Most businesses in this day and age benefit from using computer software, and your online marketing business is no different. Software can be used to help speed up processes and chores that would otherwise eat into your valuable time.

Craig Kaye and Rob Walker recognise this issue and have created a system that uses a piece of software to help you create websites easily. That software is Commission Killer, and is available at

Commission Killer Overview

The general gist of Commission Killer is that you follow a 5 step process to create “autopilot” websites that will generate money.

These websites use Clickbank products and adverts to make money, so think of them as small niche websites focusing on one or two products rather than an authority style site such as I’ve Tried

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Guru Hype

The first thing that struck me about Commission Killer was the hype. The makers of this system haven’t strayed far from the tried and unfortunately tested method of building up hype by exclaiming how much you can make in a short period of time. At one point, they called out other push button scams for using the exact same sales tactics that were being used on their own sales page…

If you have followed any of the articles here on I’ve Tried That, you will know that making money online is not a push button exercise and most certainly will not net you thousands a day. At least not without a long period of trial and error and learning from your inevitable mistakes.

It is easy to get excited and charged up by the numbers thrown about here, I mean who wouldn’t want to earn $29,296.63 in one month? All you need to do is spend $146 now…

Inside the Member Area

The member’s area is nothing to get excited about, consisting of some basic videos about hosting and domains, etc., support links and of course the usual upsells and advertisements.

Unless you are completely new to online marketing and the things that go with it (websites, etc.) then most of the member are content can be skipped.

The main thing here is to download the actual software as it is run from your computer rather than “in the cloud”.

The Software

On using the software, you will find it contains seven tabs, though I will only discuss the first five as the last two just consist of an upsell and a way to load previous sites.

Start Cash Creator

In theory this is pretty cool, just add in your Hostgator account details and it will automatically set up a WordPress site for you.

I have a few issues with it though. First off, the only places I add my Hostgator account details to are Hostgator and my trusted password locker. I certainly won’t give it to a third party system. Secondly, you can only use Hostgator. For me, that isn’t an issue as I love Hostgator but it means if you buy hosting elsewhere you are out of luck or need to get a secondary account with Hostgator.


This section allows you to change the actual look of the website, from colours to wording. It had its problems, some aspects updated perfectly, others took some time to figure out why they didn’t update properly.

Clickbank Product Sniper

Another cool little feature, add in your Clickbank details and choose a niche and the software will automatically search Clickbank for you to find relevant products and will actually place banner adverts on your site for you. I would actually love to see this as a standalone WordPress plugin.

Cash Ads Setup

This should really be part of Clickbank Product Sniper as all it does is add your Clickbank affiliate link to the adverts that were placed on your site in the previous step.

Turbo Content/Videos

This is the feature that disturbed me and yet intrigued me the most about Commission Killer. What it does is take your keywords and search the major search engines such as Google and Bing and then it scrapes content (copies the content) from sites that are in the same niche as you. The content is then “spun” to make it unique.

It disturbs me on many levels: ethically you are stealing content from others, and oh wait, ethically again, you are spinning the content into what will most likely be garbage content.

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I haven’t found any form of spinning, except for a manual re-write, that makes spun content into legible, useful and enjoyable content. Realistically that useful content is what you want to provide to your website visitors, regardless of the niche or type of site you are using. If the content isn’t usable and understandable, most people will go back to Google and try again, rather than blindly buying the product anyway.

Many Issues

Along with the ethical issues of how the software generates its content, I am heavily concerned with the quality of the software. It certainly feels like it was not tested at all, as it is riddled with bugs and issues. Some which can be overcome with some HTML/CSS expertise, but some just fail.

One example is the content grabbing; sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. There is no rhyme or reason to it, it is just plain buggy.

Bottom Line: Is Commission Killer a Scam?

Commission Killer is an interesting idea for those people out there that think spun content can make you money. Even if that was the case, it would actually need to work properly before it would be of any benefit.

Even if it did work I would still caution you with its use, as these type of sites are easily spotted by both Google and visitors as while the content might be “unique” due to being spun, it certainly doesn’t make much sense to a human being.

With a price tag of $146, upsells left and right, and customer service that could be much better, I would advise you to avoid this product.

If you do choose to purchase it, expect that your hard earned cash will get you an incomplete piece of software that will more than likely cause you more time and trouble than if you had just set it up manually yourself.

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