Okay, this isn’t an actual pitch on how you can make $10,000,000,000. Sorry to disappoint! But rather, this is about a new sales page called http://www.makemoneypostingalinkongoogle.com/ created by Paul from http://www.workathometruth.com to mock the current round of sales pages being used to deceive victims around the world.

Paul uses the same exact sales tactics used by the scammy sales pages, but just exaggerates the numbers a bit. The result? A hilarious parody not too far from what we’ve actually seen in the past. It’s a perfect mockery from the names used, to the fake comments, to the ridiculous fine print.

Here’s a sample.

In March I finally found the only legitimate, scam-free way to work from home. I signed up and made Ten Million Dollars my first week! Needless to say both my wife and I were in total shock. Three weeks later I was making $42,893,622.51 or more EVERY SINGLE WEEK. We were totally blown away, this was more money than I made doing paid surveys!

The humor doesn’t stop there, of course. The fine print is filled with plenty of quality information, including.

Some individuals purchasing the program may make little or NO MONEY AT ALL…well, probably nobody will make any money, but someone might so we don’t want to completely crush your hopes and dreams. … In the event you do not cancel within your alloted number of trial days, you will be automatically enrolled in our convenient home delivery plan and your credit card will be charged $2,972.34. Thereafter, 30 days from your initial order, you will be billed the monthly charge of $5,241.22 each month. … You are entitled to a refund of one month if you contact us within 2 days of the original trial order date and you have not logged onto your computer or visited any website on the internet from any internet access point at all (this includes free wifi spots and paid hotspots).

Do yourself a favor and spend time looking over the $10 Billion Dollar Sales Page and then spend some time over at Paul’s http://www.workathometruth.com. It will definitely be worth your while.

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  • Paul Schlegel
    Paul Schlegel

    Someone tweeted it to Matt Cutts and people are retweeting from him now:


  • Ultima

    Ummm….did anyone notice the first line which it says:

    My name is Kevin Hoeffner and I live in (Auto-Insert Potential Victim’s City Here) with my wife and two great kids. When I lost my job last year I spent almost a year trying to find a real, legitimate way to work at home.

    Anyone saw the ” (Auto-Insert Potential Victim’s City Here) ” line?

  • Deborah

    I am barely awake this morning while checking my email and had to just laugh out loud when I read this. I do not have anything witty to add right now but thank you so much in making me smile!

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