Quick Summary of Lucky Rich Kid

Rating: 1 BS, then lies, then more BS - it deserves its 1 rating.

The Good: I could not see any pros for this system.

The Bad: It's not a genuine system; it uses paid actors for testimonials; it cannot provide valid, real proof of earnings. All in all it's a scam.

The Bottom Line: This so called "system" only offers a high risk, no guarantee of making money online: Binary Options. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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Lucky Rich Kid Review

The video opens with profanity and an actor hamming it up professing how much he hates the “Lucky Rich Kid” and that he wants him to die.

Lucky Rich Kid (another actor) comes up next and talks about how people like that, and friends and family, are upset (jealous perhaps?) of him being a 19 year old millionaire.

Lucky Rich Kid

Very much just an actor.

His revenge consists of taking alleged strangers and teaching them how to make $15k in 20 minutes.

These strangers then appear on the video to give testimonials, but unsurprisingly they are also actors!

Lucky Rich Kid Barry

Generatecashbiz is a Binary Options testimonial legend. He has appeared in all the “great” Binary Options scams.

Lucky Rich Kid Stevie and Jane

Need a fake testimonial? Hire this cute couple on Fiverr.com.

After the fake user testimonials, Lucky Rich Kid lets you know exactly how generous he is: he advises that 10 lucky individuals will be given this system for free, so put your credit cards back in your wallets folks…

The BS in this video is outstanding! It makes some outlandish claims, such as making $15k not by the end of the month, not the week, not even the day. It says you will make $15k by the end of the video!

How it expects that to happen or how it expects you to believe such BS is unknown, but it certainly gives it a go!

He goes on to tell you that you will make your first million dollars 12 weeks from now, guaranteed.

Let’s face it folks Lucky Rich Kid is taking you for a ride here: the likelihood of someone making $1.2 million dollars in 12 weeks is remote. The only way I can see that happening is if you invest several million or win the lottery.

There’s no such thing as a get rich quick scheme and yet that is exactly what Lucky Rich Kid is touting here.

What made me laugh was the statement that “this is 100% legal and ethical”!

Binary Options, the underlying system that Lucky Rich Kid promotes, is legal. Whether it is ethical is debatable but it is legal.

However, Luck Rich Kids methods of pushing you towards signing up to their Binary Options broker are most definitely circumspect.

I think any fair trade organisation would have a field day picking apart this website!

The fact that they have to specifically state that this system is 100% legal should make warning bells ring in your head, and so should the fact that the narrator advises that all you need to do is “simply point, click, and profit”.

Anything that promises to make you money on autopilot or with very minimal input is dodgy!

Lucky Rich Kid bank account

Screenshots like this offer no proof and can also be very easily faked.

As with most of these Binary Options scams, the next part of the video covers several well-worn tropes.

First comes the “greed” part, where the host talks about all those shiny things you could buy; fast cars, fancy holidays, big homes, etc.

After that is the “best thing ever” trope, where the narrator asserts that the Lucky Rich Kid app is “unlike anything you have ever seen before”. Pretty much every Binary Option scam tries to use that statement!

The next one up is the “I’m a sucker too” trope. Here the narrator tells you that he too has tried every way of making money online, failed at them all, that is until he found Binary Options, the wonder drug of making money online!

The final trope here is the “it fell into my lap” trope. This details how the narrator was lucky and met/found/saw/built/was given by aliens, some special/one of a kind/unique/secret/alien software that makes millions in seconds.

In Lucky Rich kid, he somehow found his way to chatting in a forum that was frequented by software engineers and traders. What a fortuitous find!

I am always amazed how people can believe this kind of crap, but then I remember my own wide eyed excitement when I first started looking to make money online.

I was so excited and eager, that I let the obvious fakery and shams slide right by. It’s easy to fool yourself into believing something is real, it’s harder to wake up and smell the binary BS!

Inside Lucky Rich Kid

After signing up and moving to the next stage, you will be faced with yet another form (this time for the broker), yet more fake user testimonials, and trade data that could be from anywhere!

The “app” is shown to you once you sign up gain, but of course, it doesn’t do anything until you deposit your money!

This app is merely the brokers own binary signals software that has been white labelled.

This type of software is highly ineffective, being little more than a computer making guesses for you.

It certainly won’t make you $15k in 20 minutes, unless of course you throw money at it (which is the brokers hope).

Event throwing $15,000 of your own money at this system doesn’t mean you will make $15,000 in return!

Binary Options is high risk, almost akin to gambling!

The Bottom Line

Lucky Rich Kid is yet another Binary Options scam in a long list of Binary Options scams.

Its use of paid actors for its main narrator and especially for the testimonials weakens its legitimacy. The story behind how this system was created is flimsy at best, with more ham than the best made for TV movie!

The fact that the actual person behind this system is affiliated to a Binary Options broker AND has his own affiliates to spread it around, simply nails the coffin lid shut. All that Lucky Rich Kid is designed to do is to get you to open your wallet and deposit money at the broker.

As such, my advice is to avoid Lucky Rich Kid, it’s a scam!

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