Quick Summary of Infinite Binary Profits

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The Good: The sales videos are on YouTube, so you're not stuck watching them on the sales page and being constantly bombarded by the pop-up.

The Bad: The 'super software app' is a complete scam. Oh, and there's an annoying pop-up on the sales page.

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Infinite Binary Profits Review

What if I told you that there was a successful trader named Mike who worked on Wall Street and made $1.5 million per year by trading binary options? What if I also told you that Mike drove a Lamborghini, lived in luxurious house with his wife and two kids, and regularly got high on cocaine along with his trader buddies?

That’s the “sob” story that’s first played out when you go to the sales page of Infinite Binary Profits.

infinite binary profits 3

However, this sob story is a bit different than most. You see, Mike was wildly successful at trading, but he was also working 24/7 in order to maintain his success. To keep up with work and social obligations, Mike had to cut back on sleep. He was “on” all the time- and the only way to maintain that go-go lifestyle was to get high on cocaine.


After five years of flying high, Mike had had enough and quit Wall Street. However, he didn’t quit trading binary options.

Instead, Mike started working on a “super software app.”

infinite binary profits2

Mike’s super software app was so amazing that it was able to win 89% of trades.

Mike initially released his app to 25 beta testers so they could verify that it worked. Their results were amazing, and their testimonials are provided on the sales video.


Now, however, Mike wants to enroll a second group of beta testers- testers like you and me. He is doing this just before he sells his app to Wall Street for hundreds of millions (of ?).

Mike also notes that trading is becoming increasingly automated. In fact, according to his observations and reputable sources like FOX News, over 73% of trading is already performed by super computers. People aren’t actually needed and are slowly being squeezed out.

This oncoming robot revolution inspired Mike to develop his own trading app.

Now, Mike wants to perfect his app so its win rate is even higher and so it can work for practically anyone. All you have to do is open a brokerage account and try out Mike’s app.

So, do you really believe that Mike’s super software app will make you money in binary options? If you do, here are a few points you should consider:

1. Those beta testers are fake.

Every one of the “testimonials” that Mike features on his sales page is fake and is derived from Fiverr at $5/testimonial.

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21 days to riches fake testimonial 2

2. The product is on Clicksure.

If you’re not familiar with Clicksure, it’s an affiliate network that I like to call Clickbank’s evil twin. Why? Because Clicksure is chock-full of scam products that Clickbank won’t touch. Many of these products have a 50% refund rate.

Lo and behold, Infinite Binary Profits resides on Clicksure, with a release date of September 21st.


Furthermore, if Mike is looking for only 25 beta testers for this product, why would he need to publicize it on a large network like Clicksure?

3. The positive product reviews all contain affiliate links.

If you do a search on Infinite Binary Profits, engines like Yahoo! and Google will show you many positive reviews of this product. However, on closer inspection, you’ll see that all the buttons and links to product contain code such as this:


How impartial and objective can these reviews be when they are all linking to an affiliate product that pays a $275 commission?

4. Glenridge Capital is your broker.

Infinite Binary Profits directs you to Glenridge Capital as your ‘preferred’ broker and notes that you will need to deposit $250 into your account. Mike also assures you that this is your money and you can withdraw it at any time.


However, when you get to the broker’s page, you learn that you actually need $800 to get started. Also Glenridge Capital is based overseas, which means that you’ll have a harder time resolving any issues should come up.

Furthermore, remember how the sales video guarantees that you’ll have $1,000 in your account? This is because Glenridge offers bonuses on monetary deposits. What the brokerage doesn’t tell you, or at least not right away, is that you won’t be able to withdraw ANY of your money once you’ve deposited it at the brokerage and accepted the bonus. Here are the exact terms as outlined by Glenridge:

the trader must execute a trading volume of the (bonus amount + the initial deposit) x 30 in order to be eligible to withdraw funds.

5. Is the super software app even allowed?

As I was scrolling through Glenridge’s Terms and Conditions page, I noticed the following statement by this broker:

18. Automated and Semi-Automated Trading Mechanisms

18.1 We, at Glenridge Capital, strictly prohibit the use of automatic or semi-automatic trading mechanisms such as external bots and automated traders developed in order to assist you with your trade.

18.2 If you integrate an automated or semi-automated device on the Glenridge Capital browser or platform in lieu of your personal interaction or utilize a backdoor API; we will consider your activity system abuse and we will nullify your position or cancel your account with Glenridge Capital.

If this is the case, it sounds like the brokerage will immediately terminate your account if you try to operate an auto-trader app like Infinite Binary Profits.


Due to the concerns noted above, you’re better off not engaging the Infinite Binary Profits app and saving yourself $800.

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