If you are involved in affiliate marketing as either a product creator or promoter, you know that the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping days can be huge opportunities for generating additional sales revenues. How can you take advantage of these “shopping holidays” as an affiliate marketer?

If you are a product creator:

If you have an online course, ebook, or some other product to sell, you can take advantage of the upcoming holiday sale extravaganza by following these steps:

Discount your products.

Take stock of your products and what you’re willing to discount them to. If you have only one product to sell, you might consider cutting its price by 20%, 30% or even 50% for a limited time. If you have several products in stock, you might consider offering them as part of a discounted package deal.

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Keep in mind that most customers will be looking for discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, not an extra blog post or product review. Therefore, it’s far better to make 15 product sales at 50% off than no or just two product sales at full price. However, if you really can’t afford a product discount, then at least add some tempting bonuses. You might consider adding ebooks, live coaching, software, plugins, or a future webinar.

Reach out to your affiliates.

Many stores and manufacturers try to maintain deep level secrecy about their Black Fiday/Cyber Monday deals. As an affiliate marketer, you should not use this strategy at all. Instead, you should make your affiliates aware of your deals ASAP so that they can prepare and be ready to promote them on their websites and newsletters.

Also, offering product deals to your customers is a great idea- but what about your hard-working affiliates? To this end, consider increasing the levels and/or amounts of commissions that they can earn over the Thanksgiving holiday. Alternately, create contests that reward top selling affiliates with cash or prizes.

Reach out to new bloggers/affiliates.

Perform an online search for bloggers and/or affiliates who posted Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals last year in your product niche. Reach out to these individuals by email and ask if they’d be interested in promoting your products. Explain what your products are about, how much money you’re offering in affiliate commissions, and how interested parties can sign up to become affiliates.

Use Google Alerts.

You’ll understand (and beat) your affiliate competitors much better if you set up Google Alerts to track them down. Input words that address Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals in your industry and see what pops up. If your fellow affiliate marketer is offering a deeper discount or better support, you’ll need to match that deal or exceed its terms to win over new customers.

If you are a product promoter:

If you promote other affiliate marketers’ products, you can earn incredible commissions by doing the following:

Read your affiliate emails.

Affiliate marketers are often inundated with endless promotional emails for products and services. As a result, they typically ignore those emails or filter them out of their inbox. Now, however, it’s critical that you keep track of your emails and learn if any of them offer special product discounts or package deals for customers. It’s also critical that you follow up on those promo offers and find out if they offer additional rewards to affiliates.

Set up Google Alerts.

Don’t just rely on your product creators for news about Black Friday/Cyber Monday promos and offers. Set up Google Alerts with search queries like “[Product X] Black Friday” or “[Product Y] Cyber Monday” and see what pops up.

In many cases, affiliate product creators are just too busy to notify other affiliate marketers about their holiday promos. They might have enough time to publish a blog post or web page, however, detailing their deals and promos. Don’t let these opportunities pass you by.

Publish your blog post ASAP.

Start writing your Black Friday/Cyber Monday post immediately, fleshing it out with affiliate promos and deals as you locate them. Don’t be afraid to publish your post early and add to it later- the sooner that post is live, the more likely that it’ll be seen by your readers and its affiliate links used.

Promote, promote and promote.

Once you collect your ‘specialized’ affiliate  offers, don’t hesitate to discuss them on your website, blog, social media posts and email newsletter. You might even consider using Google AdWords or Facebook Promoted Posts to extend the reach of your offers. Also, consider cross-promoting other marketers’ products in exchange for them promoting your own.

Don’t miss out on Black Friday/Cyber Monday

As an affiliate product creator or promoter, you have ample opportunity to utilize the upcoming shopping holiday to your advantage. Plan ahead now and position your products for maximum visibility and sales. Also, don’t forget to include your fellow affiliate marketers in your promo plans.

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