the whole thing:

The Internet provides the tools for a mobile lifestyle, yet very few people who make money online can realistically leave their computer during normal working hours. If you lack key systems or follow bad models, the web can become just as much a trap as an offline business or job.

Click on over to learn more about how you can build an online business that allows you to walk (or fly) away but keeps growing when you’re not there.

You’re Probably Making These Blogging Mistakes

If you already have a blog and are trying to make an income with it, watch out for these common mistakes that can torpedo your success:

  • Becoming a page view slave: If you rely on page views for pennies-per-click advertising, you have to work your butt off to be successful. Yaro will show you the way out.
  • Settling for work more=earn more: That’s a linear model that will keep you tied to your keyboard and Internet connection. The article will point you to a model that lets you walk away.
  • “Running the goal-chasing treadmill: If everything you do is about climbing further up a status ladder, increasing your wealth or your fame and essentially – your ego – you can never become satisfied.”

There is a LOT of stellar, practical advice packed into the article about having a mobile business. Go check it out.

I’ll post another great resource for you soon—a video explaining the system Yaro Starak uses to make between $10,000 and $34,000 per month with his blogs. (Who’s Yaro? He’s the author of this free report about making money with blogging.)

Update: Here’s the link to the video: click here to view the Blog Mastermind video by Yaro Starak.

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