Quick Summary of The Freedom Project

Rating: 1 I'd give it 0 if I could

The Good: Absolutely none that I could see.

The Bad: It lies. It lies some more. It lies a bit more after that. It might steal your credit card details. Oh, and it lies a bit more.

The Bottom Line: This "system" not only lies to you,, but it only offers a high risk, no guarantee of making money online: Binary Options. If you want a way to build a real business, read my top recommendation.

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The Freedom Project Review

Marketers like to focus on areas of people’s lives where they think they have no control. The marketers like to poke and prod at these sensitive parts of our psyche to elicit a response, hopefully one that will end up with someone like you buying whatever it is they are selling.

Binary Options marketers are no different. In fact, in some ways, they are very good marketers: they know precisely which buttons to press and when to do it in order to get you motivated.

The amazing thing is that they can do it once, in a video for example, and have it affect thousands of people.

This week’s review is for The Freedom Project, and as you may have guessed, their primary button pushing revolves around your financial freedom, or lack thereof.

The Pitch

Normally, Binary Options affiliates go all out with countdown and timers and “evidence” of the systems success and plaster it all over their site.

The Freedom Project seems to avoid all of this and chooses to just have a hype filled sales video instead.

The video starts off with some random graphics about validating your email and logging you in and other nonsense.

It then goes straight for the throat with images of bank account and PayPal balances showing vast earnings: suggesting that these are earned via this system, whereas the reality is that they were either earned elsewhere or are simply doctored images.

I especially like the one that reads $15, 244, 048.88 EUR (EUR stands for the Euro currency), they can’t even get faking their images right!

the freedom project doctored image

You had one job!

Next up comes the Fiverr crew. These guys and gals are (poorly) paid actors offering their fake testimonial services on Fiverr.com. I’ve seen tons of these guys on different Binary Options videos before, plus you could tell some of them were simply reading a script.

Allegedly, the narrator of the video earns over $2.4 million a year from this system.

the freedom project 2 point 4 million

As predicted the video continues with a sob story that you can probably relate to: working long hours at a shitty job, with bills coming out of your ears and a mountain of debt.

The marketer behind The Freedom Project want’s to understand that he too was in this position, but now he has this amazing push button system that helped him live the high life, and it can help you too. Of course, it’s lies. It’s just an unethical marketer using everything in his toolbox to get you hooked.

I have to say, the next story that comes out of this guy’s mouth could and should be made into a Hollywood movie.

Apparently, after a karma inducing holiday he unwittingly stopped someone running off with a stolen laptop. The owner was so grateful he started investing $250 of the narrators money and made him a fortune. Eventually the geek gave him a copy of this miracle software.

The rest as they say is history. Oh and they all walked off into the sunset, or lived happily ever after, or got the girl, or saved the world.

Does it really matter how it ended? After all it is just a story, and a pretty bad one at that! (Yeah I lied about it being good enough for a movie).

The video proceeds to go on about how now he wants to pass on the karma to you and all you need to do is invest $250 of your own money.

Signing up to The Freedom Project

The sign up process for this system is almost the same as all the other Binary Option systems out there, but shockingly it doesn’t ask for your email upfront, instead it pushes you to a secondary page.

This page includes the broker sign up form (nothing new there), and this is where all the usual mischief is located.

This mischief includes so called “100% real proof” of real customers, who likely have simply had their photos stolen from the internet.

This page also holds the countdown timer of number of copies left (faked of course) and the money generated ticker (yet more fakery).

the freedom project expired website

More mischief: it never expired, it’s just lies.

It also includes data of current trades. This data seems real but it does prove that this information is from this system.

In fact I’ve been investigating the website that this data links from, one BinaryBonus.net, and while I’m still making inquiries it looks like my initial gut feeling has proven true: the same data is being used for countless different Binary Options websites, but each simply has a different style to it.

The Freedom Project - fake data

The broker in this case is Imperial Options, but worryingly the deposit transaction doesn’t go through their site but instead through a website called BinaryPromos.com. I have no idea what relation that website is but it certainly doesn’t seem legitimate. While it has SSL security (which you can get for free or cheap), it doesn’t mean that what THEY do with your card information is secure or even legal –so beware!

The Bottom Line

As with all websites that push Binary Options, The Freedom Project is just a bunch of hot air. It promises the world but has absolutely nothing to back it up.

Then there is the uncertainty of who is handling your transaction: if it was the broker I’d be marginally more satisfied, but as they themselves are not registered in the US, I’d still be worries.

Even if you took the risk and signed up, there’s no guarantee that you will make money. Binary Options is a fool’s game: high risk, with little reward.

My advice is to avoid The Freedom Project and all other Binary Options systems.

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