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  • Mike

    Sorry but they are technically not illegal. They wouldn’t last that long if they were. It is MLM and MLM is not illegal. If there is a product involved then they are perfectly legit. Most of these businesses know what they are doing and know how to cover themselves. I suppose we will have to agree to disagree here though.

  • Christian

    I would say that Penny Matrix has been quite confusing
    since Tracy is no longer promoting or working with PM.

    He will not be issuing refunds either.

  • Randy Baith
    Randy Baith

    I always enjoy reading your posts, although this is my first comment. I am a PI into internet marketing. I bust scams as well as other things. It really amazes me as to the level of excitement over these programs. Pyramids are older than Ponzie, but people act like it is the newest thing since the iphone. What’s worse is the FTC does not seem to care, and your quote above, direct from the FTC, I have on my site, but people still want to say I am stupid and do not know what I am talking about. Really? I have a degree in Criminal Justice

  • Audrey Kroll
    Audrey Kroll

    Steve, IO received an E-Mail from you several weeks ago, where you were going to review Empower Network. What were your findings?

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