There are a few things I’m a little hesitant to buy online. Food, furniture, and pets for example. I had never really even thought to buy glasses online. I didn’t even know you could up until a few weeks ago. The glasses I had were definitely showing their age and the prescription was older than I could remember. A friend recommend I look online and see if I could find a pair for cheap before I spend a few hundred dollars at a specialty store.

So, I began to shop online.

My Experiences with 39DollarGlasses

There are quite a few different shops to pick from online, but after a bit of research, I ended up at One of the biggest selling factors for me was that they’re based out of New York. Most shops seemed to be based overseas. Sure, they offered better prices, but the customer service was lacking, shipping would have taken over a week, and I imagine it would be a hassle to have to deal with returns.

The glasses at 39DollarGlasses, start at, well, $39. At that price you can get a solid basic frame with prescription lenses. Nothing more, nothing less. This was a far cry from the $250 quote I received for a similar pair of glasses from my optometrist. They have a few different categories, but the flashier glasses with more features do cost more than $39.

I selected a plain metal frame, input the prescription information I received from my doctor, and put my order through. The process was quick and painless. I ordered my glasses on a Wednesday and they arrived the following Monday. Not bad at all considering the amount of work that goes into making a pair of glasses.

As for the glasses themselves, they’re pretty good. The build quality feels a little cheap, but then again, I only paid $39. However, the prescription was 100% accurate and they look good. I prefer contact lenses, but wear glasses whenever they aren’t in. If I had to wear glasses all day, everyday, I probably would have opted for a more expensive frame with glare-resistant coated lenses. But due to my infrequent use, the cheapest pair of glasses fill my needs.

I 100% recommend and will definitely be shopping there again in the future. I encourage you to at least take a look around and try out a pair of cheap eyeglasses from an online shop before shelling out hundreds at a specialty eyewear store.

You can also get $10 off your order all you need to do is click here and shop The $10 discount will be applied once you hit the checkout screen!

Have you guys had any success with buying glasses online? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Brian

    I have purchased glasses for my children from (I believe this is the website that Doug intended to mention) and have had good luck. My daughter ordered 2 pairs from them, didn’t like one of them and returned them, and as the purchase agreement states, I promptly received a 50% refund. The glasses are very inexpensive and start at around $8.00. The pair she returned were $12.00 as was the pair she kept, so all in all, her one pair of glasses cost $18.00. Not bad in my opinion.

  • Devon Martin
    Devon Martin

    I bought my last pair at 39 Dollar Glasses and they have been great. I ordered progressive lenses because I like them more than normal trifocals. They saved me about $250.00 from the pair I purchased last year. I paid for flexible frames because my last year frames broke after about a month. I couldn’t really blame the glasses as my two year old grandson had something to do with it, but he wouldn’t break these. I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely use them again.

  • Doug
    Reply been buying glasses from them for about 6 years now and have never had a problem I have also set up several of my friends and they love them also.

  • Clare

    I bought a back-up pair of glasses for my husband online. I think it was from, but I’m not 100% sure. He has kind of a complicated prescription, since he has both nearsightedness and astigmatism. When we got the glasses, it seemed like they corrected for the nearsightedness only, so everything was still somewhat blurry for him. Luckily, we bought them only as back-up to the glasses he normally wears, so he really doesn’t use them. These discount sites might be ok if you have an easy prescription, but if its more complicated, you might want to stick with your optometrist.

  • Bill Reid
    Bill Reid

    I had great success with Goggles4U. When I couldn’t read my prescription well enough to fill in the online form, they offered to let me fax it to them – which they read, filled and delivered. Took about 2 weeks as it came from overseas, but they have a great selection of frames.

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