When was the last time you checked your email on your phone? What about browsing the internet on your iPad or tablet? Did you buy any presents recently from either of those?

I would be happy to place a bet that the majority of you have done at least one of those things in the past week, and I reckon that some of you will have done them more often!

Mobile internet is here and it’s here to stay.

The growth is not only browsing online from your phone or tablet, but making purchases has been steadily rising, and marketers being marketers, they have jumped on this bandwagon with two feet, and rightly so!

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Today I’m going to take a look through one of the many mobile marketing products that are sprouting up: Mobile Money Siphon.

What’s the Cost?

This is a Warrior Special Offer and it is on a dime sale. I got it for $9 but the affiliate page says this will end up at $12.

Apparently there is two one time offers (upsells) but I only saw the one, a bunch of mobile templates for $17. The second is more templates for $37, so maybe you need to purchase the first offer before the second becomes active.

What do you get?

The member’s only site contains 9 different sections containing a variety of media, there were 6 PDFs and 3 sections contained 4-7 short videos, each one lasting roughly 4-10 minutes.

There was surprising little in the way of upsells, as normally these membership areas are rife with adverts and further merchandise. There was the OTO that came up earlier, and a random free gift of some images, that actually ended up going to a 404 page.

The PDF content is short, roughly 30 pages per PDF, except the last two which are only 5 and 7 pages long, and the content is well spaced out, so what initially appears to be a lot of content can be boiled down fairly rapidly.

Also the author has a habit of trying to be overly excited via text: How does this all sound????? I hope it sounds good!!!!!! OK so it’s not like that throughout thankfully, but when you see it, it grates a little.

That said, it always about quality not quantity, so how does Mobile Money Siphon fare? Let’s step through each section.

Section 1

If you have even a glimmer of knowledge about mobile marketing, have zero interest in the authors success and know how to set up a domain, hosting and WordPress site, skip this PDF.

Section 2

Now we start to get into the meat of the subject! This section starts you off with some options on how to create mobile ready websites and simple mobile apps, without typing a line of code. OK so it uses premium services, but they seemed reasonable in costs.

The overview is fairly brief, but substantial enough to get a grasp on the different ways that this could be used.

Section 3

Here you will find out more about how to find clients, covering some basic stuff, but maybe something that people don’t focus on when learning internet marketing: real life people.

The author discusses ways in which you can get hold of real people to try to sell them a mobile website. Of course one key aspect here is direct contact via email and phone, so not for the faint hearted, but he does offer some good advice on how to word emails, etc.

There is some advice on how to cold call, so he isn’t leaving you hanging here, and for those with a desire to make this work, calling isn’t too bad, as he says in the e-book, just talking to people rather than selling to them is often a better tactic.

Section 4

Cold calling isn’t the only way and this section covers other ways to get business both on and offline. There isn’t anything new, think Facebook and PPC, but there are some reminders about things that you may not always think about, such as your local Chamber of Commerce.

Section 5

These short videos work through using a WordPress theme to create an alternate mobile website for your clients. It literally tells you from scratch how to install, and set up the plugin along with another plugin to redirect to the mobile site.

Section 6

This section covers how to send SMS messages with an autoresponder, which was really interesting, and goes on to cover the Aweber form and QR codes amongst other things.

Section 7

Having a website is all good and well, but the point of it is to create business, and this whole section covers driving traffic to your site and what to do with it once it’s there. This is pretty standard fare, though there are some interesting ideas thrown about including having a demo of the SMS system and so on.

Section 8 & 9

The two really short e-books, the first goes over a novel way to promote your business and the second is on finding keywords.

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The Bottom Line

Is Mobile Money Siphon a scam? Not at all, you do get some back for your buck.

If you are looking for a good introduction into mobile marketing and how to find different services to aid you and methods to find business then this is a pretty good starting place. It has some different angles and focuses on offline marketing as well as online marketing: the author knows that this style of product has to be sold to people and that for the most part, those people are not looking for a mobile site as they may not even know their site looks crappy on a phone.

It has its downsides: it could go into more details in certain areas, and the spelling errors and weird typos make reading the e-books a little tiresome at times. I mean come on; a little effort would be nice when you are selling a product.

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