This week’s internet marketing product review is for yet another mailing list related product.

It does seem that every week a mailing list product comes out, promising you the end of your financial and list building worries.

I get it that building a list is a very good way to make money online, but what exactly has the latest offering, List Dominion, got to offer, that the numerous ones before it couldn’t?

The Pitch

The focus of the sales letter is of course on how this product will improve your mailing list and earnings. The authors Jeff Baxter and Abdulmagid Zanati, suggest that by using their techniques your list can earn you as little as $16,490.95 per month.

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I really wish I knew how marketers come up with those figures…

Anyway, the pair goes on to provide the “proof” that their list has earned hundreds of dollars a day.

There are of course typical marketing techniques at play here, including the bolding and highlighting of text, but if I’m honest, it is a fairly tame sales letter with only the profit figures seemingly exaggerated.

Purchasing List Dominion

The core front end product is on a dime sale, so I picked mine up for just over $7 bucks, but looking at the affiliate page, it will cap at $17.00.

As is usual with such low price front end offers, there are a few upsells after the initial purchase.

The first is a $47 product that will provide you with 30 ready-made email templates to use on your list.

While I didn’t buy this, my gut feeling as these will be slanted towards just the “make money online” niche.

On declining, this offer is down sold at $27.

After that there is supposedly another upsell and downsell pair ($97 and $47 respectively), but I was not offered those, most likely as a result of not buying the first offer.

The Product

Once inside the members’ area, you are faced with a simple website that contains a welcome video and 2 links to a Facebook group and the training.

The problem I had though was that when I clicked the Training link, it didn’t do anything.

After some time, and some back and forth between the reasonably helpful support team, whatever the issues they had got resolved and I finally got access to the training!

Module 1: List Building

The training kicks off with an incredibly short video that basically just says: sign up to JVZoo, and apply to be a List Dominion affiliate.

After that is another really short video, advising you to sign up to GetResponse, via an affiliate link of course.

The first video of any real length comes up next and lasts about 8 minutes.

As you may have, the authors of this particular product prefer using GetResponse over other systems such as Aweber and have tailored their training accordingly.

This is a bit annoying as I personally use Aweber, so watching a video about a service I don’t use is boring as well as pointless.

The training is OK, it takes you by the hand and explains how to create an optin form using Get Response.

The aspect that has started to worry me this early in the training is that the focus of the product seems to be about promoting List Dominion itself.

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The training has you set up the form within the List Dominion website and it will create a sub site on the List Dominion website that you can send people to.

The next two videos explain what Solo Ads are and how to buy them via a Facebook group and how to create tracking links.

Module 2: Facebook

Thankfully module two provides some training that can be used elsewhere, though of course the training focuses on selling List Dominion.

The discussion here is about reaching out to your warm market, which consists of family, friends and acquaintances.

Personally I don’t think this market is ideal for anyone to market to for a variety of reasons: you’ll piss your friends off, you’ll piss your family off, and if you do it wrong you will look like a sleazy marketer.

Facebook for me is a haven away from marketing. I don’t want to promote List Dominion to them, and I wouldn’t promote anything else to them.

Maybe I’d stick an affiliate link in if I recommend something, but let’s face it: 99% of your friends and family will not be interested in buying List Dominion or any other online marketing product.

Of course, if your opinion differs, then go for it. The training is not too bad and does promote none spammy techniques such as contacting them privately about making money online in response to something on their timeline.

List Dominion Facebook message example

Yeah, not spammy at all.

The section covers posting swipes on your Facebook timeline. It mentions using tested and proven to work swipes but I couldn’t find access to them anywhere, they are probably in the upsell. At least you get to see one of them in the video…

The training in the next video covers improving your profile page and networking and building relationships with entrepreneurs.

From their it goes on to discuss how to handle your responses to peoples messages.

Module 3: $20,000 Mailout

This series of 3 videos covers utilising your growing mailing list to make money.

Firstly it covers methods that can be used to make sure that your list is a list of buyers who trust what you have to say and offer.

After that it covers how to figure out your offer and price mainly based on consultancy work, thus the high ticket price of $20,000.

Jeff was clear that this will take time and effort and he’s right – getting to a stage where you can charge $20,000 in consultancy fees will require a lot of time and effort!

Finally the last video segment covers closing a deal over the phone. Personally this didn’t interest me as much as offline sales are not my thing. Overall though he went through some fairly standard but interesting techniques on closing deals.

The Bottom Line

I am biased with my review, because I do hate Facebook marketing – I know it can and does work, but I have an aversion to it as I do not see it as a platform for marketing but instead for communicating with friends and family. If I want to market on a social network, I’ll go to Twitter or Google+.

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That being said the training you get is OK, it does go into detail where needed and provides some good tips and tricks.

As with any training it has flaws: such as some areas getting too much focus when really it doesn’t need it (4 or 5 minutes on a Facebook profile banner is too much in my opinion).

While the focus of the product is of course on promoting itself, there are techniques in here that can be used outside of this product and even outside of the making money online niche.

Overall, it’s an OK product for building a list via Facebook marketing.

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