Recently there have been a lot of email marketing products being released, and this week’s review is for another one: The Super List Method by Alex Jeffreys.

The premise of the product is to help you create an email mailing list from scratch, and how to get free traffic.

  • The sales pitch is standard fare:
  • The usual unprovable proof reports
  • Testimonials from people allegedly making tens of thousands in a short period of time
  • Absolutely no kills or clue required
  • And plenty of highlighted text!

The Purchase

The Super List Method costs $9.95 and is available direct from his site. There was of course upsells thrown in after the purchase.

The first upsell was for another course called Marketing with Alex Live, and this will set you back $17.00. It looked to be a basic course on affiliate marketing.

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The second upsell was for a membership site, and will set you back $27.00. The membership sales pitch states that there will be various content available and a single monthly “live coaching” session from Alex himself. I assume this is via webinar.

There was also a sneaky downsell to get the membership product for 5 days for one dollar.

The Product

After purchasing you are taken to a single page, and offered a free “insane unannounced bonus”! This turns out to be a webinar which has expired and does not have a recording. Awesome!

The Super List Method Webinar

The main training consists of a single 114 minute (just under 2 hours) video, chopped up into 7 modules and 3 bonus sections.

This is downloadable which is nice, and there is also an MP3 audio version. Apparently there will be a PDF version too, but it was not available at the time of my purchase.

There were also a few minor bonuses added: a mindmap, a short walkthrough video and a resource list (with complimentary affiliate links).

I particularly like his link to You just couldn’t get it more wrong than that!

The Super List Method Training

After watching the video, I can pretty much say that the modules and bonuses were tacked on to a video that had probably not been made specifically for a product, but more likely as part of the membership upsell.

The modules are out of order and the bonuses are really just random (but to be fair useful) tips within the content.

The modules as listed are:

The Super List Method Modules

Module 1

This part of the video covers the absolute basics regarding email lists: what they are and why it’s ok to have a small one.

Alex introduces the core idea of the product: super lists.

I actually know of these types of lists under two different names: a targeted list or a buyer list.

In short, it’s a list comprising of people who known to buy things, rather than a list of people who might buy or might not.

Module 2

This section discusses creating a product to use to help gather people for your list. I enjoyed how Alex was to the point about something that gets talked about in marketing circles but often ignored: value.

He advises numerous times to “deliver value” and that only with value can you get longevity and the all-important repeat business.

I also liked his LAT (Learn Apply Train) system, as it involved knowing your stuff one way or another and not faking it.

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This section also covered a variety of products you could make: interviews, joint ventures, software and becoming an expert.

Module 3

This is a very short section, basically referring you to the other video on the product page. That video is a walkthrough on using JVZoo.

Module 4

This is a discussion regarding opt-ins and how using GetResponse increased opt-ins to 100%. Honestly, it didn’t sound like the customers were given a choice and were just added to the list.

There were other topics here including a brief examination on time versus money.

One thing that made me laugh was when he mentioned another site of his,, which turned out to be almost an exact replica of The Super Lists Methods website, testimonials included!

Module 5

A fairly brief discussion on the funnel, where Alex outlines the funnel he uses the most.

Module 6

In my opinion, this “module” is the key feature of the video. It discusses the merits of using the affiliate commission structure to interest affiliates who will drive traffic to your site. All in the name of building the list, not making a profit from the product sale.

Module 7

Here Alex covers finding out what your clients want and the best ways to write emails.

Bonus 1

I’m not sure what this is referring to, as the time mentioned was in the middle of a discussion about optins.

Bonus 2

I have no clue what this is! If it was mentioned in the video, it was either at the point I nodded off, or it was in Welsh.

Bonus 3

This was a short tip about using PayPal. About 30 seconds long.

The Bottom Line: Is the Super List Method a Scam?

The Super List Method is in short a webinar that has been packaged up to be sold separately. Now, that’s not a bad thing, as I think the ideas in the webinar are reasonable.

The issue I had is that, because of the original format it’s very wordy and could have been made much more concise. The modules would then have made more sense, rather than being tacked on at the end.

Even though the video is lengthy, I found that some areas were glossed over and it would have been nice to have had some additional info to go with the video.

For me, this product did cover a trend that I have been seeing more and more recently, and one that certainly can help grow a targeted list quickly. It also removes the reliance on search engines, social and paid adverts.

Over all, The Super List Method is not a scam, and the information included is quite useful. It’s just a shame it’s been packaged quite poorly.

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  • Joe

    I just got this product and found it not useful at all. A waste of nine dollars. This guy is great at saying a lot and showing you nothing. It’s just a 114 minute video broken down. He makes it seem like you can make an income with a list through all the hype, when it’s really needing products to sell. Very disappointed. I’m gonna try to get my 9 bucks back

  • Bruno

    Now this was a great reading!
    Thanks for sharing your own words regarding this product – I was wondering much about it, but I guess you can expect the fair price on it as well….ppl are likely to buy and not even request a refund….

  • Marie

    Today (April 7, 2015) I received a promo email, from a successful, long-time online marketer, regarding this product. I highly doubt he even tried the program himself before promoting to his list. (I often have asked program promoters if they tried what they’re promoting before sending to their list – and no replies). Thank you for your candid and detailed review of the Super List Method. Very helpful. I’m glad to come upon your website today and will bookmark it. Thank you for your important service.

  • Corinne Larimore
    Corinne Larimore

    Great review as I almost bought it but you are right; I actually purchased his marketing course and found it to be rater disorganized, so much so I lost interest.

    His prices are always very cheap; I think he’s doing this just to build a huge list. I have nothing against the man but I’m inclined to agree with everything you said.

  • Dean Robinson
    Dean RobinsonAuthor

    Thanks Xdefax, we try to give honest and balanced reviews!

  • Xdefax

    Very good review, not same the most other reviews which only try to sell the product, if it’s good or not.

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