Responding to the review, Joseph writes:

Thanks for the info on legitonlinejobs. With so many scams that you guys are busting out there, one could almost start to believe that just about every online job is some sort of scam. Anyways, keep up the good work!

That is the question, isn’t it, Joseph? Do any REAL online jobs exist? I think so. But they are hard to find. And that’s a downgrade from my previous position, which was that there are certainly online jobs if you know where to look.

I telecommute (work from home) at least 2 days per week at my day job and have freelance clients whom I also serve from home. I don’t consider this online work. I do the work offline and just use the Internet to upload and download files and for client/workplace communication.

By contrast, most people searching for online jobs imagine some situation in which they go to the Internet, do work that is completely Web-based while sitting in their pajamas and rake in the dough. I am 95% certain such jobs do not exist. If they do, you’ll not find them through Google searches, because you’ll get tons of scam-pitching sites like these. You’ll find them by networking with the right people in the right industries.

Have you had an online job?
We want to hear from you. Was it a job where you worked completely online and got paid a predetermined amount for your skill or time? How did you find it? How much money did you make? I’d love someone to prove me wrong about online jobs.

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  • Kenneth Peters
    Kenneth Peters

    I sure got hit by google money tree. the way there terms and conditions read is that if you don’t cancel in the seven day trial period, it makes it sound like when you get your free CD you have seven days to cancel. I called to try get my money 72.92 dollars back and all I could get was a cancelation. They pry on poor people looking for a way to make a little extra money.

  • Joe

    Kathy, thanks for the detailed description of your telecommuting experience. How did you find it or get started at what you’re doing?

  • Kathy K
    Kathy K

    As I said in another comment, my job is pure telecommute. I will say it doesn’t pay as well as a local job might – but there aren’t many local jobs in my field at all. Plus, I have no gas expenses, reduced lunch expenses, and don’t waste any time commuting.

    We have a kind of virtual ‘office’ patched together with IM and mail and even voice chat. We talk to clients on the phone. Our sales team (all of 2 people, including the owner) do travel to meet clients for first contact – but after that it’s all internet. And it works.

    We do work certain hours, and the whole rest of the usual office work stuff (including gossip over by the virtual coffee maker). It’s just that our office is a bit “bigger” than most.

    But jobs like this are FEW and far between. I did a lot of hunting before finding this one – and I fell into it. Just sheer luck. The vast majority of ‘jobs’ I saw when hunting were scams. Or cheats (they’d pay you, but you’d be making $1.00 per hour). (Witness – you have 2, count them…2(!) replies to this post saying there are online jobs.)

    So the service you provide is a great one. And thanks.

  • Maria Gonzalez
    Maria Gonzalez

    I work from home online. It was a site that you paid a one time fee and they kept a legitimate online and freelance work from home jobs. Ours was a success story. We went on to be purchased by a large Corporation, however the job I currently have is home based, I really believe it will be shifting to office based. But for 4 years I have worked from home online. Thanks though for make sure the public is aware of the scammers :D

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