According to some, Facebook is on a decline. That doesn’t mean it cannot be used for internet marketing though. While its user base might be changing (bye-bye teens, hello silver surfers!), it is still a powerhouse of a social media site and if played correctly, a brilliant way to get more visitors and more sales.

That’s what FB List Simplified is pinning its hopes on, as it is a course all about Facebook advertising.

The Pitch

It doesn’t say it but I doubt that this course is for newbies. You will need to have a site and email sequence in place to benefit from this sort of system, but of course the sales pitch barely touches on this, merely mentioning that module 2 is about squeeze pages.

The authors of the product seem to have English as their second language, which is fine, but for goodness sake spell check your sales pitch!

FB List Simplified spelling

…which is not spelling, obviously.

The Purchase

At the timer of writing the core product was a mere $7 bucks, but according to the affiliate page this will jump to the heady heights of $9.95 after the initial release is over.

Upsell 1 is a step by step overview of the PDF of the core product, with a couple of case studies thrown in for $17.00.

Upsell 2 is a bundle of 6 products that look like reseller products to me as they cover a variety of marketing facets. If you must, you can pick this up for another $17.00.

The Product

The e-book is split up into 5 modules, and the overall design is light, easy on the eye (dense text is never good) and liberally dotted with images.

FB List Simplified

Module 1

Apparently this module alone is worth $10 bucks, but for the page and a half you get (with image) I would disagree about its value.

While I doubt there’s much you can write about setting up a Facebook fan page, it did feel very brief.

Module 2

This module is about creating a squeeze page with a twist. Instead of using your own site, use Facebook itself.

It gives you two ways to create a squeeze page, both are third party websites and one is premium and the other is free. The instructions were fairly detailed, but I disliked the fact that they didn’t discuss a manual way to create and add the squeeze pages, but for $7 bucks I suppose you get what you pay for.

Module 3

This section covers how to find active Facebook users in your niche. Once more it advises you to buy another product to get the job done rather than explaining the process.

It does however give some decent ideas on how to get targeted Facebook users’ ID’s which is not to be sniffed at.

Module 4

Here you are guided through actually setting up the Facebook advert and it does go through it step by step. In fact it brings together the earlier modules and you may well get that “aha” moment while reading through this section.

Module 5

A very short section, it outlines how you can tweak the system to scale it up.

Bonus Time

This was more a list of broken links and shout outs to third party systems than actual bonuses.

The Bottom Line

Is FB List Simplified a scam? No, it isn’t, as you do get some bang for your buck.

Could it have been better? Most definitely it could have been. A cheap product usually leaves a lot to be desired and this e-book was no different.

It was quite light on content in places, though to be fair it did also cover other aspects in reasonable detail with plenty of visual aids.

What got me the most about this system was that it was geared to hawk other third party programs. While I get it that they will work and will of course speed up the process, this is not what I want to see from a product. I want it to tell me how I can do it and offer paid services as an extra rather than the paid service as the default route to go.

Also it doesn’t go into what you should do with the clicks, so definitely not one for newbies.

Overall it’s a cheap product that does give a basic grounding in Facebook adverts, but may well leave you with some unanswered questions.

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