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The whole purpose of is to review make money online opportunities, so I can separate the scams from the legitimate opportunities, and save you the trouble (and wasted money).

Today I’m going to introduce you to The Human Proof Method, one of the most legitimate programs I’ve reviewed to date.

In fact, I should start out by mentioning that I’m a little biased here. The Human Proof Method’s creator, Dom Wells, is actually a friend of mine, and he started out online just like you, by reading one of my scam reviews, and following my instructions to learn how to build an affiliate marketing business.

He got so good at it (more on this later), that he built an entire business around helping others do the same. Since 2013, he’s helped hundreds, maybe even thousands of beginners like you, earn their first dollars online. He’s helped many of them make a lot more than that too.

For example, he recently helped one of HIS friends build up an affiliate website that earned over $10,000 USD per month, and then two months ago, he sold it for nearly half a million dollars. That’s right, nearly $500,000 USD.

And that was just a simple review website that recommended Amazon products to people. Just like the ones I showed you on the previous page.

So Dom knows how to build sites, and he knows how to help people build these sites too.

It makes sense that he eventually created a course for his ever increasing audience too.

Like I said, Dom’s been helping people get started online since 2013, but he did that with some services, building websites for people and helping them with things like keyword research and content marketing.

His service was so good that he got featured on as one of 8 online entrepreneurs worth following.

And eventually he realized, he needed to create training to go along with his services. As Dom put it:

“It’s one thing me giving people a car and telling them to drive it to success. Wouldn’t it be even better if I could teach them how to actually drive it first?”

And that’s where The Human Proof Method comes in. Dom and his team have created one of the most exhaustive guides to succeeding with affiliate marketing I’ve ever seen.

Do you remember in the previous page where I told you some of the things you’d need to learn in order to succeed with affiliate marketing?

  1. Niche selection
  2. Keyword research
  3. Getting your website to the top of Google (Also known as SEO)
  4. Article writing/creation
  5. How to recommend products to people
  6. How to use WordPress
  7. How to get more people to visit your website

Well, The Human Proof method covers all of those things, and a lot more. In fact there are 14 modules, with close to 100 videos.

In addition, you also get access to their private Facebook Group, so you can get instant help, advice, and most importantly, can “hang out” with other affiliate marketers, so you can learn from their successes and mistakes too.

At the time of writing, there are over 600 members in the Human Proof FB group.

SS of TOH Group

You’re probably wondering at this stage…do you actually need a course? Can’t you just learn all of this stuff for free from Google and Youtube?

Well yes, and no.

There are a few reasons you should always take a course:

  1. It’s much easier to learn from a well organized course than to try and “figure out” what you need to learn from Google. You don’t know what you don’t know!
  2. There are some free articles and videos out there which are so outdated that following them will actually HURT your chances of success. Unless you take an up-to-date course like The Human Proof Method, you could do yourself more harm than good.
  3. What makes a good teacher is their ability to distill all the information you need to learn into bitesized chunks, to help you actually take action on that knowledge.

The only negative aspect of taking a course, is that sometimes the internet moves quickly, and a course can become out of date quite quickly.

In this case though, you’ve got access to a Facebook Group, where you can receive instant updates, have monthly Q+A sessions, and basically learn “in realtime”.

So let’s get back to the course itself.

What Does It Teach You, And How Will It Make You Money?

I’ve already talked a little bit about how Dom’s course will help you, but I’m sure you want to see more details.

Here are the 14 modules included in the course:

  1. How To Use The Course – Makes sense to include this one! Ha
  2. Understanding Affiliate Marketing – An introduction to AM, and how a site makes you money
  3. Niche Selection – This is an in-depth look at how to pick the topic(s) for your website
  4. Keywords Basic – This is all about how to do keyword research. This basically means, how to find search words that people type into Google, so you can write about them, and rank in Google.
  5. Keywords Advanced – This is one of the best modules, it covers some of the methods Dom and his team use that a lot of other marketers haven’t learned about, or perfected yet.
  6. Setting Up Your Website – Once you’ve picked your topic and keywords, you need to actually create a website. This module covers that.
  7. Creating Content – This is the part that makes you breathe more easily, as you realize creating content for your website (basically blog posts) isn’t as complicated or hard as most people think.
  8. On-Page SEO – I talked a bit about SEO earlier. This is basically the art of getting your website to rank at the top of Google.
  9. Off-Page SEO – This is the second part of the SEO course. Honestly, Dom and his team know more about SEO than most people, and they’ve been teaching it to beginners for years. You probably won’t find a better selection of modules.
  10. Advanced Backlinks – The TL:DR of this is that a “backlink” is when another website links to yours, and that helps you rank higher in Google. This module teaches you all about how to get more of these backlinks, so you can beat your competition.
  11. Outsourcing – Once you’ve started to make some money from your website, you will likely want to hire some people or an agency to do some of the work for you. This is a pretty scary thing for most people! Dom and his team have hired so many people that UpWork, one of the biggest freelancer platforms on the internet, send him a Christmas card every year as a thankyou. What this means? Dom and his Operation officer Brad, know how to teach outsourcing to you, and you’ll learn a ton from them in this module.
  12. Email Marketing – Once your website gets a lot of regular visitors, you may find you want to start offering a newsletter, and then you can send email promotions to your website visitors. Dom’s team member Carmen teaches this module, and even I learned a thing or two when going through it.
  13. Paid Traffic – If you’re on a budget, you probably don’t want to worry about paying for website visitors (Facebook Ads, Google ads etc), but if you have some money to spend, or later on when your site is making money, you can take this module to learn how to get even more traffic, to speed up your success.
  14. Growing Your Site – This is all about how to scale your site so it goes from $0 to $10 to $100 to $1,000 and beyond. This is the stage where you start to think about quitting your job, and the life changing income starts to come in. When you reach this stage, life becomes very exciting.

At the end of the day, in order to make money from affiliate marketing, you need to learn how to do a few key things:

1.) Get people to visit your website

2.) Write content that recommends things to them (which they actually need/want)

3.) Earn commissions when they buy those things.

4.) Rinse and repeat and grow your site.

While those 4 things are pretty basic to understand, it takes time to master them, and a lot of theory to get through. The Human Proof Method is a blueprint to learning all of these things, and more.

And remember, you also get the Facebook Group, which is super active, and will let you get on demand support to go with the course.

But Does It Work?

Here’s what some other people have said, and achieved, from Human Proof Designs and Dom’s teaching:

Throw in some testimonials 3 maybe, since it’s a review?

Can just screenshot the reviews we did here: and here

There are never any guarantees when it comes to affiliate marketing, but what I CAN guarantee you is that this is some of the best and most legitimate training you can find, and it’s created by a team who walk the walk, and live in the trenches of internet marketing, refining their skills and improving the course every day.

How Much Does The Course Cost?

First of all, let’s talk about how much this could be WORTH to you. If you could do the following things, how much would they be worth?

  1. If you could learn how to make money online, so you could basically earn anywhere, anytime, with an internet connection…how much would that change your life?
  2. If you could build a website and sell it for six figures in 1-2 years time (but have it earning you 4-5 figures every month before that) much would that be worth paying?
  3. If you could join a group of successful entrepreneurs, learn with them, learn FROM them, and apply all of that to your own success…what would you pay?

I can tell you that some of these things should be worth thousands of dollars to you (especially if they can help you earn ten times that amount).

I can also tell you that Dom was recently given $2,500 to speak for 1 hour at a private event for 7-8 figure business owners, teaching them about affiliate marketing. That’s a hefty hourly rate to learn from Dom right? But clearly these ultra-successful business owners valued his insights.

Don’t worry though.

You’re not going to have to pay $2,500 to get access to this course.

I’m just trying to help you understand the value that you’ll be getting. Remember the other things that come too, and these things are included in the course price:

  1. Monthly training and Q+A in the FB group
  2. Expert Interviews where the team bring in outside experts to give exclusive lessons to the group
  3. Email support
  4. Lifetime access to the course and all its updates
  5. The course itself

You can normally get access to all of this for just $497 (there’s a split pay option too), which is actually a huge steal.

But, for the month of July 2018, Dom is doing a huge sale and the course only costs $348. That’s a 35% discount.

$497 was already a great price, considering it will teach you how to earn hundreds and thousands of dollars per month…but now you can get it for even cheaper..but only if you act fast and pick up the course before Aug 1st.