Quick Summary of 12 Roads to Success

Rating: 2 It's not a scam, but nothing that will blow you away either.

The Good: You do get 12 valid ways to make money without the fluff or filler.

The Bad: Some methods are not viable businesses, there is a lot of missing details, and at the end, you'll feel like you purchased an ideas manual with some extra pointers.

The Bottom Line: If you want proper training in how to build a real, sustainable business from home, click here to check out our top recommendation. It’s free to get started as well.

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12 Roads to Success Review

There are thousands of internet marketing products out there, all clamoring to get your attention.

Often they aim to teach you one thing, whether it’s something that will expand on an existing skill or even a whole method of making money online.

12 Roads to Success is a product that caught my eye because it doesn’t offer just one way to make money, but 12!

My first thought was whether any of these are actually viable ways to make money or not, because I’ve seen e-books dedicated to one subject fail completely, so one that contains 12 different methods surely can’t be good, can it?

Let’s find out.

The Sales Pitch

The guy behind 12 Roads to Success, one Robert Corrigan, decided to use a standard sales letter to encourage you to buy this product.

It’s not overly long which makes a change, but it does mention a few things that stand out as pure marketing hype.

The first is that this e-book will help you start “your own profitable business” in just one day. Well, anyone can start a business in a day, but a profitable business? That’s unlikely, seeing as most businesses fail to make a profit in their first year!

The other notable takeaway from the sales pitch is that this business you will be developing will only require “a few hours a week”.

The idea that any business can be profitable enough to pay the bills and keep food on the table and only need a few hours a week (I consider 3 to be a few) is ridiculous. Sadly, Rob isn’t the first nor will he be the last marketer to write such attention grabbing statements that can’t be backed up.

Buying 12 Roads to Success

At the time of writing the front end offer, the main e-book, was only $10 bucks, which is a reasonable price.

There are however several upsells.

The first upsell is the rights to sell the same e-book you just purchased as a PLR (Private Rights Label) white labelled product.

After this is a downsell for a slight variation on the same theme.

After buying the system and fending off the upsells, you’ll be prompted to register for a membership area.

The membership site contains the e-book and if you bought the upsells, access to those as well.

12 Roads to Success Members Area

The Training

The e-book training for 12 Roads to Success is a 94 page document that at first glance is fairly dense text, formatted quite well with plenty of images that help break up the content.

My first thought is that there is value here, as too often you see internet marketing training material that is large but only because of large fonts and too much white-space to “fill out” the book. That isn’t the case here which is promising.

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The training consists of 12 sections each outlining a different way to start a business. These are:

  1. Sell your stuff
  2. Sell used books
  3. Sell second hand computers
  4. Auctions & Arbitrage
  5. Jewelry
  6. Photography
  7. Framing
  8. Marketing via classified ads
  9. Blogging
  10. Blogging for Amazon
  11. Selling on eBay
  12. Kindle books

Now, let’s be honest, none of these are mind blowing, none of these haven’t already been covered to death by the internet at large.

Are these valid ways to start a business? In some ways yes, though the first one outlining how to sell your stuff is really not a sustainable or heavily profitable business unless you already have a mansion stuffed with priceless artifacts.

The information in each section is reasonable. It provides an overview and then instructions on how to get started. Most of the sections provide step by step instructions, such as how to set up an Amazon store on Blogger.

The main issue with each of the sections, and this is something I suspected in the beginning, is that there’s just not enough information to actually be able to create a sustainable business.

Really these are just ideas for businesses, fleshed out with a little information on how to kick start the process.

12 Roads to Success Step by Step

Step by step examples, yet it still feels like there’s so much missing.

As an example to this, take the blogging section. It advises you that one of the best ways is to get your own hosting so you can setup up as many blogs as you like, but it doesn’t give you any information on how to set up a site.

Or how about the part that tells you that content marketing is a great way to drive traffic? What it doesn’t say is how to actually succeed at this with keyword research, backlinks and all the other methods needed to make content marketing work.

I did like that the author thought to tell you about certain issues that may crop up such as licencing and copyright laws, so at least he’s not leaving you high and dry there.

The Bottom Line

Could you start each of these businesses in a day? Yes, but you could start any business in a day.

Could you work just a few hours a week with each of these businesses? Again, yes with a but. Like anything, the more work you put in in a focused and targeted manner the more you can potentially get out.

Even something like blogging which is considered a passive way to make income by some, requires a lot of work to be successful.

As such while technically the sales pitch wasn’t wrong, it isn’t giving you any realistic expectations either.

As a newbie you might find some ideas in here and get enough of a kickstart to learn more about how to make it a success.

As an intermediate or experienced marketer you won’t really get much from this product.

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