I am always amazed when I stumble across a product which has a sales page that screams about huge earnings, and yet sells for a paltry few dollars.

In general, that sort of product is lying to you. I mean who would sell a system that has made them millions? The answer is no one would. They would either teach it for free, in the knowledge they have enough money for life or never give it away in the fear that their cash cow will be killed.

Child’s Play Profits is one of those products, and as such I needed to find out whether the author was truly being philanthropic or whether my gut reaction that this was an outlandish marketing scam was true.

The Sales Pitch

As mentioned, the sales letter provides you with some rather dubious claims.

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The main one being the amount of money that this system supposedly made the author, Michael Cheney, over $250,000 the first time he used this miraculous system.

Further, on his fifth usage it made him $1.9 million in a single week.

Seriously? Where’s the evidence? Well of course there are screenshots of daily/weekly earnings, that no one could possibly have grabbed from elsewhere or Photoshopped. Barring that “evidence” there is nothing to prove the claims being made.

Common sense dictates that this is BS.

The pitch goes on to how this system was passed onto a 15 year old (I might be getting old, but in the photo of the alleged student he looks no older than 8…), who went on to earn over $18,000 in 3 days.

These figures are simply nuts, highly unlikely and are intended purely to get you excited. I mean who doesn’t want to earn a year’s earnings or enough money to make you financially secure in a week?

Purchasing Child’s Play Profits

The product itself costs a lowly $7 bucks and is in all likelihood just a way to get you to the upsells.

After purchasing it my suspicions were confirmed. You will be faced with the first upsell coming in at a hefty $97 for some swipes, templates, graphics and videos. I of course didn’t buy this, but my best guess is that at least half of it will be PLR content.

After graciously declining this offer, you will be faced with yet another upsell. This time it’s for the Pro version of the product, which contains various sections such as: “$1 million in 7 days” and $185k in 14 days” and “$250,000 in 7 days”.

Uhm, why would I care about any of those barring the $1 million one? Most likely it’s just content separated up to try and make it look like a better value, which is a necessary thing considering the upsell costs a whopping $197!

The Product

Once you have access, the product itself is buried in a menu system for all the (inaccessible to me) upsells.

After finding it, you will discover that your $7 dollar investment was for a 48 page e-book.

The book is well laid out and seemingly full of rich and interest content.

I approached it as much as possible like someone new to internet marketing and in that sense you will learn a lot, and absolutely nothing at all.

It goes though a variety of topics such as finding the right market, finding a niche, finding or creating a product.

The problem is is that it is really just giving you an overview of all of these, and will leave an absolute newbie hanging.

Yes there is a webinar that comes bundled with the product that you can sign up for, which will supposedly walk you through the process.

I tend to find that most webinars of this ilk are generally for selling purposes with some training bolted on, but it might well help improve the knowledge.

However if you fail to attend or watch that webinar, you will likely be in a situation where you only have half the facts and will need to learn how to fill in those gaps through trial and error or by investing in further training.

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Let me show you an example from the e-book, about how to create an e-book

Childs Play Profits e-book

Do you see what I mean here? The steps are so basic, it just doesn’t cover anything that will help you. “Type into your new Word document the content you want”, but what sort of content should it be?

This type of training persists through Child’s Play Profits.

I decided then to put myself into the shoes of a semi-experienced marketer. There is certainly some information that can be gleaned from this report, but the gems are few and far between. Most of the content you will already know (use Amazon.com or ClickBank…) or will probably have at least heard of (understand your perfect customer).

With more knowledge the issue of the training being nothing more than an overview is still there and is still problematic.

Don’t get me wrong, it does give you info on things like using Amazon and the top 5 niches, sales funnels etc, but there’s no guidance on how to implement the things being said. No information on how to use sales funnels and the like or where.

I just cannot see how this training can back up the claims of earning incredible amounts of money in a short period of time, as it is nothing more than affiliate marketing training, and training without depth at that.

Childs Play Profits millions of years

Millions of years? Are you sure about that?

The Bottom Line

Is Child’s Play Profits a scam? Not as such as you get a product and you get some information for your money. The marketing behind it is certainly scandalous though.

That being said, is it worth your money? I doubt it. If the webinar training fills out the missing blanks then you may well get a reasonable training in affiliate marketing, but that’s all. As mentioned I always have my doubts about marketing webinars, as they are 99% of the time solely done to sell things to you, and more often than not the training is minimal due to this and the host waffling on about irrelevant things.

The earnings described, if true, are certainly not the norm, and while you can make some good money with affiliate marketing, this training alone won’t get you there.

Thankfully this week’s product is only available for a short time, and that is a blessing (especially if you happen to miss out on it). I would save your cash and invest in some real training.

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