The Internet Billion Dollar system. What a name! It instantly grabs your attention, a system to make a billion dollars from just using the internet. Oh man!

The sales page is a typical long form sales letter that is targeting those who generally don’t have much cash in their pockets. (Side-note: another sales page at by “Carol Nguyen” uses very similar language and phrases as the Internet Billion Dollars sales page.) The writer, in broken English, explains that after a visit to Wal-Mart he became an affiliate marketer, suddenly he knew how to create a working website, how SEO works, how to drive traffic, and seemingly within a few weeks how to make $40,000 in a single month.

He goes on to provide “proof” of his earnings, but never any details, just figures that could have come from anywhere. It’s likely that he has made some decent money and that the holidays from which he proudly shows off pictures were purchased with his earnings. I don’t think it was earnings from him using his own system, more like the earnings from selling said system to others.

“You MUST Understand… Making Money Online Has NOTHING To DO With Luck And Everything To Do With The Right System!”

So, what about hard work? Nah! Apparently…

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  • You don’t need to have a website
  • You don’t need to have any leads
  • You don’t need to invest more than an hour a day
  • You don’t need any technical skills
  • You don’t need any experience

While I know that experience isn’t needed to get started in internet marketing, just as in any industry you need to have had some experience, otherwise how can you start earning decent amounts of money?

He continues on to promote it like a push button system, because let’s face it, a statement like this…

“I wish I could say that my money is hard-earned, or that my work ethic is remarkable, but c’mon now… that’s far from the truth!”

…makes the whole process sound incredibly easy, find other peoples products to sell, get people to see it and live the billionaire lifestyle!

If only it was that easy.

The Actual System

After buying the system you will be logged into a member’s area. What do you get for your $11 bucks? Well I was expecting a PDF download, but I was a little surprised. Erick (the creator of the system) has provided 4 strategies, a support area and a bonus.

Strategy 1

Reading through the topics here, it is clear that this is basic information meant to guide you into the realms of internet marketing. The worrying part is how “black hat” * it is. It hints at sending users direct to affiliate sites via advertisement, something Google slapped down a long time ago, and doing so now is likely to get your Google AdSense account banned.

Remember how earlier the sales page said you didn’t need to make a website? Well, here it is saying that a website is needed for a long term business model! The information here is very general, here’s a picture of a sales page “see how simple it is??”, well that’s great but HOW do you make it? WHY does it work?

None of these questions are answered.

Right now if I knew nothing of internet marketing, I would be confused, the guy is going on about PPC and CPV and landing pages and all sorts, but not he takes no time to explain anything.

Moving further through the first strategy, there is some reasonable information in here. The main concern I have is that this is targeted towards people with no experience, but does cover some advanced topics without really getting to the details of them, and breaking them down so  a novice can understand.

*Black hat refers to methods and systems which try to get cash in pretty much any way possible regardless of ethics, rules or people. White hat tries to adhere to rules and ethics as much as possible.

Strategy 2

Build a website.

This goes through all the very basic details of getting a website up and running.

Really if you haven’t done it before you may struggle using this as a guide as it is just too brief, though the points made are reasonable. It rightly says to create decent content, but doesn’t (again) explain much about how to go about it.

It then goes on to advising by sending out backlink blasts, a big no no. Once that was a way to work a website up the rankings but now that could easily see your site get “Google slapped” (basically it will only show on the last page of Google, if it even shows at all!).

It also promotes the use of spun content (this is where you write an article and use software to re-write it. Have you ever come across a site where it just makes no sense? That is probably spun content.)

Spun content is a huge red flag and using spun articles will not work. Even if it is not on your site but a site pointing to yours, Google can frown upon it and this can affect your own sites ranking.

Once more the strategy does not seem to be aimed at the beginner, mentioning a variety of products and systems but not how to use them. So far it seems to me that strategy one and two were written at different times, by different people and to different audiences.

Strategy 3

This module covers the why and how of videos in marketing.

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It covers some general points about they types of videos and the whys, and even lists a basic process you can follow to create a video.

Strategy 4

This section is about Twitter marketing, and runs through the basics of what Twitter is and how it can benefit you. It covers using a pseudonym, and taking a soft approach in how to start marketing on a social network like twitter. The overall feel of it is a little dirty, as if you’re tricking someone, which is exactly what it is telling you to do.


Well, I suppose for $11 I was expecting too much when I thought this might be some sort of live chat or knowledge base. Nope, it’s just a contact form.


This section provides four zipped files containing a variety of PDF guides. I flicked through them but didn’t read, knowing that most of this content will be from other marketers aimed at trying to sell you things you don’t need or won’t work.

My Opinion On Internet Billion Dollars

Overall, the product was obviously shipped quickly, there are numerous spelling and grammatical errors (even if your first language isn’t English, there are spell checkers!) and missing images, so right off the bat you are wondering if this was the wisest $11 you just spent.

The information included is weird; it isn’t fully aimed at a beginner or at an intermediate but at both at the same time. It would confuse both experience lvels.

While there is some interesting information in here, I have my concerns about the way it is saying you should get traffic and rank your site. Throughout it is saying you should be paying out money on Pay Per Click or outsourcing, etc., or that you should use spun content and paid for backlinks. These types of things are likely to do you more harm than good going forward.

Is Internet Billion Dollars a Scam?

Yes and no. It sets itself up to be a system that will earn you thousands, with a virtual push of a button, spending very little time working.

In reality, that isn’t the case and it does do a reasonable job of going through how to start making money, but there is a distinct lack of detail, just enough to get you started and confused.

There are no upsells to speak of, except a few affiliate links dotted around, which really surprised me, I was expecting there to be many ways they would try and make money from you, especially with such a low initial purchase price.

That being said, maybe it will come in the form of emails.

Would I recommend Internet Billion Dollars? I wouldn’t say it is worth the money, even at $11. You can get the same information for free elsewhere and some of the tactics used in the system will likely set you up for a lot of confusion, trial and error, money wasted on things like PPC and a probable slap from Google.

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