We get the strangest email, such as this one about a week ago:

I have received my book from you so l picked stuffing envelopes.I sent two dollars to Choice 919 Centre St.NW,Suite #225 Calgary,AB T2E-2P6 I have not recived enthink. Let ME KNOW
Thank You

“Let me know.” Umm…can anyone help me out with this? What exactly is the writer asking me to let him/her know? And by the way, if you haven’t already learned this on your own, let me warn you: there’s no bigger red flag than the words, “stuffing envelopes.” It’s a scam that was invented looong before the Internet. And what’s more, we have no record of this person buying our book. So I’m pretty sure that whatever he’s talking about, it isn’t our fault. I wrote and asked him for clarification:

We’re not sure what you mean. We have not ever recommended stuffing envelopes as a legitimate income producer. What is it you want us to let you know?

Today the answer came back:

Hi Joe,
The Canadian Home Job Review and Employment Directory I received, and in the directory I picked the stuffing 400 Envelopes for $800 dollars. The letter was sent to choice 919 Center St. NW, Suit #225 Calgary, AB. T2E 2P6, and the two dollars was in the envelope with my info, The money off the master card was taken, and I have not recieved the package. If you could write me back and let me know what’s going on with my package I would appreciate it very much. Thank You.

Please, PLEASE tell me you didn’t send somebody $800 (even if it is $800 Canadian) to teach you how to stuff envelopes? Or did you send them $2 and a credit card?

At any rate, I think you’ve fallen into one of the oldest scams in the book. The typical envelope stuffing scam goes something like this: The scammer takes out an ad in the local paper, or puts up a flier, or something else print-based (remember, this is pre-Internet). He tells you you can make easy money by stuffing envelopes for companies that apparently haven’t yet discovered batch mail processing equipment. He tells you the secret to this wealth can be yours for $2. Send it to Scams R Us, at a nondescript PO box. If you get anything back, it’s instructions on how to take out your own classified, put in your address, and run the scam yourself. The envelopes you’ll be stuffing are the ones containing instructions for YOUR victims on how to run the scam for themselves.

If, on the other hand, this writer lost $800, we’re in a totally different arena.

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  • Della Villarreal
    Della Villarreal

    After reading these last two comments, I feel very, very stupid for responding to a mail ad from Choice Coupons. I sent my $34.97 international money order to them back in June. All I received was the grocery list (with the product codes) and nothing more. I started collecting coupons and sending them in to Choice Coupons with letters of request for COMPLETE DIRECTIONS. To this day, I have not received a response from them AND after sending in 9 mailings of coupons with a spreadsheet that I created (with the info they requested), I am ashamed to say I fell for this scam!! I am not going to waste my time, postage and energy with th is company and write this off as a lesson to be learned. I will request my $34.97 back but really doubt I will get reimbursed. I’m glad I went on this website to find out about this company. What a fool I have been to think this was legit.

  • David B
    David B

    I posted 07/23/10 about Choice Coupons: Here’s the deal for all who have inquired. I recieved my response today, basically, you gather all the coupons you can find, then you have to find people that are interested in buying $50.00 worth of coupons for $10.00, send the person the form, they check the coupons they want, they send you a check or m.o. for $10.00, you send them the $50.00 worth of coupons they ordered. It says if you don’t have the right ones, you can substitute them.
    First of all, you have to find alot of coupons, establish a customer base, hope you have the right coupons that are ordered or you might lose your customer. The catch on the the refund is you have to send them 4 completed worksheets to get your money back. any questions?

  • David B.
    David B.

    I came across a deal in the mail from: Choice Coupons, it is from the same place: Karen Channing, 919 Centre Street NW, Suite 225, Calgary, Alberta T2E 2P6. The way it supposedly works is, I send $34.97 and they send me worksheets which take about 25 min. each to fill out, I would log info from the coupons on the worksheet. I would get a minimum of $10.00 for each one I do. If I didn’t like it, I could get a full refund after the first 4 worksheets are completed. I sent the money on 07/06/10, Hopefully it’s legit. I often wonder how many times we get scammed before something legit comes along? For anyone interested, I’m working on completing my website: a4dabledeals.com. Check it out, I am new at this, it’s not complete yet and I am open to feedback. I believe in doing people right, I’ve been on the other end too many times.
    Thanks and Everyone Have A Great Day.

  • Mel Slabaugh
    Mel Slabaugh

    I’ve been getting a bunch of letters in the mail lately about “work at home” jobs where you have to mail in your payment to get started, but there’s never a phone number you can call to get more information. That should throw up your first RED FLAG.

    Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time everyone stops sending those pirates money. They won’t give anything of value back.

    If you want a good, honest, ethical and easy work-at-home business that is FREE to join and can pay you up to $600 – $1,200 per week, then I want to invite you to call me for details.

    I promise that I’ll give you all the help you need to get started earning $600 to $1,200 per week (paid weekly) and I’m NOT gonna charge you a penny for it. (I just wanna help people)

    For more details call: (330) 839-1159 and ask to speak with Mel.

  • daniel

    sorry to hear about that sharon and thanks for your help,I just ran in to this a few days ago you might want to check this out,it’s about a free $10k course for free if i help feed children.Can you tell me what you think?
    http://www.succeedn24.com Thank You

  • Sharon

    I recieved a letter from Karen Channing sorry to say I sent in my money, thinking she was a honest person to work for, but I guess I will learn now, also if anyone gets a letter from a man called Forest Rivers don’t answer it’s a scam from Los A.Cal.

  • daniel

    can someone tell me about this (grocery coupon processer) is this a scam too,they are from calgary,alberta 919 centre street NW suite 225,they are offering an opportunity to work from home processing coupon,they pay $10 per worksheet is this true or is this a scam please let me know.

  • Toni

    I also received a letter from Karen Channing and was about to mail the $34.97 when i decided to do a little research and found this. I am glad I did because from all the other comments it seems this person just changed her name and decided to try a different scam.

    Thank you for the heads up everyone.

  • Mel

    I just received a letter today from a Karen Channing 919 Centre Street NW, Suite 225, Calgary, Alberta T2E 2P6.

    It’s asking me to send $34.97 to: Choice Coupon 919 Center Street NW, Suite 225, Calgary, Alberta T2E 2P6.

    The offer is about processing grocery coupons. Supposedly they’ll mail you a package with materials and instructions how they want the coupons processed.

    Once you mail them your first set of worksheets, they’ll supposedly send you a check for $10 per worksheet plus the refundable $34.97 membership fee.

    I’m curious… has anyone tried this particular program..

    Please share your experience.

  • B House
    B House

    Ah ha! I knew this was unreal! There is a new one now from that same address, coupon processing. They want $34.97 to supposedly ‘help’ them with filling out forms for coupons, completing worksheets. Somehow I thought it looked weird, and the search come up non-existent. To think, I almost did it.

  • Je Riley
    Je Riley


  • donald harris
    donald harris

    my name is donald harris i have sent you my money and you have not even respond to me and its over a month now whats going on is this a scam so i start to believe.

  • James P
    James P

    Hi guys seems like everybody has a penny for this topjobreview.com. I was actually about to purchase it, but thanx to you guys I won’t! I also found this blog http://furfuffle.blogspot.com/ very helpful, talks about topjobreview.com, choicemai, and other scammy home-based work.

  • claudio delchi
    claudio delchi

    I have send my 38 dollars es working yes o no led my no please

  • Sarah - Fredericton, NB
    Sarah - Fredericton, NB

    As everyone else on here, I also ordered the Can. At Home Job Income booklet. I already have a current part time job, looking for a full or part time job in my current field of stuidy. I just wanted to do a little something extra to make extra cash to pay of some debt. Thought this would be a great idea!! WRONG! The booklet is just FILLED with scams (as someone else has said – they are the ones to blam mostly). I think once you have ordered that book – your name is sent out to these scamers – and they sent you their letter on how to get you to work for them.. ie – Mary Henderson, Choice Mail.
    When I received her letter, I read it over througuly, thinking everything over – good or BAD! I thought this might be a scam, but my boyfriend said “Hey, you put $20 in, Ill put $20 in – whats to loose.. $20 thats all! Lets give it a try”. So we did.
    I believe it took about 3ish weeks till my ‘Kit’ came. (all the time waiting – thinking I got sucked into the scam). Its litterally another booklet going on and on and on about “be your own boss”.. “makes lots of money”.. “work your own scheule” – but its litterally telling you ways to scam other people and THATS how you make your money.

    So if you have been sent this letter asking for the $38 – and you are thinking about doing it DONT!!!!!! You WILL NOT be sent envelopes to be stuffed.

    What really gets me – is that I am a Christian – and in this Kit that “Mary” sends you is this smaller booklet about 4 pages long going on about God and how you need to trust in him, believe in him, think about your dreams and goals, they will get you further in life if you think positive rather then negative, blah blah blah! This person is GOING TO HELL! Scam inocent ppl, then asking YOU to scam others andthen bringing GOD into this filth. Its desgusting!



  • Billy

    That’s exactly right.

    Canadian Home Job Review is the problem.

  • Brenda

    The problem is not that you were scammed by “Choice” or the “Host Jewellery” or any of the other options in the Canadian Home Job Review booklet. The problem is that this “CANADIAN HOME JOB REVIEW” is the scammer…selling a booklet full of scams. They need to be reported…employment directory…my @ss.

  • pat

    is there anything in this f*****g job review book that isnt a scam or is it all one big consperacy

  • Tara

    I purchased my canadian homeworker business directory, and I am very interested in stuffing envelopes. I have to send $1 for the package. Is this a scam?

  • Samantha

    Hello…….I am an immigrant here to Canada and as many others I’m sure until I could find a job I thought I would order the The Canadian Home Job Review and Employment Directory. So far I have had no luck..I was going to do the Classic Jewellery thing decided with them asking for $79.90($47 one time sign up + $2.95 s/h) I wanted to do a search. Didn’t get any hits on the company so went to mapquest.ca and did a search for directions using their address. There is an address but that company doesn’t come up what-so-ever. Also just to share some further information about that guide I sent out letters with S.A.S.E to 27 companies in that guide most of which came back stamped return to sender. So all in all I think I wasted my money on this guide,envelopes, stamps, paper and time for nothing. I wouldn’t recommend this guide or any company in this guide to anyone! Who knows how much money you would spend if there actually is something legit in there.

  • darlene

    thank god… i was just about to make the same mistake and send my money…thought i would key in”choice.. stuffing envelopes” since there was no email address to get in contact with this company and came across this blog unexpectedly…thanks guys yous saved me the money…but i also was scammed because i also bought the “canadian home job reveiw directory….but it could of been worse… iwas ready to send money that i really can’t afford to: choice, jewellery making and typing from home” all from the direcrory…is there anyone who tried the typing you send $19.00?

  • christine rose
    christine rose

    Yipppeee!!!i just got my Canadian Home Job Review and Employment Directory… got it for $29.95 but after reading all these testimonials i plan not to make another step for it might cost me more $$$$ I feel scamed already… first, the directory seems like it wont direct me to anything good! second, 28 pages of B*LL SH*T is not worth it really!!!!!!

  • KC

    Make your own jewelry, stuff your own envelopes- sell your own products= home based business. Do your research- find craft shows, employees paid on commission to work them- build it like these scamming idiots do- just build it with actual product and build it with honesty and integrity-then you will be able to help others work from home.

  • Danielle Boutilier
    Danielle Boutilier

    I recieved my canaduian home worker package and decided to look on the net for info on that stuffing envelopes company and seen all these complaints. what i don’t understand is why is this company listed in the home worker package if it’s not legit..
    Thought this book was suppose to help find companys to work from home for you. Makes no sense?????

  • Nada

    The stuffing envelopes thing i realize is a scam but what about the classic jewellery, national amateur photo group or is the whole guide a scam??
    You would think I learn my lesson after charging my credit card
    for more that $700 on all kinds of programs, newer made a dime from it. I just like to answer to Rebcca not all of us have ritch husband so we can aford to stay home. I am 57y old was layed-off last year after 25+ years in new homes advertising agency. Who is going to hire me now. I cant even find work to clean office ( i tried that too )so you see for some of us working from home is the last chance. It is sad that hard working people are geting scam.

  • Hugh Crouse
    Hugh Crouse

    hello people I am in the same bost as you I sent 38.95 to choice and I have not as yet recieve the package here in brampton Ontario I hope we all can do something about this I had foiund this job in the Canadian home Job review his name is NathanWison the vice president at 375 Rideau street suite 916 Ottawa kinig7 I believe I have been also scamed like the rest of you here please reply someone to me at my email address let see what we can do here Hugh Crouse

  • Shiver

    I just got this letter in the mail five minutes ago, and knew it was a scam, because I have been scammed before(Homemakers Review). I just hate how you read the letter and you think “Oh, this would be great, it would be easy blablabla” even though I knew it was a scam, I thought “I wish” haha. I investigated anyways, and sure enough, pages and pages of complaints.

    Pretty low of these people, I can agree on that one.

  • Billy

    I still haven’t made that video that I promised. Sorry, I’ll try to get that done soon. When I do I’ll be posting it on my YouTube channel:

    When I received my book it was too complicated for me at the time and I had other things on my plate as well. But I really want to help you guys out and at least let you know what it’s all about…

    Let me read the book again and I’ll try to make a video of it or post a review on my blog, or something. Contact me if you’d be interested in this happening.

    We all just wanted to work from home and something like this shouldn’t stop us from getting what we deserve.

    I’ll do the review if I see enough people wanting me to do it.

    Thanks, and I wish you guys all the best. Talk to you later!

    Ontario, Cananda

    PS. Get notified of followup comments via email

  • Brad

    Thanks, I too feel like i’ve been scammed by MH, so I look forward to your comments on this process.

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