If you subscribe to various internet marketing email lists, you may have had an email (or ten) recently, promoting a system called Copy A Millionaire.

The sales pitch is nothing new – fake actors, fake proof of earnings, a sob story and the insistence that it only takes 3 simple steps.

Alongside that you are told that you will not need any:

  • Skills
  • Website building
  • Writing articles
  • Blogging
  • Surveys
  • PPC
  • PPV
  • SEO
  • MLM
  • Ebooks to read
  • Stocktrading

Trust me when I say that that this is, at least in part, false.

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I also loved a bit near the end where the narrator states “[I am] not asking you for a single dime”, and then of course it asks you for money…

The Cost

It appears to be a cheap system, just $4.95, but this quickly jumps to $77 per month after a five day trial. Using the exit, but stay strategy, this drops to $2.95 and then to free but limited access.

What is it?

Copy A Millionaire is just one affiliate’s front for just a different affiliate system. In this case, it is Automated Paydays but honestly that video and sales page could lead you to any system.

The membership area contains a large amount of information, on various different topics.

Getting Started

This isn’t much more than just 6 basic steps on how to get started.

Website Builder

Build a single website for free, no hosting or domain required. This is a good way to get started, though I’m sure the upsell for domains and secondary websites will happen regularly.

The website is limited in size as well, you would need to upgrade to the VIP package (see below) to increase the number of pages allowed (or just buy your own hosting and domain…)


An internal upsell, choose from the Pro package at $79.95 or the VIP package at $497. The offerings here are pretty basic, for instance the Pro package will get you a premium domain name, unlimited subdomains, some banners and articles.

Fast Cash Strategies

Here you will find 4 e-books, and some example, downloadable landing page templates.

Core Strategies

Eleven e-books are available here, on various topics, from mailing lists to “making millions of pounds”!

A lot of the training is third party, meaning that it is from others outside of Automated Paydays, which does mean there are upsells and links to further systems.

Video Library

There are 7 tutorial style videos covering things like cPanel, social marketing and expired domains. Then there are a bunch of “guru” videos from the World Internet Summit.

Audio Library

This is a wide mixture of topics. I mean wide! It covers things you would expect such as product promotion, general marketing etc, but also has more generic business and motivational audio clips too.

The weird part for me was the inclusion of two hours’ worth of Numerology audio…

E-book Library

Another 11 or so e-books covering various basic topics like SEO, and blogging.

Time Saving Tools

This is mainly basic HTML templates and PLR content, plus a bunch of links to free and premium online resources. Overall, this stuff wasn’t that good, pretty much filler content in my opinion.

Your Resell Products

This is more PLR content that can be resold or given away should you really want to do that.

WordPress Essentials

25 step video tutorials on making a website. This is pretty basic stuff, but good for newbies.

Traffic Package

Another premium upsell…

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Traffic Library

Tools and guides for generating more traffic.

The Bottom Line

Copy A Millionaire is really just one affiliates way to get you into Automated Paydays. However, its sales video is pretty much full of lies. This is the list of what the video says you don’t need, along with my notes:

  • Skills – Of course you need skills. Otherwise, you could pay a monkey in peanuts to work for you.
  • Website building – Partially true, they will generate a site, but adding content is still “building” a website
  • Writing articles – False you will absolutely need to write
  • Blogging – This is just writing articles
  • Surveys – Our first real true! You do not need to fill out surveys
  • PPC – False, there is a detailed section on PPC which promotes it highly
  • PPV – True, I could find no mention of PPV
  • SEO – Partially false, there is content that refers to it
  • MLM – True.
  • Ebooks to read – The worst lie on this list! Automated Payday is full to the brim with e-books. That’s how most of its training is provided.
  • Stocktrading – True.

OK, so Automated Paydays is the real product here and it has enough data there to not be a scam.

Though there was some, I would have liked to have seen more unique content rather than the large amount of third party and PLR content thrown on there.

There is also a lot going on, newbies in particular will get overwhelmed, even with the getting started section. The question is whether it is good value for money or not.

At $77 per month it is quite costly and there are several expensive upsells thrown your way as well. Personally, I don’t think it is great value for money.

There are plenty of services out there with similar levels of training and upsells for less and there are even services with more training and no upsells for less.

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