Sometimes I wonder if I could write the same article and simply change the product name. While I think you would notice, and I’m sure Steve would notice, I think the articles would still be valid, and honest.

You see, I’m sat here reading through the sales page for Covert Cash Conspiracy and I am seeing the same stuff regurgitated onto the page. Too many bold, stressed adjectives; the generous use of random amounts of dollars earned in ridiculously short periods of time; the infamous “proof” of earnings; the slighting of other gurus because this one is, of course, honest and only here to help YOU; the fact that the product is so cheap yet will change your life; the fact that you need zero skills, knowledge or intelligence to use this system and make a killing.

A standard internet marketing product sales page then.

How much is this marvellous money making system?

$17 but if you click to leave the page but then click to stay on the page, you can pick it up for $12.

The affiliate screen shows that if you buy this you will be subjected to three “one time offers” or upsells to you and me, before getting access to the system, and then a cheeky upsell in the membership area.

What is it?

At this point I have no idea, you see the sales page wasn’t to inform me about the product merely to inform me that life sucks and this product will make it all better.

As the affiliate page promised I got barraged with the 3 upsells:

  • 1-on-1 Covert Coaching (Limited Spaces!) for $57
  • Covert Coaching Video Access for $19
  • Six Figure Success Club for $37

I didn’t purchase any of the upsells (edit: thankfully!).

Once I got access to the membership area, I found a rather basic looking page with a bunch of links, listed like chapters in a book.

There are 14 “chapters” available, ranging from covering things like market discovery and keyword research, through advert and sales copy and obtaining traffic and converting sales.

In essence this training is for the absolute newbie and is brief and basic to the point of being very bad value for money.

The training overall is basic and in places very thin, simply not providing a person new to internet marketing with enough information. If this product isn’t aimed at beginners, then the content certainly isn’t enough for an intermediate as they would have learnt most, if not all of this already.

There is nothing new here at all, there is no amazing system, it is simply telling you how to set up an affiliate website, and really doesn’t do a good job of that either.

Take the Keyword Research chapter, you could talk for quite some time about keyword research: how to go about it, should you use quotes, square brackets or nothing, how is Google Keywords good and bad, and much more.

I could summarize the chapter by saying: go to this site and type in keywords.

On the back of this, the next chapter suggests you to sign up to a PPC campaign to test the waters of your market. This would be good advice if there was already sound understanding of keywords etc, otherwise there is a potential for a newbie to throw hundred or more dollars at PPC without understanding how it works and how to interpret the results.

And this is all before learning how to create a website…

His advice on how to get traffic is to use outdated techniques like link building and article marketing. At one point he recommends a “traffic exchange” program. Sure, you might get a few clicks, but its non targeted traffic that likely won’t stick around for more than a few seconds.

And then there are the obvious grammatical errors and mistakes. For a paid product, you’d think it would have been proofread. Hell, the title of the member’s area is “Covert Cash Conspirac” Yes, they couldn’t even get the name of their site right.

I could go on but I think by now you understand that this is a hit and miss product, with some valid and perhaps useful information for a beginner, but mostly there is just not enough information or depth of information for it to be worthwhile.

There is a bonus option of signing up to “9 weeks of free training”, so that will be a mailing list then? My first training was a free e-book, PLR obviously, and while potentially useful, I don’t consider that to be training as such.

The Bottom Line: Is Covert Cash Conspiracy a Scam?

To me the entire purpose of this product is to barely get it past the scam level by providing some sort of content and using the opportunity to not only get your money for the product but to up sell and market to you on a continual basis.

Some may argue that that is the point of marketers, but here are ways of doing it. Try something like, oh I don’t know, providing value!

This product is basic quality content that you can get for free from pretty much anywhere within about ten minutes of Googling “learn affiliate marketing”.

I would save your cash and avoid this one if I were you.

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