This week’s product review is for Ultimate Profit Empire, which I want to shout out in one of those action movie voiceover voices: Ultimate! Profit!! Emmpiiiiire!!!

What got me initially interested in this product, barring the crazy name, were its customer testimonials who are apparently real people. Whether they know about these testimonials is a different matter though.

They talk of large amounts of cash in very short time periods: $15,126 in the first 4 days, and $6,680,50 in 5 days.

These are crazy numbers often associated with hyped up, yet poor products just to out to grab your hard earned dollars.

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The Promises

The sales page continues on with insinuations of large figure earnings, the author himself who is a Brit called Alex Jeffreys, states that with this system he earned $4,833.33 per day over a 30 day period. That equals $1,739,998.80 per year.

The sales pitch doesn’t deviate much from the norm; it states that you basically don’t need any knowledge, skills, money or ideas to make a ridiculous amount of cash quickly.

The Purchase

Nothing unusual here either, after purchasing you are hit with two upsells.

The first is for a product called Marketing with Alex Live. This will set you back $17. It comprises of a seven step formula to show you how to create bucket loads of cash quickly.

Does it sound familiar?

Well let me tell you that the seven modules have very similar names to the ones outlined for Ultimate Profit, in fact some of them have the same name that is on the sales pitch!

The second upsell is for a membership site which you can join for $27 dollars now and then just $27 per month after that. Refusal of this will get you the opportunity to test it for five days for $1 and then of course the monthly fee of $27.

The Product

On the inside, I found 8 videos making up the seven different modules (although named differently than in the sales letter which was confusing).

There is also a PDF e-book covering the system in general and a bunch of other small downloads along the lines of mind maps, email swipes, and example sales pages.

The videos are individually quite short 7 minutes to 25 minutes, only totalling about 1 and a half hours, which could be good or bad. It means they are either thin with information or he doesn’t waffle like so many of these narrators do.

Module 1 – The “CA$H Now” video

A short introduction video that lays out what this system is really about. Alex wants you to build a “get rich forever” system, and to do that you need to create your own information product to sell.

That is the system in a nutshell, how to create your own information product and sell it.

Module 2 – Green light system

Another short video outlining his process to keep you focused on the task at hand. It’s fairly simple and I suppose if stuck to it could be beneficial.

If you are already prone to distractions I’m not sure it will help, but it would be worth a go, no harm, no foul.

Module 3 – Niche research and market intel

This is one of the longer videos and oddly enough it discusses niche research. I have to say this is all pretty basic stuff, but Alex does try to drill into you how important this step is and to pick a niche that is not only profitable but one that is fulfilling for you, one that you will enjoy working on.

Module 4 – Product creation

Another long video and this one has some very interesting real life examples of people creating products. These little stories were actually quite inspiring, showing you how you can take a simple idea, a simple problem, and turn it into a product

The information, as with the rest of the product, is somewhat thin as he never goes into the nitty gritty of product creation.

However I actually think that is a good thing. The concept here is to get you focused on what should be done and not to worry so much about it being perfect.

Module 5 – Sales copy

Pretty short, the bottom line being to outsource it or do it yourself. Not overly helpful. There is an audio file that goes through some of the basics of creating a sales page, i.e. headlines, show a problem, provide a solution, etc.

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Module 6 – Automated website

Alex uses a 3 page website set up as an example as he is a self-confessed technophobe, which I think will resonate with a lot of people.

He keeps it simple and to the point, but discusses affiliates and one time offers as well which was quite good.

Module 7 – Traffic

As with most of Ultimate Profit Empire, the traffic section doesn’t go into a lot of details, but it does provide a starting point. He focuses on two main traffic types as the preferred options: paid for traffic via adverts and the use of affiliates to drive traffic.

Module 8 – Backend

This module was a brief discussion on cross promotion on the product download page.


If you’re a regular reader of my articles you will know I’m not a fan of video guides, and I was glad that Ultimate Profit Empire had a transcript of the videos.

It’s just a shame it was really poor quality with plenty of mistakes and confusing sentences. To be fair some of those were from the way Alex phrases things, but others were just simple spelling and grammar errors, which irks me.

The Bottom Line

Firstly I want to say that this isn’t a scam. You get plenty of information to cover the cost of the product, including affair number of unannounced products.

I was in two minds about whether or not the product itself was any good. It is definitely aimed at beginners, and none of the information itself was new.

But here’s the thing, even with the information being light, the way it was packaged was to focus you into doing one thing at a time and progress that way.

With that in mind I think it’s not a bad product at all, just don’t expect hand holding and be prepared to take action.

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