This week’s internet marketing product review is for Simple JV Cash. This product is aimed at existing marketers and email marketing.

The author, AJ Montaya, seems to be fairly new to product creation; either that or he keeps his marketing methods fairly subdued.

The sales page of course contains aspects to get the buyer excited, such as unprovable “proof” of earnings, and a sob story about being swindled by other marketers.

The video though is extremely short and to the point, with no hype or BS thrown in.

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Perhaps he is just an honest marketer, we shall see.

Simple JV Cash Sales Proof

Buying Simple JV Cash

The purchase process was standard. The product is on a dime sale, maxing out at $9.95.

According to the affiliate page there are several up and downsell’s involved in the purchase.

However I only came across the one upsell, for a WordPress plugin that allows you to create customised pages.

I didn’t even look at this as many premium themes already come with a built in page builder and there are also several free plugins that do the same, especially as the price tag was around $30 bucks.

The members’ area

After the purchase you need to sign up as a member to the Simple JV Cash site. Inside the members’ area, you of course get access to your e-book.

As well as that there are 4 videos outlining the product in case reading isn’t for you.

There are also various “recommended products” (read adverts) and a few bonus products that while free will no doubt get you added to various email lists.

Simple JV Cash Sales Funnel

The e-book

Including the cover, legal mumbo jumbo and table of content, the e-book comes to only 28 pages long.

That being said, it is light on images and formatted well enough that there is plenty of text (and hopefully information!) in it to not make it feel like a rip off from the get go.

The premise of the product is nothing new: picking a product and marketing it to a list.

In fact it’s quite basic email marketing information that you can get from most places, though he does throw in some subtle twists.

The e-book covers these broad topics:

  • Picking An Offer
  • Creating Your Bonus Package
  • Creating Your Presell Page
  • Creating Your Download Page
  • Writing Your Emails
  • Delivering Your Bonuses

Overall each section is fairly brief, but the author does run down the bare necessities required in each topic.

The Picking An Offer section, is not that detailed as it is aimed at least semi-experienced marketers. He does shy away from the norm slightly by advising you to use an aggregation site called MunchEye.

An aspect that I like about AJ’s e-book is his absolute focus on quality. In the Creating Your Bonus Package section he talks about finding free or cheap products that can be used to entice people to buy the main product you are promoting.

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One area he covers here is PLR (Private Rights Label) products. I detest these as for the most part they are either outdated or just plain bad. He makes it clear that you have to select the quality ones if using this method; otherwise your email list subscribers will hate you for it.

He also provides some different methods than just PLR products, which is good to see.

Creating Your Presell Page is a very short crash course in landing page design. In my humble opinion it is too brief to be really useful, and doesn’t cover things like A/B testing. That being said, it will get you a basic landing page created.

Creating Your Download Page is a very short section about, weirdly enough, creating a page to add your bonus products too.

If you are looking for email writing advice, then you will be out of luck with the Writing Your Emails section. While it covers creating an email, it is about how to write those obviously salesy email that marketers send out. This might be OK if you already have a list used to that style, but I would be wary trying it with a list used to a softer approach.

The section on Delivering Your Bonuses provides to the point instructions on how to do this on a specific platform as well as an alternative.

The Bottom Line

While the content of Simple JV Cash is far from being something new, I have to say it was not bad. It certainly is not a scam, as you do get something of value for your money.

The writing style was friendly and easy to read and the information it contained would be useful to someone who wants to try to improve their email marketing. This is especially the case with a “dead” list that only contains people that don’t buy.

It doesn’t offer a complete package, it expects you to already be a marketer and have a list.

Overall for the price it isn’t bad, but it may leave you a bit clueless or wishing for more details, depending on your level of experience.

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