Quick Summary of Affiliate Titan 2

Rating: 3 Useful if you promote a lot of products

The Good: Has a lot to offer for $7. The data provided is easier to read and filter.

The Bad: The training is very thin. If you don't promote on Clickbank or JVZoo a LOT then it's useless.

The Bottom Line: If you're an avoid promoter of Clickbank or JVZoo products then you could get your moneys worth with Affiliate Titan 2, otherwise it's a pointless purchase.

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Affiliate Titan 2 Review

Apparently all you need to make money nowadays is a slick website and bold claims.

Affiliate Titan 2 has both of those, so I think that many people will get caught up in its buzz and make the person behind the system a bunch of cash.

The real question though, is can it help YOU to make more money online?

Let’s find out.

The Sales Pitch

As I mentioned, the Affiliate Titan 2 sales pitch is pretty slick looking.

It punches in with a testimonial from someone saying the system has helped them earn $632 per day as a minimum.

From the writer shows off his wealth by suggesting he’s made $10,000 per day as an affiliate and then $11,000 per day as a Clickbank affiliate.

Is it both? Neither? Who knows!

The sales pitch shows off some of the services available in the product and then once more pushes the hype of the owner making tons of money.

His rock solid proof that it’s possible is a picture of JVZoo daily profit reports. This is not evidence!

This sort of pitch is not unsurprising for an internet marketer, it focuses a lot on the wins,, but surprisingly it does also offer a lot more detail about what you will be getting.

A sales pitch without that level of detail is 99% times a scam, so I now have higher hopes for this product.

What is Affiliate Titan?

This product is actually made up of various services and ebooks.

Three of the services you get access to are basically summaries of the latest and greatest products doing the rounds on Clickbank, JVZoo and a mixture of JVzoo and WarriorPlus.

These web pages are updated roughly every 12 hours and allow you to search for products in a logical and fairly easy to use manner.

They provide an at a glance information such as the amount being given in affiliate prices, the price and the commission amount.

Launch Pulse

This particular system aggregates all the “big” launches that are going on or about to happen. It seems to be mainly JVZoo and Warrior Plus products, but it’s possible other products could be added.

One interesting aspect is that it offers an exact match search result for YouTube and Google for the individual products.

affiliate titan 2 launch pulse

CB 100

This service provides a filterable list of popular Clickbank products. I actually really liked this list, because the Clickbank website itself isn’t that good and finding products can be more hassle than it’s worth sometimes.

It also offers some interesting filters such as only showing products where affiliate sales make up 90% or more of the total sales. This is useful for finding products which affiliate are doing well with.

affiliate titan 2 cb 100

King of the Zoo

This webpage focuses purely on JVZoo related products.

It contains a wealth of information about each product:

  • Score – an internal score set by King of the Zoo to help gauge the popularity and success of a product
  • Growth – Gauges the popularity (or not) of the product
  • Sold – the number of products sold
  • Price – Product price
  • Conversion % – Approx. conversion rate of the sales page
  • EPC’s – Earnings Per Click

If you’re a keen JVZoo user then this might well be a useful service, as it allows a quick overview of what products there are, including lots of information to help you decide if you want to promote said products or not.

affiliate titan 2 king of the zoo

1 Click Affiliate

The last service offered by Affiliate Titan is an online program for generating sales pages.

This system doesn’t create a website or anything like that but instead you add in some keywords related to your niche and it spews out headlines, introductions, benefits, pain points etc., which you can turn into a sales page.

Apparently the system has “tons” of templates that it uses to help provide a wide range of sales pitches.

affiliate titan 2 1 click affiliate settings

The keywords you add are basically added into the templates and then you are shown various options. You click a plus sign next to the ones you want and then check the clipboard at the top to see the final version. Export it and you get an HTML page.

There’s no chance you could use this copy to get organic traffic due to the likelihood of duplicate content, but if you’re pulling traffic in via paid adverts (PPC) or social media it might be fine.

If nothing else, it’s a good way to spark ideas for landing page content.

The system however is not perfect as it is dumb automation so you do need to pick your words carefully.

affiliate titan 2 1 click affiliate

The Training

The main videos that are in the members are provide brief overviews of the different software services and provide enough information to get the most out of using them. The narrator also occasionally offers a tip or two which is nice.

The rest of the training consists of 3 short ebooks about Google SEO, YouTube SEO, and Email Marketing.

These are labelled as quick star guides within the PDF’s themselves and at 7 – 10 pages long they really are very brief.

You could sum up the email marketing one as: find products, get affiliate links, sign up to Aweber, create squeeze page, set up website, promote to list.

I’m being flippant to a degree but the information provided really couldn’t be called training. If you’re a newbie you will struggle.

Other Stuff

The guy behind Affiliate Titan also provides another of his products, T-shirt Titan, for free as well which is a nice bonus.

He also promotes some of his friend’s products as “recommended”. These could be useful I suppose, and are at least relevant to the main product.

The Bottom Line

The sales pitch has people oozing complements about this product and how it has helped them to make hundreds of dollars a day.

This might be true but I doubt it’s a direct result of this product.

What it does do well is that it provides more information than the main websites like JVZoo and other third party websites such as MunchEye.

The filters are also extremely useful.

As such Affiliate Titan 2 is not a scam, but its usefulness will depend very much on your needs. If you regularly promote CB or JVZoo products then this might be worth picking up for $7 bucks. IF you don’t it really isn’t worth your money.

If you’re looking for detailed training, then you’re out of luck, you’ll be better off at a more training focused site like Wealthy Affiliate.

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