Quick Summary of Binary Fund

Rating: 1 I gave it one because I cannot give it 0!

The Good: It has a short video (only 8 minutes!)

The Bad: Pretty much everything about this system reeks of shameless lies.

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Binary Fund Review

Have you seen the new top level domains? You know the ones: instead of dot com or dot net, there are sites out the now with things like dot marketing and dot guru.

One I came across today was dot fund, which is definitely keyed into online trading. Unsurprisingly I also found a Binary Options system already using this fancy domain extension.

Binary.fund pitch

Binary Fund is a run of the mill type Binary Optiosn system.

Their sales page consists of pretty much everything you would find on a stereotypical Binary Options sales pitch:

Scarcity tactics

There are actually two scarcity tactics used on this page, the first being that the author of this product is only looking for 50 people (though I’m pretty sure he would accept as many as possible!).

In fact I know he will, because the affiliate competition he ran for this product required 40 leads for first place, 30 for second place and 10 for 3rd, 4th and 5th.

That’s double the number of signups already!

The second is the countdown timer of the number of free systems available. Oddly this counter does actually hit 0 where most of them stop at 1. It doesn’t matter though as you can sign up regardless.


This would not be a marketing pitch if it did not try and snare you based on greed. Don’t be ashamed, we all want more money, and when someone suggests they can help you earn $124,193.28 per month, or $2,870 per day it makes you sit up and listen. That’s the point of this sort of tactic. And no, those two figures really don’t match each other at all, they are just random large figures, engineered to make you drool.

binary fund proof of earnings


Binary Fund uses some fake badges not once, but twice on the sales page! Unfortunately, these badges are simple stock images that have absolutely no weight or validity to them Best Platform of the Year? Says who? Best Binary Options Customer Services 2015? I’d love to see the results of a real survey!

To the uninitiated and unwary these can be easily overlooked, yet reinforce legitimacy in your sub conscious.

The Video

As usual there is a video rather than written pitch and it starts off with some awful 1980’s video game inspired music and some screen shot “proof” of people earning vast amounts of money: $7.5 million, $2.5 million, $24, 400 profits in a day! All of this is easily faked and even if real, it doesn’t mean that that money was earned as a result of any special system.

binary fund testimonial 1

Perhaps not the most flattering screenshot!

After this comes, a mostly likely paid for, testimonial suggesting that this guy earned $1.2 million via the Binary Fund.

The narrator then chimes in beginning with a scarcity tactic that this system is only available once a year. Sure it is. I believe you. No really, I do…

Anyway, from that point the narration starts to stress how this system can generate you enough wealth to live debt free, buy a flash car, mansion: the usual hype.

It still makes me laugh when videos like this state such precise numbers. I mean no one would say, “you can make anywhere from $19, 485.83”, instead you would just say “from $19,000”.

I’m pretty sure there’s a marketing technique behind that one but I have no idea what that might be – baffle people with numbers perhaps?

Maybe it’s like when you buy something from the grocery store, $4 seems expensive, but $3.95 is cheap, maybe it works in reverse as well?

binary fund anywhere from

More testimonials!

I think that Fiverr.com would collapse if the Binary Options crew stopped buying their testimonials from there.

The testimonials in this video are just fake – one guy obviously uses a green screen, what real testimonial giver would do that?

binary fund testimonial eyebrows

The Binary Options spin happens next. This is where the narrator either explains or hypes up Binary Options, in this case both. It also talks briefly about the automated software you get to use, which will end up being the stock trading bot from the broker.

Then comes the sob story. It’s remarkably brief and uninspiring, but the gist of it is that he wanted to laze on a beach instead of slave at the office and he worked hard at finding an alternative income stream and, surprise, surprise, that turned out to be Binary Options.

One thing that caught my eye was that Binary Fund apparently takes 5% of every one of your winnings. Whether that is true is hard to say. If they do though, then you are even more out of luck, because the broker normally takes 20-30% of your winnings too, meaning that you would need a near perfect win rate in order to make money.

The win rate is the issue with Binary Options. No matter what system you use, there is nothing automated that can increase your win rate as the small periods of time associated with Binary Options make determining a general rise or fall in the stock price to be impossible, even with advanced algorithms.

Oh and this system does NOT provide advanced algorithms, it provides you with the brokers own stock auto trading bot –  a mindless script that is about as useful as you closing your eyes and picking up or down.

The Bottom Line

There is nothing legitimate about Binary Fund, which puts it in the same pile as all other Binary Option systems out there.

If you sign up via them, you will get the stock software and a hole in your wallet. The affiliate behind Binary Fund will make a fat commission and laugh all the way to the bank, while you wonder why your trades haven’t netted you hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

My usual recommendation when it comes to Binary Options systems like this is to avoid it at all costs, and that has not changed: avoid Binary Fund!

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