Have you ever been to a website and been wowed by its design and style? Have you ever been to a website where you have been wowed by how ugly it is?

I bet you have had both happen to you. No matter how many pretty ones there are out there, some still think it’s the 1990’s!

Secretly I kind of like the ugly site’s as in some cases it proves that it isn’t the look of a site that brings people back day after day, but the content – Craig’s List is a perfect example of this.

That’s why when I saw the product named Cash Cow Ugly Sites, I had to check it out.

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In short, the product is about deigning ugly sites that make money.

The Purchase

What can I say about this product launch? It was a mess! It was quite hard to even buy the product, but in the end the author got his act together and fixed the purchase system.

It cost $10.54 when I picked it up, but it’s on a dime sale so the price has no doubt gone up. After purchase there was the obligatory upsells.

Upsell 1 is Cash Cow Outsourcing Elite is a rather expensive $47.46 (looked like a dime sale too) for a product that aims to help you find the best outsourcers out there.

After that, upsell 2 is a $27 dollar product called Cash Cow Traffic Elite. You guessed it, it is about generating traffic to your site!

The Product

Cash Cow Ugly Sites is a series of 8 video tutorials. They range from 1 minute (no joke!) to 30 minutes long.

To say this is thin content might be unfair, but until I got to module 5 I was feeling pretty ripped off. Even after completing the all the modules that feeling hasn’t left me. Let’s go through the content and maybe you will see why I feel this way.

Module 1

The first video had m wondering what I had just bought. It is a pointless one and half minute video that basically says hello!

Module 2

This video is another short one, at only one minute long. It discusses (briefly of course) the absolute basic premise for a online marketing site: pick a niche, build a site, rank it (3-5 days apparently) and create a buzz (rank it).

Spoiler alert! Wayne, the author, doesn’t actually follow or refer to this again.

Cash Cow Ugly Sites

Module 3

I was stunned and gladdened when I realised this video was 6 minutes long.  It covers niche selection. It’s a very high level overview that pushes you towards picking a niche based on a product over anything else. Now to be fair, that’s probably not a bad idea when taking into consideration that the site will be purely about a single product.

Module 4

Module four is an 8 minute video that could have been summed up in a few sentences. Here, let me try.

“Pick a domain name that has something to do with your product, but has a random word in it to make it unique”.

Job done.

Module 5

I was so excited to see this video! It is 30 minutes long and covers creating a website, one of my favourite things in the world.

It walks you through creating a Fantastico (automatic installer) installation of WordPress and installing a premade site that you can download from the members’ area.

Wayne then walks you through editing the content to match your product and domain name. He is quite vague on the subject, so absolute newbies may get lost.

The only thing he is quite clear on is to not remove the header titles but replace them as they are for SEO.

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In short you’re modifying an ugly 3 or 4 page affiliate site.

Cash Cow Ugly Sites TV

Your site has been featured on TV! Yeah right… This is part of the example site provided.

Module 6

Wayne’s ranking method is old school: buy backlinks. He does mention he is no SEO expert so perhaps that’s why he is buying backlinks.

This four minute video is mainly a discussion of how to buy the said backlinks on Fiverr.

Module 7

Traffic production is achieved via adding comments to YouTube, which he says if done tastefully will generate a reasonable amount of traffic, which might be possible.

He covers doing this by either outsourcing (to Fiverr of course), but spends most of the time explaining how to use Scrapebox and a micro worker website to do it yourself.

I was surprised there was no affiliate link to the $97 Scrapebox product. I think he missed a trick there.

Module 8

The final module is a 3 minute thank you video.

The Bottom Line

I’m not going to call Cash Cow Ugly Sites a scam as it has content. It’s just that that content is pretty damn thin, and in my opinion poor quality.

I hate video tutorials, I prefer to read, but I actually wanted more, but it just wasn’t there.

The whole thing feels rushed and amateurish. Now it might be his first product, so I should maybe cut him some slack, but surely he must have looked at what he had done and realised that it still needed some spit and polish?

The main thing that worries me is he is teaching new internet marketers that this is the way forward.

He believes that these affiliate mini-sites still work, and he might be correct, but I can see this becoming unmanageable. I mean he must have to have several hosting accounts just to make sure that when Google slaps one of his sites (which they will) it doesn’t affect all of them.

Plus he will need to keep pushing these sites out because they will eventually get slapped and de-indexed.

Personally I don’t see this as a sustainable business model at all, and would advise you to skip this product if it appears in your inbox.

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  • Anika

    I hate it when people say a real review and its nothing more than a sales pitch. I appreciate your honest review; good, bad and indifferent and I love your website’s name. Great choice! I’m kinda jealous you got it before me! haha

  • Luke

    Great review that I definitely agree with! Did you know that the price has raised to $17? lol I felt $7 was too much when I bought it T_T

    Generate fake buzz, with fake authority images…yeah, that won’t end badly.

    Late to the party, but I made a video review of it, too. http://lukeblogs.com/cash-cow-ugly-sites-4-point-review/

    Thanks for your review! With all of the hype it got on the forums, it’s nice to see someone who looks at products more critically than most users.


    • Dean Robinson
      Dean RobinsonAuthor

      Hi, yeah the price rise was expected. It didn’t state it but it looked like it was on a dime sale (the price goes up after every purchase, until it hits a certain point). And thanks for the comments, we try hard to offer balanced view points on these sort of products rather than the usual hype surrounding them.

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