Dreaming of your own Web site? Igomogul.com asks. We can help you get there. But before you break out the credit card, read about Debra’s experience:

I was scammed by Igomogul. I’ve finally figured out how this scam works. Igomogul gets you to contract a website design through them. Igomogul makes an account with godaddy listing you as the registrant, this is $10 a year. Once a person looks at the “who is” and sees they are the registrant they are convinced they control the domain name. If they look at the bottom they will discover that it says registrant can not delete, renew, transfer, or update the account.

Should you call godaddy they will tell you that only the person or company with the log on, password, PIN or account number has control over the domain account. As such the person or company with that information can delete, renew, transfer, update, sell, give away, or close the account at any time without consent from the registrant or their knowledge.

Should the website fail Igomogul simply tells the registrant is it their fault. Should the website prove successful Igomogul hs the legal right to sell it and keep the money. Furthermore the content placed on the website is copyrighted to whomever has the account information, so that also becomes the property of Igomogul. Igomogul can use GoDaddy design and development tools to create the site; this costs less than $50 a year.

At the end of the first 90 days Igomogul demands more money, if you do not pay then they remove the ads from the free AdSense program and the website now requires a membership log in fee. If you want links added to your webpage Igomogul asks for more money, again this is a free program that they do not pay for. The bottom line is that Igomogul takes advantage of people who do not have the experiance to realize everything provided by Igomogul is free or costs less than $100 a year.

Igomogul also uses your google account information to add Analytic, AdSense and the webmaster tool. All of these programs are free so Igomogul pays nothing to use them. The webmaster tool is the most important one for Igomogul to have access too. Should godaddy
agree to transfer the domain account to you then Igomogul still controls the website through the webmaster tool. Once Igomogul has the code to the webmaster tool you are locked out and can not verify ownership of the website or use it. At this point it is a standoff, you can sell the domain name however Igomogul is the only ones with access to what is added or removed from it. The website becomes worthless to both parties.

Igomogul knows the odds are in their favor that they will not have to refund any money.
Most people have used their credit cards to pay Igomogul and are accruing interest; hiring a lawyer and the added expense of traveling back and forth to Pheonix is also beyond their means. Arizona small claims maximum is well below what most people have paid so they will take a loss if they pursue small claims and win. When faced with the options most people cut their losses, give up and go away.

Should you file complaints with the Arizona BBB then Igomogul says that if you sign a different agreement they will release control to you. If you agree to sign then you forfeit all the money you have paid Igomogul and also agree not to pursue any further legal action against Igomogul. Why should you sign an agreement to take control of something that Igomogul was paid to create for you and register ownership for you in your name?

Igomogul claims that the Statement of Work protects them from lawsuits and being forced to give you a refund. If you read the SOW carefully you will notice that it says they are working on a website for the client. Since Igomogul owns and controls the website
they are their own client and they are using your money to develop and design a website for themselves.

When push comes to shove and you demand verification of anything via email or mail Igomogul refuses, they insist all conversations take place over the phone. If you should call them and you refuse to accept what they tell you they then begin playing a phone shell game with you, transferring you from one person to the next until you give up. They want to play he said she said phone tag so that you do not have any proof as to what was said over the phone.

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  • Theresa Ellerbe
    Theresa Ellerbe

    I was scammed by Igomogul a few years ago. It cost me over $600 for a website that I never saw. I did their little essays for 5.00 each. I think I made about 50.00 that whole year. I was told that I couldn’t do but 3 a week. Then they charged me a monthly fee even after I paid the so called membership and website fees. When I refused to pay the 25.00 a month then they wouldn’t let me do the essays. If only I had known more about internet scams at the time then I wouldn’t have fallen for their lies. I hope by now those thieves have been arrested and stopped from stealing from people. I wasn’t computer and internet savvy. I pray they have been stopped.

  • Zabrina

    IGoMogul is a total scam and anyone who has had the misfortune of doing business with them knows this. I had a website with them and it was a lot of work for very little money. The way it did work is that you would write a blog of your choosing and then you could pick one of their sites to blog about for $5. You had to have your own blog before & after the one for their site in order to get paid. You were very lucky to make $20 a week. It was always very difficult to get a paid blog because they had to many of us “suckers” all trying to get the few paid blogs available. Later they changed the rules. Now you had to have 2 of your own blogs between each of their paid blogs. I complained and they just blamed me. The so called store that they provide you with to make the big bucks never sold one damn thing on my site. They can’t blame me for that since they set it up. I finally had to cancel the credit card that I used to start this scam business because they just kept making it harder to make a buck but, they still continued to bill my credit card. It’s a shame that people who want to have a legitimate online income can’t trust anyone. The people who are responsible for creating this con game should be horse whipped and their ambulance chasing lawyer should be disbarred. Igomogul can kiss my money making ass. I finally did find some legitimate online work from home. It’s out there but PLEASE do your research or you’ll just end up with another piece of shit like Igomogul. Terry Flowers, you should be ashamed of yourself. How do u sleep at night. Remember, Karmas a Bitch and so are you. LIARS!!!!!

  • deborah lee allen
    deborah lee allen

    This is a request that you please remove all of my comments about websitebusiness.com. I have settled my differences with them and am being issued a full refund. I would not like them posted anymore. Thank you.

  • Website design
    Website design

    It is a great that you have shared this one so that other people can know it and prevent to be scammed too. Thanks for sharing it.

  • deborah lee allen
    deborah lee allen

    An attorney for websitebusiness.com/igomogul.com/exodusweb.com sent me a letter demanding that I sign a contract settlement with them.
    This contract would obligate me to post a prepared statement by them saying that I defamed their “good” name and an apology. Which means I
    forfeit the money I paid the company and admit to the world that I am a liar as well as dishonest, not them.
    It also demands that I remove all negative comments made by me from any and all websites, blogs, forums and complaint boards.
    Should I refuse they will sue me for falsely accusing them of fraud, misrepresentation, deceit, theft, predatory business practices, and
    Breach of Contract.
    Its ironic that my complaints were put on the net several years after several similar complaints, yet they are suing me for inflamatory
    and inciteful actions which have caused them a significant loss of income.
    The problem with my signing this contract is that even if I wanted to do so the number of people who have copied and re-posted my
    complaint to other websites, blogs, forums and complaint boards have control over those so I could not remove them. This means that
    immediately after signing the contract I would be in breach of contract, so they could file a new lawsuit against me.
    As I stated before, companies like this know that their clients do not have the finances to hire a lawyer, as well as paying travel expenses
    to Arizona for a legal battle, so they believe they can continue without consequences.
    It is unlikely that the state and federal agencies will be taking action against websitebusiness.com/igomogul.com/exodusweb.com any time soon.
    At this point it looks as if my husband and I will be taking out a second mortgage on our home to finance a defense. considering I am 54,
    have a heart condition, high blood pressure, my husband has been un-employed for almost a year and his new job pays less than $25,000 a year,
    I can honestly say it is likely that this is a mistake I will be paying for the rest of my life, litterally.
    My family asked me if it was worth making so much out of this situation and I told them for me it was. If anyone read my complaints and
    refused to give websitebusiness.com/igomogul.com/exodusweb.com their money then it was worth it.
    Companies like this only work if people let them get away with the scam. I still maintain that if you have a complaint about them file with
    IC3, FTC, Arizona Attorney General, Arizona Better Business Bureau, and your state Attorney General. Sooner of later it will make a

  • Brenda Jordan
    Brenda Jordan

    My sister got scammed by igomogul…I think they saw her coming!!! She’s not computer savvy..I don’t know a lot about it all..I do know they picked this horrible name for the shopping thing and didn’t let her pick it like they said..wanted more money before it was even up on the internet..She never heard from the coach himself..You name it…IgoMogul is a shammy scam and we tried with the BBB and you are correct..it’s not worth the time and money..so, I’m sure there are many other older people who do not understand the ads that put the Google, NBC, CBS–and make it look like it’s ok but it’s not..there are people who truly don’t realize reading the small print is a priority with internet inquiries..but it doesn’t make it ok when you live on a fixed income and that $199 you invest you lose with nothing to show for it…IgoMogul needs to be shut down and shut up….even their secretary, Cassie, lies for them!!

  • Joe

    Shaun, that is the rocking-est comment I have seen in a long time. Well done.

  • Shaun

    His point is that he is frustrated because you are running a successful website and he is mad because he has not been able to find the get rich overnight schemes. So rather than putting in the WORK to actually create a site that helps people, plus provides you with a stream of income, he would would rather troll these sites and throw bitter comments at everyone! :) Sorry, cant stand these comments which I consider “poverty mindset”. If I cant be successful than I do not want anyone else to make money!

  • Steve

    What’s your point?

  • Hell

    Yeah, Steve also gets 50 bucks per referral. Just like any other program you have hear.

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