Quick Summary of Hyper FB Traffic

Rating: 1 It's outdated.

The Good: Uhm.....

The Bad: Outdated. Promotes itself. Poor quality training. Uses poor techniques.

The Bottom Line: The only real learning experience you will get from this system, is to avoid systems like this! The training is basic and very outdated. If you want to learn how to build a real, sustainable business from home, click here to check out our top recommendation. It’s free to get started as well.

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Hyper FB Traffic Review

Every internet marketer wants more traffic to their sites. Traffic is the lifeblood of any site and is the only way you can make money.

Finding traffic can be hard, especially the right sort of traffic.

There are many options to use, but one hot one right now is to use Facebook. It’s advertising system is incredibly detailed, so much so I even wrote about it previously.

With any popular site and traffic generating system, there’s bound to be a glut of products all aiming to help you (supposedly) cash in on these sites.

One such program is Hyper FB Traffic.

What is Hyper FB Traffic?

Hyper FB Traffic states it can earn you money by using Facebook. It has a long sales pitch (or video depending on where you land) that talks a lot about making money and how you can do it with no skills and it lays this on really thick.

The thing is, it doesn’t tell you how you will be making money so you will be purchasing this product based on a hope and a dream, instead of hard facts.

Hyper FB Traffic earnings

A Flawed Product

Unfortunately, Hyper FB Traffic is a very flawed product. It has numerous issues and while an experienced marketer might be able to work around some of them, there’s so many issues that even a marketer with years of experience would struggle to make money with this system if they followed it to the letter.

You will be promoting…

…Hyper FB Traffic! That’s right; this system is all about promoting itself. The idea is that when you get your adverts on FB, you send traffic to the Hyper FB Traffic site and gain a commission.

Sure you could use the methods outlined in the system to promote any product, but they specifically push you to promoting their own system.

Poor quality training

There are 10 steps outlined in the system, most of them focusing around generating traffic.

The sad part is that only two of these focus on Facebook! For a product that tells you that you can make money on Facebook, this is a pretty poor.

Not only that but the advice they give you is subpar. For example they advise you to post videos and provide the videos for you. However they also provide titles, descriptions etc.

Most newbies won’t even think about modifying these, and will end up simply copying and pasting them. This will result in masses of duplicate videos being posted to Facebook.

Hyper FB Traffic earnings
Of course you don’t…

In some ways this, isn’t a major issue as you’ll be posting to your network.

The rest of the traffic methods are fairly basic, including posting to Twitter, banner adverts, Solo ads, etc.

One option is simply ridiculous. It says to use Fiverr to buy traffic. Come on! At best you’ll get untargeted traffic from this, at worst you will simply get bots (and neither will be interested in what you have to say or promote!).

Hyper FB Traffic supposed traffic increase
But is it targeted or just bots?

It’s outdated

This so called training course came out in 2010 and do not think it’s been updated since then.

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There is no mention of using Facebook adverts, which work much better than simply spamming your friends and family.

It doesn’t explain how Facebook now has effectively removed business pages from feeds (unless you pay) or how posting to your personal network will quickly infuriate family and friends, causing you grief and most likely a smaller network not long after.

Too many downsells

Most marketing products make use of something called upsells, where they try and sell you bolt on products. Some even make use of downsells, where they reduce the price in a last ditch attempt to get you to open your wallet.

A huge redflag to me that a product is a scam is when they over use downsells, and Hyper FB Traffic does just that. With 2 downsells, the product price drops by $30. No serious business can afford to drop their prices by 61% just to grab business.

It’s a money grab

The affiliate page for this product states that an affiliate can make an average of $482 per lead. Guess what, you are a lead. That means if you get caught hook line and sinker for this stinker, you will be out of pocket by a lot more than $482 (as that’s just the commissions). Could you make this sort of money? Maybe, but not if you follow their training!

Hyper FB Traffic commissions

The Bottom Line

Hyper FB Traffic is not a good buy.

It offers outdated information at a premium, and the whole idea of just promoting their system is repellent.

The training that there is, is on the light side and some of it is simply ineffective.

In my opinion avoid this product at all costs.

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