I’ve reviewed a few things by internet marketer Alex Jeffreys in the past few months, and it seems that he is stepping up his game and releasing more and more products.

Overall, the products I have previously reviewed have been average; some good features, but often some negative aspects too.

His latest offering, Digital Product Machine, piqued my interest not because of the flashy sales page, or even the actual product. It got me interested because of the sales funnel.

He is offering his affiliates 100% commissions, on not just the front end offer, but also the one time offer AND also the recurring membership offer.

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The question that I hope you are also sharing is: where does Alex make his money?

With that in mind I picked up Digital Product Machine to take a closer look.

Alex Jeffreys on the Pitch

This is a pretty standard marketing pitch, not too hyped up (no flashy cars and bikini babes), but still containing the usual marketing suspects: scarcity timer, “proof” of earnings, testimonials with unbelievable earning reports, and so on.

The premise of the product is a 6 step guide on creating your own digital products and is aimed at new and unsuccessful marketers alike.

The first upsell if for a $17.00 product, Marketing with Alex Jeffreys. This isn’t a new product and he has used it before as a one-time offer.

The next one is the membership offer, a $27.00 a month cost to gain access to his IM Mastermind group.

After that come a downsell: the same IM Mastermind group offer but a $1 dollar 5 day trial.

Digital Product Machine Testimonial

Inside Digital Product Machine

After fending off the upsells, you are then forced to sign up to a mailing list in order to gain access to the actual product.

The product page is a single page deal. It contains 5 videos, a couple of MP3’s and 6 downloadable PDF’s and images.

The PDF’s and images are supplementary items such as checklists and mind maps.

The first video is just a 5 minute introduction video, nothing that really even needs watching.

The next is the Main Training video, which is 78 minutes long and consists of Alex talking whilst using mind maps, images and text documents to get his points across.

The first thing that struck me about this video was that I had thought I had already bought it.

Digging through the previous products from Alex, I discovered that it is remarkably similar to his previous offerings.

Digital Product Machine Video Screenshot
Looks familiar…

So similar in fact that I even heard a story about his dog and the sunshine, which I know for a fact I have heard before, and another story about a guy who made a truck load of cash from a resource guide.

Unfortunately I couldn’t track the product down, though it is likely it was in The Money Trigger a product I no longer seem to own.

What this leads me to believe is that this product is at least partly a rehash of existing products, from various sources.

The other thing is that I was expecting 6 separate videos; instead it seems that they are lumped into 3 videos that do not correlate with the 6 modules outlined on the sales page.

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This makes it really very hard to try and find something you wanted to doublecheck. This time round he does mention that a PDF guide is coming soon, but I will have to wait and see about that.

The information in the videos is OK, but nothing special. It covers a wide range of topics niche selection and product creation. It’s a very broad overview.

The next main video is a recording of a seminar Alex hosted. The 53 minute video doesn’t cover the whole of the seminar, only the section that discusses product creation.

The final video, Secret Affiliate Sniper, is a 78 minute discussion on some techniques to find affiliates to promote your product.

The Answer

After reviewing the product itself, I came to the conclusion that Alex is making money off this product via three main channels: affiliate links in his resource guide, future sales via his mailing list that you were forced to sign up to and potentially via you purchasing more of his future products because you might have enjoyed this one.

In other words, Digital Product Machine is a loss leader for Alex, a way to increase the size of his mailing list and grab some cheeky affiliate sales on the way.

The Bottom Line

Is Digital Product Machine a scam? No it isn’t, you do get several hours of video for your money and the advice and information is informative.

If you haven’t purchased an Alex Jeffreys product before then it’s not bad, and might be worth the $10 bucks.

If you have purchased any of his previous products though, then you might find a lot of this content is similar in vibe if not outright identical.

This rehash of products and the lack of consistency with the sales page and the actual product page may seem like minor issues to some people, but to me they are negative marks against the product.

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  • Paul

    I bought one of Alex Jeffrey’s products called Super Affiliate Sniper, which I found useful. I’m not sure about the software included with it yet as I haven’t tested it. Some people complained about how poorly done the transcript was, but that didn’t bother me. There was a lot of very good information for a very low price.

    One thing that does bother me a bit about the marketing of the Digital Product Machine is the use of specific income claims in the testimonials. I’m certainly not an attorney, so I could be way off base on this, but my understanding is that if the sales page targets U.S. citizens has to clearly disclose the results that consumers can generally expect when those types of testimonials are used.

  • Robert

    Thank you Dean!
    Finally found an honest review that confirmed what I felt initially.

  • Mt Davis
    Mt Davis

    I,m very familiar with Alex jeffreys, I cant say that he’s a complete rippoff, however he appears to have toned down is arrogance of a “know it all GURU” after watching what I would think is one of his latest promos, talking about he and his wife’s struggling so hard with a new baby, blah blah, very humble from his past rantings of because ‘i’m cool like that” he offers nothing that you cant get from 1000 other website guru want to be’s, he just dresses that same old lady in a new dress!

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