Being rated number one in the ClickSure marketplace is a dubious honor. That crown currently goes to EZ Cash Creator, a push button product from Travis Stephenson.

Its sales pitch is internet marketing at its worst: filled with obviously fake testimonials from paid actors, full of hype and offering absolutely zero information about the product.

The Cost

I am a believer that too many discounts can have a negative impact on a business, so it comes as no surprise that EZ Cash Creator is heavily discounted in order to get you in the door. It shows me they have little interest in the long term life of the product: they just want your cash,

It goes from $47, to $27, right down to $9 bucks.

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The upsells are particularly annoying, as they are labelled as step one and step two of the registration process!

The first is for campaigns that allegedly made the author $65,000 a day, which you can buy now for the low, low price of $197. There’s a downsell for this straight after for $97.

That’s right, learn how to make 23 MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR for only $97.

I’ve captured a screenshot of this claim just to prove that I’m not making this up.

I still don’t understand how people can get caught up in this, because if this guy was earning $65,000 a day from his system, why on earth would he be selling it for that price?

The second upsell is for free unlimited traffic! Yes! However in order to get this FREE bonus you need to buy the upsell for $249 which covers their “server fee”.

There are plenty of signals in this video that show it is push button software, mentioning living “the American Dream” and earning millions with no work.

Please, if you ask any self-made millionaire if they sat on the couch and did 1 hour of work a day, they would just laugh in your face and walk off.

There’s a problem though, I couldn’t buy it if I wanted to, there’s no link! Which also raised concerns, and would do for someone genuinely buying this in the hopes of making millions: how do I complete my registration?

An hour after purchase and I had not received any login credentials. This is a very worrying trend I am seeing from ClickSure merchants: a lack of contact after buying a product.

This happened with a previous review of a ClickSure product, and I ended up getting my money back from that.

Other internet denizens are also not happy with EZ Cash Creator, citing: delayed or never receiving login emails, a broken password reset system, and numerous other issues.

After over 24 hours of waiting and sending emails to their support email, I had still not received any login details. Their support emails were unhelpful, the last one so far reading “We are fixing it, you will get welcome email soon.”

That was 12 hours ago…

What is EZ Cash Creator?

As I couldn’t get access to the product itself, I hit the virtual streets to find out what I could about this increasingly scam like product.

The product itself is online software that is designed to inject banner adverts, popups and links into existing websites.

That might not sound worrying to you, but it certainly does to me!

After checking out some existing examples, it does indeed do what it says on the tin – it creates an iframe of the website (think of this as a website being displayed within a website) and adds in banners, popups etc, all featuring your images and links.

This might sound like an awesome idea, and on paper perhaps it is, however there is a major flaw to this system: people’s perception of security online.

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The URL is always from EZ Cash Creator. If you gave me a link to XYZ article on and I looked up and saw a different URL, I would leave that site immediately, run a virus check and not trust any further links from you.

People are getting more tech savvy and becoming more aware of untrustworthy sites which might contain viruses or phishing attempts, so I suspect a lot of people will have similar reactions.

In other words, I do not believe you will get more than occasional traffic/purchases from this system. I certainly don’t believe you are going to be making $65,000 a day from it.

The Bottom Line: Is it a Scam?

If I ever get my login details I will update this article; however, I think the best I will get is a refund.

I can only judge EZ Cash Creator based on other peoples thoughts, and snippets of information here and there, as well as my own experience with the purchase process.

That’s enough for me though. I am comfortable to tell you to avoid this product like the plague. The customer service alone is enough to make me advise that.

The product does what it says it does, but with the URL being tied to EZ Cash Creator, only the foolish would trust the site they are sent to.


I did eventually get my login details, over 3 days after I had purchased the product and sent emails. By that time though my refund request from ClickSure had been approved and my login details had been blocked.

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