The money is in the list! You have no doubt heard this time and time again. The thing is though, it’s true.

Having an email list to market to, is a powerful tool to have in your online marketing arsenal. It allows you send targeted offers to a receptive audience. It also helps free you, at least partially, from the grips of the search engines.

I don’t know about you, but I find email marketing to be difficult. It’s harder to write than a blog post, it’s more personal than a sales page, and more emotionally draining as you can see who loves you and who doesn’t.

OK, so it’s not THAT bad, but I do find it taxing, which is why whenever I see email marketing training I jump at the chance to try it out.

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Most of the training out there is too broad, and too thin on actual details to be considered anything more than a waste of cash.

InsideDEAL caught my attention as the creators of the product are in fact an email service provider, similar to Aweber, called INinbox.

Surely a company that works in the email marketing sector can provide decent training? Let’s find out.

insideDEAL sales funnel

The Sales Funnel

The sales page is polished but busy, so much so I found my eyes sliding over the content. It also follows typical marketing techniques of unprovable profit screenshots, fear of a world gone crazy, scarcity tactics and an overabundance of highlighted text.

The product itself is $27 for 8 hours or so of video training.

The first upsell that gets pushed in front of you is an expensive course on branding your business which will set you back a cool $147, or $97 if you wait for the downsell.

After that is yet another upsell. This time for a membership site that is $67 per month, which is not cheap. Though there is a 7 day trial.

Weirdly I didn’t pay for the trial but by using my email I seemed to get access. However I think it was broke, as it loaded up a random image of a guy that really, really was not me. Plus apparently I had joined 2 weeks earlier.

As such I cannot really tell you if the membership area was worth $67 per month.

insideDEAL logo

InsideDeal Training

Composing of 4 broad parts and totaling 10 hours of video play, the videos take you from the absolute basics through to the nitty-gritty of sending out emails.

The quality of the videos is fine, but the audio was poor in a fair few of the videos. The narrator alternatively sounds like a robot or like he is in a cave. It takes the polish out of the product, especially with 99% of the content being video based.

Part One

Consisting of roughly an hours’ worth of videos, part one can be skipped by most people unless you are an absolute newbie. It covers choosing a niche, buying hosting and a domain, and setting up a basic WordPress site.

Part Two

Over an hour and half of learning about content: what it is, how and where to publish it, and information on squeeze pages.

The first video here seemed to be just an extension of Part one and concentrated on setting up your site with a header, about page etc.

The social media and content publishing video felt like 15 minutes of how to make a Facebook page, mainly because it was. A lot of that time was filled up with Header image design.

Overall pretty poor as it didn’t discuss what sort content to add, frequency etc, nor did it discuss any of the dozens (hundreds) of other social networks out there.

The squeeze page videos were not much better (though the audio was) in that they were very simplistic and didn’t really go into detail. He used OptimizePress and INinbox (of course, they own it) and created a very simplistic squeeze page and showed a few more complex examples.

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Part Three

These videos contain a little bit more detail into actually creating an email marketing campaign. This starts from a discussion of creating value to get people to both sign up to your list and stay a subscriber.

I liked what the narrator had to say regarding building trust, being open etc, but honestly I was not learning anything new here.

The next video was about copywriting and I was dismayed to hear in the first minute a recommendation to go and read “something” to improve your skills dramatically or watch the video for basics.

That was not what I had just paid $27 bucks for!

However the information provided was decent if not spectacular and it covered a lot of writing basics, and was a good foundation.

Part Four

The fourth and final section of the training is also the longest, with over four and a half hours of content.

This section, for me at least, was the most interesting as it takes you through the process of writing the first part of a series of emails.

As well as that there was optimization and publishing information (via INinbox of course).

I enjoyed these videos much more, even with the narrators uhms, ahhs, errors and accent.  It went into more detail about the creation process which was great.

insideDeal training part 4

The Bottom Line: Is InsideDeal a Scam?

The sheer quantity of hours of training that you get in the InsideDEAL, means that this is not a scam.

Whether it is value for money is debatable. There are certainly aspects of the training that are pretty good, but unless you are a newbie, about half of the training is irrelevant.

It is also a biased product, leaning towards the creators other product INinbox, an email service similar to Aweber. This isn’t particularly a bad thing, but of course it limits choice and training which is never good

A front end offer like this video training should amaze, and it just didn’t. Therefore, while I didn’t try the membership site, based on this product I would hazard a guess that the upsells are overpriced.

As you might be able to tell, I found InsideDEAL to be a mixed bag, quality wise.

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