As technology continues to progress, nearly everything is making the transition to becoming a web based application. Unfortunately, the number one thing we could do without are used car salesmen doused in cheap cologne. That’s right. These annoying people have found their way onto the web in the form of ebook presell pages.

What is an ebook presell page?

Ebook presell pages are designed to trick you into buying something you absolutely don’t need. They contain over-saturated information and ridiculous pictures of money earned. Many promise bizarre and unthinkable results that will undoubtedly never be achieved. This information feeds off of the reader’s greed and will make the reader feel that spending money right now is crucial to becoming rich.

A typical ebook presell page can be found below:

Want more money?
This video will show you the simplest and fastest way to make money online today. Watch it for free right now.

I make $1,500 per day!

You are currently poor and stupid! Buy this book!

I’m going to reveal my secret to you so that you can begin earning $1,500 a day too! Best of all, it’s extremely easy and a bunch of people, who choose to remain nameless of course, have all used my system and they now make $1,500 a day too!It’s so easy, my grandmom can do it! I can’t believe no one has thought of this before!


  • Person X: I bought the make $1,500 per day system and I was making $1,500 per day after just 48 hours of barely doing any work at all! I can’t believe I waited this long!
  • Person Y: I don’t know jack about computers and I now make more than some of the biggest and highest paid CEOs in the county! And all I do is sit on my computer!
  • Person Z: Well slap my ass and call me Sally. I never thought I could make $1,500 in just one day! But I can and I do every single day of my life!

To further prove that this system works, here is a picture that serves no relevance at all, but look at how long the bars are and the amounts of money that come before the bars! You can be making this much money overnight!
Clickbank Earnings

Now, normally, I would sell this product for $997, but for a limited time only I’ll sell it for half that! That’s right! You can be the proud owner of the Make $1,500 per Day system for only $498.50! Wow! But unfortunately, this sale ends in about 15 seconds, so make the purchase now or be forced to pay an extra $498.50.

Click here to purchase this system for $997 $498.50!

P.S. This system seriously works. Seriously. Buy it now.

While the above presell page is completely fictional, it contains all too familiar text. The typical presell page is made up of a combination of seven different components, each created with the intention of sparking your interest more in order to convert you into a sale.

    Seven Components of a Presell Page

  • Overly obnoxious headers: If the first thing you notice on page is a headline claiming that you can make a ridiculous income, close the page. More recently, presell authors are using insulting and destructive text in an effort to make you feel like you need to buy something. Don’t get insulted by an idiot trying to make a sale. Close the page.
  • Yellow backgrounded text: This is my personal favorite component that can be found on nearly 99% of ebook presell pages. This is a growing, and overly annoying, epidemic. The yellow backgrounded text should serve as a caution sign that you will throw away money if you make a purchase on this site.
  • Fake Testimonials: Try reading some of these testimonials and you’ll understand that they are fake. It’s especially bad when the testimonials have stock images of people holding money.
  • Clickbank images: If you see a picture with graphs and money amounts like the one featured above, you will, most likely, have to resell the book in order to make profit. This, in turn, will only mean more money for the author and you will be forced to trick others into getting ripped off.
  • Strike through Prices: You can have this product for only $97! $47! $7.50! 7.01! $7.00! Next!
  • Urgency: At no point in time will the price of an ebook ever rise. Don’t feel pressured into making a sale because the text on the screen is telling you that you’ll lose money if you don’t buy it right now. It’s a blatant lie. You’ll lose money if you DO buy it right now.
  • Length: The typical ebook presell page will carry on for over 4-5 screens of text and images. At some point the information will begin to repeat itself and you’ll find yourself in a loop until you reach the bottom of the page. Do yourself a favor and close the page.

Not all presell pages are going to follow this exact format, but you can be sure that if you come across a page like this, you will be wasting your time and money if you continue to buy into the fraudulent hype. Ebooks are becoming a growing nuisance but we can all take measures to help stop their growth: just close the page.

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  • Mrs. Micah
    Mrs. Micah

    Lol…such a good analysis. Have you seen the disclaimers on Crazy Fox commercials/site which say that the testimonial people aren’t real users and “the incomes depicted are not typical and represent a small percentage of actual participants.”

    Ick. I’d love to write a post lambasting them but I haven’t learned enough yet.

  • Phil

    Thanks for the information I am going to link to all this from my blog.

    Many people need to read this stuff so they don;t get ripped off


  • Sucker

    Haha, you nailed it!

    I like the too.

  • Joe

    Check here for a perfect example of what Steve’s talking about: online jobs presell page. Every thing he mentioned is there. It’s kind of creepy, really. You didn’t write it did you, Steve?

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