Smartphones aren’t getting any cheaper- so why not make a few bucks from your latest iPhone or Android-based mobile phone while you’re standing in line at the DMV or waiting for the bus to arrive? Several mobile apps enable you to complete online surveys and perform other simple tasks for money and credits while you’re “on-the-go.”

There’s no catch to making extra money or other incentives from these mobile apps. Because the apps are free to download, you’re investing just a few minutes of your time to get them onto your phone. From there, most apps will ask you to fill out some basic profile information including your gender, name, address and phone number. You’ll also need a Paypal account in order to collect payment.

Here are just a few of the incentive-based smartphone apps out on the market:

Google Opinion Rewards

Currently only available for Android phones, the Google Opinion Rewards app enables smartphone users based in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia to earn Play Store credit for each completed survey. This credit is redeemable for things like Android apps and Google Play music and movies. Surveys are short and sweet, taking no more than a few minutes to complete. New surveys are sent out at a rate of 1-2 per week.

Keep in mind that some surveys don’t pay anything; luckily, you can opt-out of taking them. Also, the surveys do need to be completed within a given time span, so make sure you actually have several minutes to spare before accepting them.

Google Opinion Rewards


This mobile app is available for both Androids and iPhones and pays $1 for each completed survey; however, some higher-paying surveys pay as much as $10. There is also a nice $5 signup bonus with iPoll. The surveys themselves consist of about 10 questions and take just a few minutes to complete. iPoll’s payout minimum is $35.


You can do several different paid tasks through the Jingit mobile app, including watching ads and filling out surveys. Payout is by debit card or online music download credit instead of Paypal. Also, your weekly earn limit is $5 unless you refer others to download the app- then your weekly earn limit can go as high as $10. This mobile app is available for both iPhone and Android-based smartphones.



If you like to mystery shop but hate the hassle of having to rush home and fill out your reports, this mobile app is right up your alley. Mobee enables you to mystery shop on-the-go and fill out your shop questions using your smartphone. You can also earn “mission points” for filling out surveys and simply providing feedback about local businesses. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Mission points are equivalent to cash, with every 100 mission points equal to $1 USD. Most mystery shopping/survey missions pay between $1-$5.

Mobee app


Installable to the iPhone, Blackberry and Android, the Mobrog offers paid surveys to participants who download its app and fill out a few profile details. The app is available in 45 countries and pays between $0.50 and $3 USD per completed survey. In April 2013, Mobrog reported that it had over half a million users signed up for its app.


The Slidejoy app is arguably the most passive income app of the lot- after being downloaded, the app places ads onto your phone’s lockscreen (turning it into a very small billboard). You simply slide your screen to the right to unlock your smartphone…or slide to the left to obtain more information about the advertisement. Regardless of which way you slide, however, you still get paid.

Depending on how many ads you view and how deep into them you go, you could earn between $5-$15 per month.

Slidejoy is an adaptable app and will learn which ads you prefer to peruse, so future ads are more targeted towards your individual tastes and demographics. Currently, the app is only available for Android-based mobile phones; however, an iOS version is expected by fall of 2014.



As you may have already noticed, you don’t have to only fill out surveys to earn cash. Swagbucks currently offers two mobile apps, one of which is a web search app (using Swagbucks as the search engine) and the other of which is a TV channel app (using Swagbucks to watch short videos). For completing the tasks assigned by either of these apps, you earn Swagbucks which are then redeemable for $5-$50 gift cards.

Swagbucks mobile app


This mobile app is available for both iOS and Android-based devices and awards you points while you watch TV programs or listen to music. You can activate the app while watching TV, for example. Viggle will identify the show and start awarding you points for every minute you watch that particular show.

Once you’ve accumulated enough Viggle points, you can spend them on gift cards or other downloads (e.g., iTunes songs).

Viggle app
Viggle screen shots

Discover additional paid mobile apps

New mobile apps are coming out almost daily, so how can you keep track of the latest paying apps on the market? is a wonderful technology news resource where you can go to discover new mobile apps that reward you for viewing ads, filling out surveys or completing other small tasks.

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  • tech10ment

    NIce collection, Free apps for android awesome! :D

  • Halina Zakowicz
    Halina ZakowiczAuthor

    Thank you for the heads-up, Chris! I actually discuss Perk TV in a more recent post:

  • Chris

    Decent list but there are a lot more apps that pay these days. For instance, Perk TV is another good one (Viggle is actually part of Perk now.)

  • Bernard Clyde
    Bernard Clyde

    These are actually pretty good ideas since we take our phones with us everywhere nowadays. Why not get an app to make potential money with in your spare time, as said in the article, while you’re “on-the-go”? It might be a better investment of time than getting distracting on social media websites.

  • Matthew

    I agree with the above poster, instant rewards is a great app! I have been using this app for awhile and everything has been fine. I just recently stumbled upon a real cool app that is awfully intriguing. It pays people hundreds of dollars per month to watch commercials and answer questions about the commercial once it’s over. Since most people are ignoring commercials these days, I think it’s cool that a company actually pays the consumer to watch a commercial and more importantly, keep their attention. Anyway, the name of the app is called Cash Quest App and more info can be found at

  • Mike roche
    Mike roche

    My name is Michael Roche I am the CEO/Owner of Flashpoint media LLC maker of the popular Instant Rewards iPhone App. I am writing you today because I came across an article you wrote about “apps that pay you” while you have many great apps in this list ours is not part of it. Our App Instant Rewards was recently featured in seventeen magazine and on several other media outlets. We have over 50,000 users and 4.5/5.0 rating in a side by side comparison of some of our competitors such as: Jingit, Checkpoints, Appjoy, Gigwalk or adfun we beat them in all categories. We Offer users Videos to watch, Surveys to take, Apps to download and recently partnered with Kiip to offer “real Life” rewards to users. We also pay more and offer both paypal and Amazon giftcards as a cashout method, and unlike all of our competitors we are open worldwide not just limited to the USA. In conclusion I believe your readers deserve to be informed about the best apps around and quite frankly one of the best apps (ours) is not included in this list. Don’t take my word checkout the reviews yourself we are better than most if not all rewards apps available today!
    The Link to our app is:

    Michael R Roche- CEO/Owner Flashpoint Media LLC

    • Martyn

      Well Michael, i had a look on google play to which someone left a review saying his wifes account was bannned for “not paying attention to detail” to which flashpoint media replied “your wife never followed the rules so she was banned very simple” if thats how you treat customers then no wonder your company is not mentioned above. Also there are a lot of reviews about not paying out, so i dont know about anyone else but to me that screams scam.

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