When I first looked at Your First Commissions I quickly skipped past it, thinking I had reviewed it before. Then it dawned on me that I actually hadn’t, and that the reason I had thought I had reviewed it was because I had seen the sales video before.

It just wasn’t the sales video for this particular product!

How could I pass up reviewing a product that is using a regurgitated sales video? I couldn’t!

Way Too Many Prices

I believe that the quality of an internet marketing product is often directly linked to the amount of times you can reduce its price by leaving the page but clicking the “stay on this page” pop up, as well as the number of up and down sells thrown your way.

This isn’t exactly hard science, but it has proven to be an effective way of determining the quality of a product in my experience.

Your First Commissions by “Trey Stevens” certainly “hits it hard”, offering up a straight discount for the product from $67 to $37. However with some exit clicks and giving them my email I got this dropped to $17, then $12, finally landing on $7 bucks.

They obviously want my business badly, and it goes to show that these products can almost be worthless.

After purchase the upsells come, and if I was to buy the upsells I would have been glad of the savings for the main products as these do not come cheap.

First off we have a coaching session that will set you back a cool $197, unless of course you decline, in which case you can pick it up for just $97. The upsell/downsell swings continue for the next thing on offer a keyword/niche strategy going for $195 then $95.

The final one is an autopilot app of some kind being pushed for $67 and down to $47.

Let’s recap those figures. If you had bought everything for top dollar, you would have paid out $496. Even if you got everything on the cheap, it would have cost you $246.

This sort of hit ‘em hard strategy is one I detest. Upsells happen. That’s marketing. But this isn’t marketing; it’s just a way of trying to squeeze the poor customer dry before they figure out they actually don’t need any of this.

The Product

Why is it that some products have zero customer service? I don’t mean bad customer service, I mean absolutely none!

After purchasing Your First Commissions I got an email from them, but rather than it being login details it was a poor quality marketing email.

I waited for a while, a few hours in fact, but nothing came through.

I sent an email and waited some more.

Later on that day another email popped into my inbox, and I thought that at last an apology and login details had arrived.

I was disappointed; it was just another sales email from them.

I sent a further email to them querying what was wrong and why I could not access my purchased product.

The next day I received another email. Can you guess what it was? That’s right, it was yet another sales email!

As of three days later I have still not received anything so I will test their refund policy instead.

Judging by their response time to my emails, I won’t be holding my breath for a refund.

Further Research

In order to at least give you an idea of what Your First Commissions actually is, I hit the books aka Google.

I wasn’t that surprised when I discovered that this isn’t a new system at all, in fact it’s an old style of system that I thought we had all seen the back of when Google changed its algorithms several years ago: Auto Blogging.

If you aren’t aware of Auto Blogging, it is when a system is set up to automatically produce content for you.

This might sound like a dream come true but it isn’t.

Auto blogged content falls into two categories. The first is spun content (an article which has its wording changed automatically) which normally ends up being nonsensical drivel. The second being scraped content, content literally taken from another site, in which case your will get penalised for duplicate content.

In short Auto Blogging is BAD.

The Bottom Line: Is Your First Commissions a Scam?

Avoid this one at all costs!

Not only is the product itself likely to be detrimental to your site and business, but the absolute lack of any customer support is simply unacceptable.

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