Here’s a true confession. Something I don’t think I’ve ever revealed on I’ve Tried That. I have five kids. Yes, it’s true and it’s a long story.

With five kids, I start dreading the holiday shopping season right around the end of February. I’m a bit of a Scrooge, you see. Not that I don’t love them, of course, but I resent all of the commercial pressure to buy, buy, buy!

And we don’t go crazy! Our Christmas giving is very sensible and totally within our means, but still. I watch the money slipping away and think, wow, a few more shopping trips like this and I could have paid for a cruise.

I Heart Surveys

That’s why this Christmas I’m feeling especially warm toward I would feel warm toward just about anything that sent me $300 in December, but maybe that’s just me.

SurveySavvy is there all year around, of course. It’s just that usually the checks go into the bank and I don’t pay much attention. Pizza money, as it were, or a night at the movies. But when the money arrived this month, just in time for the annual glut, I could have kissed the postman.

Yes, you can make money from surveys

You can still find posts and forums online where people insist that nobody makes money from surveys. I’m living proof. True, I don’t make much with surveys (some people make more), but having an extra $300 at Christmas is better than not having it, know what I mean?

If you’re new to surveys, it’s too late to make any money this year. But sign up now at SurveySavvy and start getting your friends to sign up and you, too, could receive $300 at this time next year.

In my experience, it’s not worth your time to try to take hundreds of surveys to earn money. The key is to recruit people. Get a lot of referrals and earn a little bit for every survey they take and it will add up. You’ll get a referral key when you sign up.

So get started for next year now by clicking here.

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