Easy Money Machines is being heavily promoted right now, so of course I had to check this out.

The sales pitch is pure video, pure hype and pure B.S. It is your typical hard marketing that oozes scam.

I skipped the sales pitch and just picked up the product, because I after seeing videos like this I can tell you exactly what’s in the video:

  • “Proof” of earnings that cannot be validated
  • Lots of cars, sunny locations, big houses and babes
  • A sales pitch that alternates between belittling you and pumping you up
  • A cheesy actor hosting it all.

The initial cost is $49 bucks, but if you pretend to leave enough times you can get it down to $9.

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Easy Money Machines Upsells

I was slightly surprised as there was only 3 upsells! I was expecting 6, maybe 7. Before that though there is a video and a lottery machine. Clicking the machine gets you bonus money machines. Awesome!

Easy Money Machines Lottery Ball

Do you know that feeling you get when you get something for free? Great isn’t it? Well, it doesn’t last.

The first upsell video says he isn’t going to give you the freebies. Instead for can pay the low, low price of $197 for unlimited money machines!

Don’t forget that he is promising that “You will reach over $100,000 a month … within a few days”.

I’m serious, that’s a quote from the video.  If anyone from the FTC is reading this, you should really check that video out.

Upsell two comes with a stark warning:

Easy Money Machines Scarcity Tactic

The paid actor then tries to convince you that the software is worth $225,000.00 dollars, but you can get it for the shockingly low price of $297. However, unless I missed it due to being stunned by this unexpectedly generous offer, they never state what the software actually does.

The final upsell is for the My Money Mastermind membership. This will set you back a further $175 bucks. Apparently it has a real world value of $19,000. It consists of: personal support, tele-seminars, 2 tickets to a seminar in L.A., and access to past products.

Easy Money Machines Upsell 3

If you want to get sold to even more, go ahead and buy it.

Inside the Membership Area

Skipping the wallet sucking upsells, I headed over to the membership area.

Easy Money Machines Members Area

As you can see from the above image, the majority of the page consists of adverts and access to upsells. Only a tiny, tiny portion of the screen consists of the actual product.

Step 1 – Sign up for an autoresponder

This is a promotion for another product called Pure Leverage, which is a $24.95 a month marketing tool suite. It includes some form of lead capture system, along with other tools. What it isn’t though is an auto responder.

Step 2 – Activate your “free money” site

Yes, my free site! Hang on a minute, this is just hosting from HostZilla: some scammy web host that is promoted by scammy marketers.  They push a two year service at $214.80. I would rather go with Hostgator and Hostgator suck!

Step 3 – The training

The first of the training videos is worrying and familiar at the same time.

It is a short video about installing the software, which is an Adobe Air program. The fact that it starts of by telling you are likely to get warnings and may need to reinstall Adobe Air is a little off-putting.

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I have also seen this product before. I remember it well because my anti-virus went crazy when I downloaded the software, deleting it instantly.

The training continues on mainly about how to use the software. It also has a video on creating graphics in an unknown graphics editor and on how to upload images to your Facebook page.

Step 4 – Support

Is this a step because after viewing everything else they know you will want a refund?

Well, what is it then?

In a nutshell, the product is a software program to create squeeze pages.

That’s pretty much it. There is no training on how to implement them once made or even why you should create a squeeze page.

I also couldn’t actually find access to the software downloads.

The Bottom Line: is Easy Money Machines a Scam?

Avoid this.

I was only going to write that one line, but perhaps I should clarify. This product is solely to get you onto their mailing list (and maybe other peoples mailing lists too) and to sell you a bunch of crap.

The training revolves around the software and there is no training on what the heck you’re meant to do with it all!

If you are a newbie you have suddenly got a product to make squeeze pages but no direction or knowledge on how that actually benefits you.

Perhaps one of the upsells has that information…

This software has been around before, and is being repackaged and rebranded for your purchasing pleasure.

Seriously guys and girls, keep your credit card in your pocket if this product hits your inbox. In fact, go one step further and unsubscribe from anyone pushing this garbage. Their only interest is to swindle money out of you. You don’t need that.

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  • Luke Yoshida
    Luke Yoshida

    “The initial cost is $49 bucks, but if you pretend to leave enough times you can get it down to $9.”

    – What are your thoughts on downsells? As a consumer, I feel cheated that I paid full price for something that I could have gotten a lot cheaper while someone (who barely even wanted the product) gets it for pennies.

    Heard a lot of things about this product, but will stay away. Thank you for the honest review!


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