Most online marketers will at some point realize that selling their own product provides a higher return on investment that promoting other peoples products. Creating your own product also helps broaden your business portfolio to ease risk of one aspect of your business tanking.

That being said, there is an inherit risk to creating your own product: if it fails to sell, you have wasted a lot of time and effort, and probably some cash as well.

Being a product creator myself, I was intrigued to see what Product Creation Renegade could offer people who want to take that risk.

The Purchase

The product can be picked up from Warrior Forums on a dime sale. If you do pick it up check their first as it was going for .45 when I purchased it, while their main site is selling it at $47. As such, the price may eventually rise.

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I did run into an issue with obtaining login details, but I received a response to my support request within the hour, a pleasant surprise, and the product author Mark got me access very quickly.

No Surprise

There was an upsell, of course, but only one. It was a pack of 7 different products from various authors that seem to complement the main product, for $10 or so.

This was on a dime sale so the cost has likely risen now. The products cover different areas which could be useful such as copywriting examples, WordPress plugin creation, video creation etc.

While I didn’t pick this up, it looked like the products were hand-picked to augment the core product quite well, better than most upsells which are often wildly unrelated.

Product Creation Renegade

Product Creation Renegade

Product Creation Renegade is a one-time fee membership site. It is video training and consists of four broad sections taking you through the process step by step: Ideation, Planning, Creation, and Selling.

If you are a reader rather than a watcher, you’re out of luck; there are no transcripts (boo!). That being said, the average video length is a mere 4 minutes or so. This makes them very easily digestible.


This is in fact a real word, go figure! It means “the process of creating new ideas”.

This is exactly what the videos cover, albeit briefly. There is certainly no handholding in these videos, Mark offers a way to do research, but leaves the exact nature open ended.


An interesting part of this section covers breaking the product development into smaller subsections. As well as that he covers planning out a sales funnel and other aspects such as bonus products.

It would have been awesome to have been able to download the mindmap or an image of the mindmap that he was using, as a reference point. However you are left squinting at the video trying to make notes on the process.


The largest of the sections, at least in terms of video numbers, creation covers the act of getting the product made, from thinking about branding, to what media you will use (i.e. will it be a PDF e-book, video, membership site, etc.).

He breaks down the various types of products into their own videos which is handy. The e-book video is perhaps the longest in the entire product, coming in at a heavyweight 8 minutes. It does a decent job of breaking down the various parts of an e-book.

Mark even discusses using multiple formats for your product, for example e-books can be in PDF, epub, mobi, etc.).

Product Creation Renegade


This section includes 4 videos covering different aspects of the marketing of your product: sales letters, sales funnel, tool and affiliates.

Once more this is general advice and a high level overview. For example, in the sales letter video the general advice is to use existing successful sales letters as a basis for your own (without plagiarism of course). As well as that there was mainly recommendation of different products to read. If you are hoping these videos will make you a copywriter, you will be disappointed.

The sales funnel was quite interesting, with an explanation of EPC (Earnings Per Click), but it was still not detailed enough.

You also get access to a free 36 page e-book on product pricing.

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Bits and Bobs

Product Creation Renegade also contains access to the upsell content if you purchased it, a list of all of the author’s previous products (of which there are many) and the ubiquitous resources section.

The Bottom Line: Is Product Creation Renegade a Scam?

I would consider this product to be a high level overview of product creation rather than dealing with the details. As such if you want to get started with product creation but are not sure how to start, then this may help.

There was two things missing from Product Creation Renegade, and they are intertwined: more detail and an example product.

For example, in the planning section, he discusses how to map out a product into different phases and deliverables. What the heck is a deliverable? I have a rough idea, but without an example product I was left grasping for my own answers.

At the price point I purchased it for, this lack of detail is somewhat forgivable. However, if I had bought it for $47 like the main website suggests, I would have been seriously underwhelmed.

Is Product Creation Renegade a scam? No it isn’t, there is certainly some reasonable content for your money, and there are some interesting ideas in there.

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