Sometimes I come across a money making system that interests me not for the claims of money being made, but by who is promoting it and who is supporting it.

Easy Paycheck Formula 2 is a product by Sara Young, one of the few publicly known and successful female internet marketers. The product has also been endorsed by another well-known female figure in the industry, so I figured with all this girl power going on it has to be interesting.

The system is currently only available on Warrior Forum and the sales page is long! It is fairly standard: testimonials, and uncorroborated earnings screenshots, etc.

Digging into the affiliate side of the product it’s interesting to note that she is offering a 100% commission. What does that mean? It means that she is giving away the product if an affiliate lead turns into a sale, so there has to be another way she will make money, probably via further products being pushed at you and possibly a monthly fee involved.

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The Purchase

As with any modern day internet marketing product and as I thought due to the 100% commission, there are of course upsells.

  • Upsell 1: An over the shoulder video series of 6 videos that walks you through the system you have purchased – $47
  • Upsell 2: A set of secret tools and one years’ worth of monthly hints and tips – $197
  • Downsell 1: The same as upsell 2, but on a monthly payment basis. A dollar for the first seven days, then $27/month ($324/year).
  • Upsell 3: Just the tools from upsell 2, instead of everything – $47

Finally There!

After negotiating the pitfalls of the after purchase upsell frenzy, I managed to get my first look inside.

The membership area is a single page with 8 sections to it.

A Surprise Bonus

This section contains 6 videos detailing different tools and services that you can use, most free with one or two premium thrown in (but with free options which is good). They are short, to the point with reasonable to good production value.

The Easy Paycheck Formula 2 e-book

The e-book itself is a fairly meaty 171 page document. I’ll cover it more below.

Another Surprise Bonus

This will be a surprise: it will come via mail, so I am suspecting an upsell rather than a gift, but I will await the e-mail to see.

The Quick Start guide

A pared down version of the main system, really pared down, just 14 pages.

A Recorded Webinar

This is a one hour long webinar recording about using along with a written PDF with notes and links in.

A Live Webinar

When I purchased the product it hadn’t occurred, so if you do end up buying this, you may get to see the live version or a recorded version.

The Inspiration Board

A small forum dedicated to posting your successes with the system. There were about 20 posts when I checked and it was mainly back patting, nothing really to learn from but I suppose it’s always nice to see success and to be congratulated on your success. The system is fairly young, a few months old, so it is perhaps understandable that this forum is so small.

I always look for some community when checking out these types of systems, and I rarely find one. With luck, this might become more than just an exercise in back patting.


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Offering free lifetime updates, all I had to do was sign up below, but the only thing below was an advert to a third party system (and surprisingly labelled as a “recommended partner resource” which you don’t see often). I’m sure that was a mistake.

What is the Easy Paycheck Formula 2?

The system in a nutshell is a basic affiliate system, using methods that have been around for quite some time now and have been documented in other systems.

In short you create a free site with hosted services such as Squidoo, fill it with content and with affiliate links from Amazon (or someone else) and drive traffic to it with Google and other methods and with luck generate sales.

There is nothing new here.

If you are new to online marketing, then it is likely that this is a good starting point for you, the risks are low, the costs are minimal (the purchase of Easy Paycheck Formula 2 and time) and it is a good proving ground for learning how to research products, keywords and how to write interesting copy that will drive people to the product sites.

What it does do though, is take you by the hand and guide you through the processes and steps in detail, from getting a niche picked to getting traffic.

It has some good points to make: one example is how to check that the product you are looking at is one that people will actually buy (I know from experience that what you think people want, often isn’t what people want!).

She provides plenty of links to resources, including videos she has made, and other tools and resources that are just plain useful and also mentions things that might easily be overlooked or not thought about including copyright issues for free images and topics/niches to avoid.

Everything is step by step with plenty of pictures to help you figure out what is actually going on and what you should be doing.

The Bottom Line

There is nothing ground breaking about this product, but for people new to internet marketing or someone that has had a little success but wants a detailed, step by step plan to try to generate money then this is a pretty good product.

I see it as a starter kit for people, there isn’t anything in here to create a long term business, but it could well help you in the beginning.

My main concern with this is that it is using older techniques focusing heavily on building lenses and pages on sites that you have no control over. She mentions in the e-book about having your mini-sites removed and that is certainly the highest risk of this type of system: having to follow someone else’s rules. You are at the mercy of Squidoo and if/when they decide to change their rules, everything you built can be lost.

The methods of securing traffic are all fairly standard too and are fairly labour intensive.

Is this scam? No, not at all, you get a good sized, detailed e-book and a bunch of other information and resources. There is definitely some worth to your money.

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